I'm officially retiring from the moderation staff today.



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Sep 11, 2008
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Hope you guys all enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 3! I just beat it today and admittedly cried like a bitch. It was absolutely everything I was looking for and more. And just as a preface - I'm not leaving forever or for good, I'm sure I'll post a couple times a year or so if I find the time! I guess this moreso just my official announcement of large amounts of absence for anybody who on an off chance might remember me.

I know this might seem a little strange, but for quite awhile life has been kicking my ass and only as of late has it felt like I've managed to re-orient myself. I've still got a lot of work ahead of me to be where I want to, but I'm doing not too bad! As little of a difference as it will make(to which I must admit myself), I've decided to retire from moderating at KHInsider. As special as this place has been to me, I unfortunately don't get a ton of time to spend here anymore. I'd sworn once I saw this coming (maybe 4-5 years ago) that when Kingdom Hearts 3 finally released, it'd be time for me to finally retire here.

I can fondly remember so many trivial things about this community leading up to the releases of Days and BBS that it does make me emotional frankly. I recall when we'd seen Aqua, Terra, Ven before even knowing their names, and for some strange reason plenty of people, myself included, thinking Terra was Zack Fair from Crisis Core. The wild theories leading up to that time are a super treasured memory for me, as I was fairly young when that was happening. Kingdom Hearts really is the game series that defined my childhood, even if it only crops up into my mind for a few months at a time surrounding new title releases. I remember fervently discussing the very first Dissidia and Crisis Core prior to their releases, too.

I remember jumping in every now and again into our old chat client linked to the website, and then lurking in #junes for our IRC, only occasionally piping up. There are so many of you that I'd love to mention by name, but I'd be doing a disservice to the few I'd forget to put here. I'd just like to say that the years - over a decade now, actually - I've spent on this forum are special to me, and I'll carry that with me until I die, as dramatic as that might sound. Some of guys really shaped my childhood in a special way.

So, without adieu to everybody: thank you so much for the wonderful time I've had here, especially as a moderator. I hope every one of you enjoys your time with this wonderful game series as much as I have. I'll be seeing you all around sometime.

- Pinwheel


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Jul 22, 2009
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Thank you Pinwheel for everything. I hope life goes easy on you :)

Onion Knight

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Jan 29, 2019
It was absolutely everything I was looking for and more.
Whoa, that's not something you'd hear everyday. Forums are usually the sanctuary of negativity. Not even Reddit or YouTube comment section can compare.