i'm new to chi. story-wise, not gameplay.



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- There was a master who gave 5 out of his 6 followers a Book of Prophecy.
- When reading through it, they are shocked to discover that it foretold the end of light by someone who will incite a Keyblade war.
- Thus they went off to collect light to prevent this future.
- Unfortunately, the 5 foretellers do not share the same goal, and their unions fought each other over the light.
- This causes the first Keyblade war.

Fun point:
- It is the Keyblade war that sparked Xehanort's curiosity to create his own Keyblade war and X Blade.
- But it is because of the book foretelling Xehanort's war that caused the first Keyblade war itself.
- And the unions fought the Keyblade war using powers obtain from the Book of Prophecies.
- This power are the power of the characters in the future who are written in Jiminy's journal.
- And those characters are recorded in the journal because of the journey taken to fight darkness and save the world because of Xehanort because of the first Keyblade war because of Xehanort.

Have fun =D

And there may be a chance that Chi is not a fairytale rendition of the Keyblade war. But an re-enactment itself from the Book of Prophecies. That is to say, it may be a data world.


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Also, of the six apprentices, we only know whom five are. That is to say, the foretellers. We know Xehanort's Keyblade is from the era of X. It's very possible that Xehanort has the sixth apprentice's Keyblade, and it's even possible he may be some incarnation of the apprentice himself.