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If You Conquered the World

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Jul 25, 2004
I feel random. If you could control the world, how would you take over and what would you do once you have?

Note well this is some hypothetical creation of boredom, I hope none of you are serious enough to pull it off.

Maybe I think too much, but if I could control the world...

a) I would follow all applicable rules and rules I have not contradicted in the following points from this list to make sure I am never defeated: http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html

b) I would kill everyone who has so much as bullied me or called my art "gay"(I rarely do shonen-ai and yaoi...if you use gay to describe something you dislike, you are officially dumb and therefore need to be slaughtered)

c) The motto of my new country will be "Ignorance is Sin" or maybe "Those who know nothing learn nothing" I'm still debating.

d) I shall spend more money on schools because ignorance is sin.

e) I will allow religious freedom if the religion follows the following guidelines:
1. No going door-to-door to make people change thier religion or any sort of uninvited conversion process.
2. No killing people in the name of your god or using your religion as a reason for violence.
3. Religion is NOT a weapon.

f) To make sure I don't get defeated but some sort of nuclear attack, all nuclear bombs, weapons of mass destruction etc. will be shot into outer space and aimed at that planet named Sedna or Planet X(my friends said it was Planet X but a newspaper said they might call it Sedna) so the scientists can stop arguing if we need a 10th planet in our solar system.

g) Everyone will be given cards like the ones in the Hong Kong subway Octopus Card and be made to use that to pay for everything so that I can monitor everything they buy since some bombs can be made with house hold products.

h) Everywhere that refuses modernization will be carefully monitored because that would be the easiest place for my enemies to hide.

i) Everyone has equal rights if they can verify they can handle it. I'm not giving psycho murderers the right to a gun obviously!

j) All mentally retarded peope will be rid of.

k) Guns will NOT be widely available.

l) Cars will be abolished for transport within a certain distance like within a town. So that we can get rid of obesity until the scientists discover the magical pill.

m) Katanas and other old-fashoined weapons will be allowed with a loooong loooooong registration process.

n) People will be allowed freedom of speech as long as it does not intend to cause violence.

o) Pay ranges of jobs will be regulated so that jobs I beleive are more important will be high paying.

p) The SAT will be abolished and replaced with a test that will actually guage how useful you might in outside of school. Book smarts with no commonsense are useless.

q) Preschool will be mandatory.

r) Children will be taught that bullying= you are an idiot

s) All research on curing disease will be stopped so that nature can balance out this problem of overpopulation.

t) We will be environmentally friendly. All the people we kill will be used as mulch! (unless someone pays for the coffin, I guess)

u) Children who have proved they will not be functional adults, will be held back from turining into a legal adult until they pass.

v) Drug users will be killed

w) Drug sellers will be killed

x) The mentally unstable have 5 years to turn into again functional human beings or they will also be killed.

y) We will still have some democracy so I can guage how many people want to murder me!

z) The national color will be periwinkle!!

So what about you?
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