I have hopes for ff7 remake 2019.

Nov 11, 2014
  • 15th Anniversary
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
Hello groups. Today I will be talking about ff7 remake. In this topic, I will talk about ff7 remake 2019 future reaction, and how the graphics & story will make it a trending topic over the Internet.

Hello everyone from all groups. Before we start, I know the probability and stuff; but with ff7 remake being a console pusher, it could literally catch even non-gamers offguard. With the info of the game having the same story but being reinterpreted is very good. It will still be call ff7 remake yet be treated as a new game. I don't even need start on the expectations off the remake. It has so much riding on square enix. I mean look at diabolo immortal losing billions of dollars. It's scary to think what could happen. But nonetheless, 2019 could be it's biggest year. The reason being it will be 4 years in 2019 when it was announced while people actually asking for information since then.(Sorry for wording excited just talking) But know here are 5 reasons why ff7 remake will have everyone talking(I have a healthy amount of high hopes.)

1:FF7 remake graphics will be alot better game-wise & cinematic scenes will be movie quality(console pusher). This right here will bring non-gamers in. From what I seen, people who don't even game can appreciate the hardwork and beauty of video games. When 2019 comes with youtubers, celebrities who game, and social media influencer's who also game will likely share links to ff7 remake & there reaction. There's isn't anyway the game doesn't have a bigger reaction in 2019 than 2015. It has a chance to be massive next year.

2:It would most likely have it's own square enix present conference or even a ff7 remake event. There's so much to reveal for the remake. What changed gameplay wise, what's added story-wise, and what's happening in development. Hopefully next year we get the massive all in one info dump we are promised to. Especially a sephiroth reveal of his remake design. And finally, how gameplay leveling works between the remake individual games will work.

3: It will mostly have a comic con trailer after e3 2019. A game as big as the ff7 remake will have a strong chance of having a trailer at comic con. Now much to say, but it's a possibility.

4:The marketing will be absolutely insane if the walmart leak is correct. We games using clever marketing that actually works out in there favor (god of war ps4 with the Lakers thing, and the football game are an example.) we might even get some celebrities to help. Snoop Dogg chilled with spyro the dragon, and Ryan Reynolds for some mobile games. I trust square in this department.

5:The game could come out 2019. Because of the walmart leak, if this game comes out in 2019; the reaction for games, and video game journalist is gonna be crazy. All bets are off if announced for 2019.

I know it's a long, but video games itself have break history recently. So know doubt ff7 remake will add fuel to the fire, and a possible huge reaction.