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I got in a fight today



Grown Up
Apr 23, 2005
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
i was walking the hall to science today when a girl came up to me. Supposedly i was talkin crap about her. So she punchewd me in the nose. I started bleeding i rammed the lockers. I started hitting her, Scratching punching. Then she kicked me in the gut and i fell to the floor. She bent down, My face bleeding..Hers all marked up and then..I punched her we were goin alll out. My (Shes pregnent, we all n ew it..were very happy) Science teacher came out and saw us all bloody and fighting. So she broke it up the other girl Broke out and attacked me more. I hit back. Id say id won..Now that were both suspened...Is say we both won. Im in monor condition..Scars on my face..B roken nose..Shes got a broken nose and scars on her face too and blood from her arm.We got real close before the fight. We were cussing at eachother the whole time.She had a knife. She put it to my thrat After the fight. She slit my cheek. Im okay but i was scared. We went toe to toe Before She was like "Ill kik your-Well you know" I said "Sure" So she jumped me. I was all bloody and in ISS for the rest opf the day. I lied on the ground after in the hallway in some blood. Class was over and all the kids screamed..My frinds came at my side. I couldnt get up. The teachers pushed there way through. The other girl was on the ground too. We went at it again thats when the science teCHER CAME.It was really bad. Think of me.

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