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I believe _______ is inside the black box.



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Jan 16, 2012
When and how the organization got Xion's heart is something Nomura might answer in his interviews. Those do always explain things that weren't always clarified in the games.
Really waiting to see how the heck he gets out of this one. lol

As for the theory, Sora can't be in the box. I think it's fairly safe to say that the box has something to do with the MoM, as "X-Super" is written on top of it, and the MoM's true name should be Superbia or something like it. All the foretellers have names from the seven deadly sins, so.. The weird thing is that on the side of the box there's an heart symbol which is the same as one of the foretellers chess pieces, but the MoM should be the horned one, so dunno.
The horned piece is most likely Luxu's since it's kinda like a goat, and MoM has used the heart symbol from the chess piece before with the Book of Prophecies and has appeared in a couple other places, so chances are it's his symbol.

If the box does have to do with the MoM himself, then I'm gonna go with it containing another body for him. An "eXtra Super".

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So No Name is Luxu's keyblade. That makes sense, considering MoM gave keyblades to every foreteller. I was wrongly under the impression it was MoM's since he forged it from one of his eyes.


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Dec 29, 2018
I think the easiest way Nomura could have explained Xion being in the Organization is to have had Organization XIII extract her from Sora while they had him hostage in KH3D before Riku and company saved him from becoming a Nort. Then they could have placed her in a new replica body by the time the fight gets started in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Side note, just thought of this off the top of my head, but wouldn't it have been cool if after Sora saves everyone from the Licht, Kairi uses her princess of heart power to dive into Sora's heart and use the connection she established with Roxas in KH2 to awaken his heart and send it flying to the replica in Radiant Garden (Better explaining how he shows up later during the Saix fight) and at the same time also free Namine from herself so she can be awakened during the ending of KH3. It would have also given us an excuse to play as Kairi for a bit.


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Jan 5, 2019
But the problem with that is not only did her heart not shoot out like Roxas' did, what little scenes we have of her implies it was always Xion but with her memory messed up.

Maybe it happened when Xehanort looked down at the guardians of light after he summoned the labyrinth on the cliff.

Remember he smirks and chuckles, then there is a clash of some sort above him in the clouds. I was confused as to what that was.