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I’m starting to think riku was just a advertising scam


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Apr 9, 2007
Yeah, I definitely wish Riku had got more to do this game. Maybe instead of Sora being involved with every fight in the Keyblade Graveyard, have Riku go down one side of the maze and Sora down the other, so that you would switch back and forth until the Final Battle in which SDG take back over for good.
I think they should have broken it up as the following being playable:
Sora (with Donald & Goofy) vs. Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene

Aqua (with Ven and Lingering Will) vs. Terra-Nort
When is freed, it becomes Aqua (with Ven & Terra) vs. Vanitas and Xigbar

Riku (with Mickey) vs. Riku Replica, and Ansem

Kairi (with Axel) vs. Saix and Xion

Sora (with Donald & Goofy) vs. Xemnas, Ansem and Young Xehanort

I wouldn't have minded cutscenes leading to each fight, rather than walking into them as Sora. So it'd be as soon as you walk into the area, that would initiate the series of fights with cutscenes explaining everything in-between. That would excuse Sora not being present for all of them and allow the conversations to be a bit more specific and not force Sora into each interaction.


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May 23, 2019
I'm still trying to figure just HOW Roxas was "the biggest secret."

He appeared like we all knew he would, was even shown in trailers, and didn't really do anything. It's not like we play as Roxas in a little spoiler-filled adventure or he's actually made of tacos.

Or....did Nomura mean there's something we don't know about Roxas that'll play a role in the next game?
I kinda hope so.