How would you have done it?

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Mar 9, 2008
It's been a while since one of these and I always love ideas I see~ =w=
So simple question really. If you could, how would you have done the story and gameplay of DDD?


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Jul 5, 2015
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Well, I don't pay close enough attention to get all nitty-gritty with gameplay mechanics, but w/e...

Flo-mo: there's a lot that could be improved here, but I'll try to be brief. Most worlds were incredibly spacious to accommodate for this mechanic, but when you got stuck in a smaller space, it hurt bad. Case in point: the old parts of Traverse Town. I don't even want to think about just how many times I dodgerolled into a wall, got stuck in place while flo-mo activated, and promptly got murdered by some Dream Eater.

I'd say dodgerolling should not activate flo-mo, or the player ought to be able to deactivate the mechanic altogether.

Fighting: It's no secret that everything, from the bosses to the lowliest mook, got shot up with steroids to compensate for the player's many advantages. I can deal with that. I'm also not too bothered by the brokenness of Balloonga, because when it comes down to it, it's the player's choice whether to abuse it or not. What annoys me is when simple Keyblade melee damage is next to negligible. Make Keyblade attacks relevant again!

Story stuff
Time travel. Well, along with A LOT of other weird stuff that happens in TWTNW, just explain it a bit more clearly. Perhaps include a detailed and explicit explanation in the glossary? I just know that it took me years to understand some of the stuff that happened there.

"Oh, that was part of my master plan all along, lol." Yeaaaah, this definitely needs to get re-worked. I personally believe that Xehanort was bluffing about planning for every. Single. Thing that has happened so far. But if I could get in there and actually change things, I'd have Xehanort indicate that while his plans hit some rough patches (all of TAV's accomplishments, basically), he was able to shift gears and readjust his plans. Being a "devious tactician" doesn't always mean you have to pull off a flawless Xanatos Gambit; creativity and ingenious flexibility are some of the traits that I admire the most in a villain.

Really, I find the ability to redirect a failure into an eventual victory is much more interesting than setting up a convoluted fixed game. Seriously, where's the fun in a game you can't lose?

Sora. Just... tone down the dorkiness. I think he acted less childish when he was young and naive back in KH1.

Some would also want Mickey to tell Sora about the danger of the pain that's lurking in his heart, but I don't really see how it would make a difference at all. The guy will try to help anyone who's hurting, even with full knowledge that he'd be putting himself in mortal danger.

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Nov 13, 2015
It's been a while since one of these and I always love ideas I see~ =w=
So simple question really. If you could, how would you have done the story and gameplay of DDD?
I would have use my default weapon for both Sora and Riku. Then again I already done that. Now I'm just waiting for KH3 so that I can do the same thing like I have done to all the KH games.


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Jul 15, 2011
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B-b-but I love 3D the way it is!

Overall, I did genuinely love 3D except for a few things. If the game was more solid in general it would have been even better for me. However, my main isssue is the story, I don't understand the point of time travel especially in this sense. It's just an excuse to bring back various characters we've already killed off to some extent, just to fill the empty seats in his current organisation. Not to mention this sounds really gimmicky, it's essentially bringing back previous bosses so we can fight them again. I feel like this wasn't needed at all. Towards the end we were getting this build up of his master plan just for it to become time travel, that seems like an easy way out to explain everything. I'll give him credit though for actually making a time travelling system that works in a way, it just wasn't necessary.

Sora. Just... tone down the dorkiness. I think he acted less childish when he was young and naive back in KH1.
While I agree that Sora was still dorky and childish as Hell, at least he's been getting better since KH2. This is one of my main problems with the series, we had such a good start for Sora's character and personality but since KH2 it has gone downhill. I think they need to make Sora like he was, somebody who was more realistic and actually knew how to use his brain.


Sep 16, 2015
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I really like DDD how it is but...

Gameplay: While I actually on my critical mode was able to discover the many way in which keyblade combos can be powerful and useful at the end of the day the combo is just kinda..boring. Riku's styles make it more interesting but Sora has no such thing and so that's just kinda eh. I mean if they don't want to give us a fleshed out combo system in favor of emphasizing the other elements I can understand that....but come on you can do better than a combo that literally just repeating the same 2-3 Hits. I mean extenders literally just made you repeat Hit 1 and 2 and that's boring. I'd like if each hit of the combo was different so visually your combo feels better. Also there is no rhyme or reason on why they removed the finisher system BBS and Coded both had. I mean heck since we don't have styles activating every minute the finisher system could have actually gotten a ton of use.

If they wanted to bring back equipment systems by using dream eaters I can respect that really, but I just wouldn't of done it the way they did it. Dream eaters would have abilities you unlock and need to have them with you to have active but I would have "with you" be different than "in your party". In my mind what I see is Sora and Riku having a screen that shows slots on their body (they unlock as they progress through the game) and in each slot you could put a dream eater. Any abilities you had unlocked on that dream eater would then be active on you. Meanwhile your battle party dream eaters would be just that, battle party dream eaters. So you could for example equip a meow wow to Sora's right hand, Komori bat to Sora's chest, Sir Kyroo to Sora's left shoe, etc.... and then at the same time you could have a battle party consist of any 3 dream eaters like Lord Kyroo, Ryu Dragon, and Majik Lapin. This way you're not like removing the ideas or the management element you're just giving the player a little bit more room and freedom in how they customize themselves.

I'd also increase the command variety because while I know what they were trying to do is cut down the fluff and useless commands I think they took it to far. There are a lot of unique attacks we could and should have still been able to have like thundaga shot, triple firaga, blizzaga pursuit, judgement raid. Oh and I'm ALL for that changing of strike raid so it's even more useful by have it multi-hit enemies and strike multiple enemies in a wide area giving it short and long range use....but my lord that command's power needs to be seriously buffed. All the raid commands in DDD are dangerous to use and that danger should be reflected in the power but right now they are all just so weak. Also while this might sound kind of petty both Sora and Riku should have break time. It's not fair only Sora can have a command that refills the drop gauge, heals, or basically allows him to spam/use his dream till the sun don't shine.....not to mention I REALLY want to see what animation Riku would have for break time.

Story:Well on one hand I like the story how it is but I definitely agree it could more explanation and I would have it so the world inhabitants join us as party members in select story battles, instead of just vanishing forever. Also I know the idea was to make us feel like we are in a sleeping ghostly world with its large haunting worlds...but you know you can do that and still allow us the ability to enter smaller rooms. Like there are so many new areas in Traverse Town that I want to go inside but can't because they are all blocked off. La Cite Des Cloches has like no Doors on any of its buildings which is just silly not even Twilight Town erased all doors. The Grid is cool but the city feels and looks barely like the city, some windows and doors would have helped to sell we are in an area with buildings. Prankster's Paradise has several cool attractions we can't go inside and Country of the Musketeers actually was very well done but I still also would haved like to go into the palace.

My changes if I were to truly indulge in my deepest wishes:

I would make Kairi’s first playable game. Kairi gets to come with Sora and Riku because if they are going to be reset to before they learned anything anyway there is no reason she couldn’t join in. Also I would NEVER have let Sora and Riku take the raft without Kairi, that’s just so wrong. Anyway Sora, Riku, and Kairi all go into the sleeping worlds and get separated by Ursula. Here is where I change up the gameplay you play as Kairi and Kairi jumps between the Sora version of the world and the Riku version of the world. Sora be a party member on Sora’s side, Riku a party member on the Riku’s side, and a dream eater would fill in the third slot. Also all abilities bought on dream eaters are now permanent and occasionally we would have 4th/5th party members made up of world allies. They wouldn’t be official members they’d just appear in key story battles like KH2.

Everything in DDD would pretty much go as it did but this game would dedicated to greatly fleshing out Kairi’s relationship with her two friends. How the ways she feels about them, the things she doesn’t like about them, the things she does like, past childhood memories, etc… Ultimately the reason Kairi can jump between worlds is because of the absurd time she spent inside of Sora. Otherwise you can pretty much imagine the plot of DDD would go as it did before just with you playing as Kairi and then Kairi helping save the day. Also no one fails because...well honestly "It's my fault everything went bad and you guys not only performed amazingly but fulfilled all the conditions I laid out for you...but one of you fails because the other was fortunate enough to get a chance to do a little more" is a terrible plot.
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