How to make strength/magic/defense choices more important in re:coded



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Sep 6, 2014
The choices between defense/strength/magic only affects the starting commands. But not stats, buying commands, etc.

To make it like Kingdom Hearts 1, you can make your choice more important by limiting your stat chips and commands:

---Give up---
-Defense: Did you gave up on defense? this means you can't use any cure/esuna (This includes all the cure magic levels) and item commands (This includes Ethers) and can't put any defense stat chips.
-Attack: Did you gave up on attack? This means you can't use any attack commands (Rising strike, air spiral, etc) and can't put any strength stat chips.
-Magic: Did you gave up on Magic? This means you can't use any offensive magic commands (Cure/esuna are okay. Time commands (Slow, stop, confuse) are offensive magic because they cause a little of damage) and can't put any magic stat chips. (This includes Fire+1, Fire resistance+1 and others)

-Defense: You can only use 1 healing command.
-Attack: You can only use 1 attack command.
-Magic: You can only use 1 offensive magic command.

The stat you did make stronger is normally used.

Maybe i will do this challenge one day. You can do it too.

Edit: You can't do the above limitations by the beginning of the game, so, you need to remove all unwanted commands/chips before traverse town. From traverse town and on, you need to pay attention to the limitations, or it's game over to your challenge.

Edit 2: It's important to not level up above a certain level, because on level 100, all stats are maxed out and this removes the limitations above. I recommend stopping to level up when you reach level 40. (It isn't 50 because of the trophy chips) The objective isn't to 100% complete the game... It's to beat the final boss and seeing the credits. But if you are crazy enough to beat it 100% with this challenge on level 40... Good luck.
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