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How many times have you played each game



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Nov 25, 2016
KH1: 4 Times (PS2, 100% Standard, Proud Mode, Youtube Lets Play)

KHRECOM (currently playing right now): 6 Times (PS2, 100% Standard, Beginner No Continues, Proud Mode, Youtube Lets Play and Xbox 100% on Proud Mode)

KH2: This is the most I've played a KH game, I would say over 30+ times if we're counting randomizer seeds

KH Days: Movie only

KH Coded: Movie only

KHBBS: 5 times (standard 100%, Critical Mode, Youtube Playthrough, Xbox 100% on Standard, Xbox Critical Mode)

KHDDD: 2 times (100% Proud, Youtube Playthrough)

KH3: 4 Times (Proud Mode 100%, Critical Mode, New Game+ Proud Mode, Youtube Playthrough)


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Apr 27, 2018
I've played KH1 and 2 more times than I can count. Back when I was a kid, I would literally play it nonstop. If I'm being really honest, I'd say I've probably played both games well into the high double-digits.

Chain of Memories not as much, because I never got into the card mechanic. I enjoy and appreciate it now, but it still doesn't compare to the smooth feel of good old-fashioned KH battle mechanics. Played the GBA release for a little bit, but only beat it once (and never beat Riku's story—got to final Ansem and just couldn't do it). But I've played ReCOM a good amount, probably about 20 times or so.

Days I have to admit I've rarely played. I played like a bit of it when it released, but I only ever played through the whole game once a couple years ago. Nowhere near as fun to play as the others despite the great story. Coded, same, but I actually enjoyed the gameplay there more than Days. I think I may have actually played Coded one or two more times than Days.

BBS I played once but never actually finished on the original PSP port, but I've played the PS4 port a couple of times.

DDD i played only once on the 3DS (and got food poisoning literally as I beat it, which wasn't fun), and then a couple times on PS4.

KH3 I've only played through once including DLC, but that's only because my life is a lot busier now. If I had KH3 as a kid I would absolutely have played it as much as 1 and 2.

Oddly enough, I actually ended up playing Melody of Memory a lot more, mainly 'cause it's such an easy game to just turn on and play through as like a party game.


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Jan 2, 2013
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insanely threatening question that I feel only exists to make me look bad and feel bad.

let's just say I've uhh... I've played these games on occasion and leave it at that, shall we? Do we really need to be so nasty?? Do we really need to ruin a perfectly good day with such questions??

Oh man...

Can I just tell you the ones I want?

I've played through Days twice
I've played ReCoded once
I've played BBS twice
I've played DDD around six times.
I played 0.2 around a dozen times.

Okay, are we fine? Please?

Okay, fuck it

I've done speedruns of KH1, along with many casual playthroughs. I'm just going to be generous and ballpark it at 50.
I've played heaps of KH2, especially once randomizers came out. Let's just go ahead and assume that, thanks to randomizer, I've probably also hit the new game button 50 times.
KH3, I've probably beaten it front to back around 15-20 times.


Oct 14, 2013
You asked played but I'm going to include cutscenes watched since that counts for something imo lol
I've watched full cutscene movies of the series for every game up until and not including KH3. Most watched is probably BBS and Days (probably because it's already short). KH2 ends up spanning for 13 hours in cutscenes. Crazy.
Probably watched the cutscene movies 50 to 100 times total. Had it on in the background while doing homework or whatever.

As for playing...

Kh1 (all versions): maybe 5 to 10 times
COM (gameboy): once and completed
RECOM: 5 times?
Days: Aw. Havent played the DS version in so long. Maybe 3 or 4 times. Watched the movie many times on YouTube though. Original soundtrack better tho imo.
KH2 (All versions): Funny story with this one. This was my first KH game ever played and didnt have a memory card for the PS2 yet. So everytime I turned it off, I had to start over. I probably played like over 50 times from the beginning and stopped at the revisting of worlds since I could get that far in a day. Once I got a memory card and finished, it's still my most played game from that alone. At least 10 more times.
BBS: Never played until the ReMixes released on Ps4, though I watched the cutscene movies many times. Only played twice from beginning to end.
ReCoded: I think twice (the DS version). I eventually lost the game by misplacing it. Watched the movies on YouTube many times though.
DDD (All versions): 2nd most played. Probably over 10 times.
0.2: 2 times
KH3: 3 times. Isn't that lucky?


Aug 11, 2017
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My problem is that my kids will watch a disney movie, and my brain triggers the KH cutscene. Then I start debating do I replay a game. Then it's a lot of self arguing.

  • If you replay KH1, you have to do Olympus, then you have to do the final battles two times more to get weapons for Goofy and Donald.
  • If you replay KH2, you have to battle Sephiroth, and you can't do that till level 99.
  • If you replay BBS, you have to do that horrid race through Disney castle.
I have replayed KH1 numerous times; Chains, only two times; KH2 - maybe 6-7 times; Days - 3 times; BBS - 4 times; ReCoded - 3 times. Haven't played any of the newer stuff, because I'm cheap and don't want to buy a new gaming system. I recently replayed BBS, and didn't have the willpower to finish. It wasn't until I finally got COVID, and got stuck at home, that I wrapped it up. Glad to be game free for a while, and focus on reading / writing as well.


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Nov 4, 2012
KH1 - Probably a hundred times, who knows the exact number. I mean, I probably did around 50-60 range already before KH2 even came out back in 2005 or whatever, I was obsessed back then. Besides the fact that I loved the game, the completion aspect of all the tournaments, all the dalmatians, all the Keyholes, the synthesis, trinities, etc. was/is sort of relaxing for me. Collector's type games always sort of play into those slightly OCD tendencies I have, I guess, lol. And I guess part of me wanted to find all the "secrets" of the game back when it first came out, since there are so many little finds in that one.
KH2 - 15-20 - The benefit of its age, I guess. Back then, it was easy to go into 2 after playing 1 most of the time. Less so now that the series is older, because going through everything would take a long time.
CoM - 3 or 4
Re:CoM - 7-8 ~ Not because it's "better," simply it's easier (I'm lazy) to put a disc in and listen to voice acting than being hunched over a handheld and so on.
BbS - 3ish? Sort blurring to me since it has three storylines, I think I've played all three storylines through at least 3 full times. Twice at least on PSP, and then again when the ReMIX releases came out.
Coded - 2
Days - 2
3D - Somewhere around 8-10.
0.2 - 1
KH3 - 5-ish? That number will grow with time like with 2.


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Nov 28, 2005
I haven't kept count of that. Hell, I don't know if I can even count how many times I've bought these games!

Also, I've created save before each boss in a game whenever possible, so there's many occasions of me just hopping on & fighting a few Disney bosses or a few org members whenever the mood strikes me.


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Oct 9, 2022
I have played the games so many times, I've lost count, some of the discs have gone bad because I play them so much, and have had to get replacements, but I think it's safe to say that I'm somewhere in the thousands.