How I think the final boss should've went (Eternal Rest Nightmare Boss).



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Mar 16, 2014
Ever since KH 3D came out in Japan, I always though this is how the final boss should've went.
The dive sequence would be the same, except the Anti-Sora's are called "Anti-Sora Nightmare" as they have the red nightmare eyes, and have the nightmare emblem on the back of their shirt, and their clothes looks just like KH 3D Riku, just pitch-black like Anti-Sora.
Next you would still fight Nightmare Armored Ventus, only My Heart's Decent still plays and he has a cape. After that battle here comes the true final boss. The nightmare that possesed Ventus's Armor with Sora in it would come out and mainifest ad the Eternal Rest.

Eternal Rest would look just like Darkside Heartless, only with the red nightmare eyes, and rather than a heart- shaped hole in it's abdomen, it has an enlarged nightmare emblem. And the reason this boss would look like Darkside is the first boss in the first Kingdom Hearts was Darkside and it was at the Dive into the Heart so why not fight a boss similar to Darkside? It would summon Anti-Sora Nightmares rather than Shadow-Heartless and would be more powerful than Darkside, it would be pretty strong. Also The Eye of Darkness would play here and you would be able to grind on it's arms. Anyways Destiny Islands would be playable for a little bit just like in KH 1 and you can choose when to talk to Ventus, Roxas, and Xion, and explore the island a little bit. Anyways what do you think of this final battle? Do you think it would've been more fitting than we have now? I had this idea for a long time and I am now just telling everyone since I am able to now. :tongue:
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