How do you think as an average player? As an Intimate Player?



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Jul 2, 2015
I'm a bit jealous of all of these hard core players that can do try all of that stuff. I do realize the main differences between people like them and me. They are willing to invest time. No matter how many times they lose, they keep trying no matter how many hours it takes. Where as me, I get mad and shut the game off, wait a while, then go back at it and flail again not learning anything. Simply button mashing. That's from me playing on Crit in every game.

I think when playing these games or any games, you should try to beat the game with some form of fineness. To actually understand at least some of the game mechanics, master them and beat them. Play efficiently rather than button mash.

Even though I can beat these games on Crit, it's due to me flailing around rather than strategizing. Beating the game that that way isn't as fulfilling. Maybe I'm playing above my level but I'm too proud to admit it. Because of the way that I've played, I miss a lot of details and I'm not as intimate with the games as I could be.

Am I alone in this?

Average players how do you feel about this? Intimate players? Anyone transcend from average to Intimate?


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Apr 27, 2018
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I'm somewhere in-between. I usually start on normal mode and enjoy the story and stuff first, getting to know the movesets of the enemies and bosses and getting familiar with my own. Then I take on Critical mode. But I'm nowhere near as invested as a lot of players, and it's still incredible to watch them go. I think the most important thing tho is to choose the way you enjoy playing best. It doesn't really matter about what difficulty level you play on or how intimate you get with the game mechanics, what really matters is when you watch the credits roll you feel like you got as much enjoyment out of it as you could. Cos it will only be new once.


Aug 29, 2016
i'm a crit veteran and lemme tell you buddy there's still a ton of flailing about. :p the thing about critical mode is that it's designed to force you to think better. (in kh2 at least)

the best advice i can give is to just not worry about it. relax unclench your bowel. slow down. go in expecting to lose, and experiment. test the boundaries of what you can and can't do with each boss. have a mindset of "can i block/reflect this attack? can i counter and stun the boss this way? should i just dodge? should i be trying something else? maybe these enemies will be easier to clear out with magnet or a summon?" i didn't learn until my level 1 run just how useful chicken little can be in crowd fights. i still don't have any real high level strats down or anything (except marluxia because i love beating the hell out of him) and i say this as someone who has platinum'd every ps4 game but who can beat maaaybe 4 data replicas within two or three tries. (luxord's the easiest)
play around with your abilities too, see what helps and what doesn't (a popular pro tip is to take off dodge slash, for example). experiment with your combo pluses and finishing pluses and see if you can get a full combo or two in before the boss's revenge value kicks in. make more use of your magic besides cure and reflect. learn how the reaction commands function. etc. etc. etc. essentially, just slow down and watch what's going on around you.