How do I make star ranked dream eaters?



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Aug 8, 2013
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It's not really obvious, is it? I played through my entire first game without any star-ranked DEs. Essentially, the more ingredients you put in, the more ranks you get, and also adding a Risky Winds gives you one rank automatically. But you can't go any further than 5 ranks higher than the starting recipe.

Here's the exact info from dozingdevil's Dream Eater FAQ on GameFAQs.

Boosting ranks works on a simple formula of base materials:
+1 rank = 150% (or risky winds)
+2 ranks = 200% (or 150% + risky winds)
+3 ranks = 300% (or 200% + risky winds)
+4 ranks = 500% (or 300% + risky winds)
+5 ranks = 500% + risky winds

Risky Winds forecast automatically boosts a spirits rank by +1. It also changes the chance of recieving a different spirit in manual creation by 50%.

S-rank itself does not affect how many materials you need, soley the amount of ranks you wish to boost. D-ranks or higher can be S-ranked without Risky Winds, E-ranks require x5 materials & Risky Winds, while F-ranks can never be S-rank.

Gipig says:

- "Any decimals are rounded up.

For example:
Meow Wow has a default rank of E and requires 3 Rampant Figment and 2 Vibrant Figments. To make a rank D one requires 5 Rampant Figments and 3 Vibrant ones, while a Rank A one requires 15 Rampant Figments and 10 Vibrant ones.

As far as I can tell, you cannot get +5 ranks without using Risky Winds, and getting +6 ranks for rank F monsters is impossible."

Or if you want to save the math, someone named Mikey_R did all the calculations for us:

Most efficient * rank Dream Eater creation (Complete) - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Message Board for 3DS - GameFAQs


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Oct 22, 2010
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It's a while since I played DDD but if I recall correctly you can create S-ranked (star ranked) Dream Eaters directly only under a certain weather condition (the one that also strengthens enemies in that world, viewable in the forecast).

Eh, Blackdrazon's answer is much more detailed, lol.