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Fanfiction ► Hope's Last Battle(A Collaberation Fan Fic)

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Feb 4, 2006
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..::::WARNING PG-13::::..

This is a Story with Some Characters from
- Legend of Zelda
- Final Fantasy 7
- KH2

.:The Prolouge:.

A New evil has arisen from the Darkness,This evil was created by the darkness and sins in every heart. This new enemy is unknown to to the Heroes still,but they shall find out soon enough. A Godess named Unison would bring forth The Strongest warriors to fight the new Evil,They would all appear in a circle plat form where the sunlight hit,and when all thy warriors were gathered,The Godess would come forth and Tell the Heroes of the evil....

Chapter 1: The Summoning of The Heroes

Cloud runs up to Sephiroth with his sword glowing a golden aura then looks into Sephiroth's eyes "you'll never take away what I cherish!" Cloud then grasps the blade's handle then jumps high into the air,Sephiroth stares at cloud and holds out his hand as if he was about to sxport a dark orb from his hand "Cloud,you simpl dont get it.." Sephiroth said in a cold voice. Cloud spun his blade around then held his blade back ready to seing it. Then Sephiroth shot an orb of darkness.......Cloud slashed at the orb and it dissapeared away,"Nice Try,Cloud." Spehiroth shot multiple orbs heading directly at Cloud. Cloud made haste and swung his sword around then started to spin in air then wiped out the orbs back at Sephiroth. Cloud dashed down at Sephiroth "Go to Hell!!" Cloud shouted then swung his blade down at Sephiroth with no mercy,but a light trapped Cloud then flashed and Cloud was gone,Cloud ended up in a garden temple with moss and flowers and buuterflyes everywhere."What the?Where am I?" Cloud asked himself as he walked around the Garden. Cloud came across an area where the rays from the sun hit and glowed. Cloud stepped up on the platform"Whats going on?" Cloud looked around.

Meanwhile at Hyrule Castle...

"Link,Link,Link,When will you relise that you cannot defeat me?"Ganondorf said as he pushed more pressure down on his blade against Link's."I wont let you win!"Link's Blade started to grow a golden aura as he pressured down his blade hopeing to break Ganondorf's gaurd.Ganondorf let out a thundering yell then The Castle started to break away and fall apart,soon The Castle would be domolished.Link jumped back and held his sword high in the air,then a beam of light his Link's sword."Ganondorf..it's time for you to be wiped from existence!"Link flashed and his clothes were now a shineing gold and silver,Ganondorf fell to one knee."This isn't over Link.."Ganondorf shouted,Ganondorf stood on his two feet and planted his feet firmly on the ground. Ganondorf held his hands down with the palms faceing the ground,then he shot a wave of darkness and caused the castle to shake and create an earthquake!Link started to walk towards Ganondorf slowly with an intimadateing look.Link started to sprint quickly at Ganondorf,Link jumped high in the air and readied himself to deliver the final blow.Link closed his eyes then swung his blade with a vengeance,but when Link opened his eyes he was at The Garden Cloud was at."Wha-What the hell?What happend?"Link said to himself as he seen the figure of another warrior.Link walked toward the warrior as the grass rustled with each step,Link approached the warrior"Hello,what is your name?" The warrior looked at Link"my name is Cloud Strife." Cloud readied his fists to fight.Link held out his hand"What time is this to trade a handshake for the fist?"Cloud rested his hands,then shook Link's hand"What is your name?"Link cleared his throat"My name is Link."The two just stared at each other...

(I'll finsih this chapter later)

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Dec 22, 2005
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AngelofFate says "It completely blew me away. It was filled with creativity."
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