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Hollow Bastion Level 80 System Sector

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Eon Qey

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Jan 4, 2011
I know that most people think it's hard at a low level or easy at a high level to claim victorious over this sector and the Ultima Keyblade. To me, I find it rather easy. If you're having difficulties, I have made a short guide to get 2 mil no problem.

Requirements are 2 megalixers (or 1 megalixer and an item to boost weapon level to maximum), 2 or 3 Judgement Triads, Cyclone (Wind Tracer), 1 or 2 Curagas, Three Wishes, and Lionheart. [Mega Flare and Zone of Ruin helps too].
Set everything to 50% (Unless if you don't feel safe having to fight the Eliminator on Floor 12). Glide.

I would suggest fighting at level 60+ while doing this, or it won't be max SP. Also have a large quantity of health and the Health Cheat works well.

Sector Floor 1: Just set a megalixer to your command list and use it, or use it when in danger, then after using the lixer, replace it. The rest of the floor is easy, but if you want to carry maximum SPs to the end, I suggest you avoid any attacks.

Sector Floor 2: Self Explanatory, fight all the infected heartless and run for the exit as fast as possible. (Collect as much SP that you can before time is 0). Lionheart helps kill heartless quicker.

Sector Floor 3: Flip footing is easy. Doing it to 15 heartless takes time. You got time. Just keep Cyclone or Wind Tracer with you. It also helps to have Three Wishes set to level 3 or Max to equip its Attach Aero and Aero Counter on.
The trick is to not kill the heartless in one hit, which is hard to do at a high level with Cyclone, so make sure you block (Round Block) a lot for maximum success. Kill all that you can without being hit for maximum SP. ^^

Sector Floor 4: If I were you, I'd use Glide for travel and to only land for the exits or for jumps. Air Attacks are essential too, land attacks tick the clock away. A good air key blade is Lion Heart again.

Sector Floor 5: Just keep a distance from enemies, and you'll do fine using Judgement Triad or other attacks that do heavy damage. It's best to also not press the attack button what so ever, so take your time and load your attacks for enemies and prize boxes.

Sector Floor 6: This sector, you need to not miss, which may seem difficult... But using Judgement Triad may help if you want to be cautious.

Sector Floor 7: Take off your Curagas and let it rip, just don't get hit too often. It's best to have a Keyblade with Regen (like LionHeart) to heal if too injured. Also don't get hit by the danger bloxes, the Core Blox is faster than usual.

Sector Floor 8 : Keep a distance from all enemies as best as you can and try to use Judgement Triad. Dodge Roll and Blocking can help from being hit too often. Also attack before the enemy can attack.

Sector Floor 9: This is rather easy (unless if you get hit). Just set the Health Cheat to below 30% and use Judgement Triad on 12 heartless. After you complete the goal, set your HP to 100% again and fight to your heart's content.

Sector Floor 10: This is a really easy floor to accomplish, so if you are scared of the virus, don't be. All you have to do is get your Overclock to Max and obviously kill 15 enemies. ^^

Sector Floor 11: Same rules as floor 2, just stick with quick attacks and glide (lvl 2) for large areas. It isn't difficult as long as you know where you're going.

Sector Floor 12: (If you ever happen to get a virus for this floor, you MUST kill the Eliminator.) This floor is easy up til the E. If you decide to fight the eliminator and know how to win, a basic factor is to set the wager to 50%.
If you will try but don't know if you'll win, set to 30%.
If you won't do it, don't worry about it and set it to 10%.

Fighting on this floor is simple, just be careful not to get hit <-500 to -2500 SP if hit>. After you clear the last room (or defeat the eliminator), make sure not to ever ever forget about opening your Command list. EVER! Equip an item to boost your Overclock to Max.

Final Floor: Oh no... Roxas... But don't worry, he is rather easy to fight if you're quick, agile, and careful. First of all, use the megalixer or whatever item you use for maximize power. Right frim the start, use your finish command right away right at Roxas (Use megaflare or Zone of Ruin for maximum damage.)
Fighting the infected Data-Roxas is not too difficult. He starts in a blue code, so just lock onto him and fight him quick. After Blue, he is coded yellow. Dodge his power attacks and use speed attacks. He eventually becomes red, so attack often, but not often enough to get hit. He'll become green and large, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. He has a sudden boost of health and stats, so it's best to keep a distance and fight with JT (Judgement Triad).

If you successfully win, you should earn 1.5mil to 3mil SP, totalling your score to a possible 4 mil.

If you find yourself having difficulty doing the system sector this way, you may need practice or a new way. I found myself doing this with ease, so I just wanted to share. ^^
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