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Hello everyone!

Tyrant Raver back again with some stories to share. [ Hence / Hereafter ] will be an episodic epilogue of my main story
[ Astonished / Amazed ] set 1000 years after the main AND side storylines.

This title will also feature easter eggs from the main story. Without getting spoiler-y of course.

It won't be as epic of a premise as the main story because this title won't have a concrete general plot. This title will only tackle Walter's life back to its roots, a slice-of-life action stories of the almighty hero getting back to the life of normalcy. Just some feel good chapters with no heavy conflicts and accompany Walter on how will impart his influence to the new generation. Please enjoy! :D


Episode 1

One thousand years ago, humanity has stood its ground against the Meta Crisis, a multiversal war that spanned to countless realities against the almighty threat of the Antiverse Collective. They have sought to destroy the universes in order to make way for their realms; but with the help of the combined might of superheroes, warriors from other realities and the Celestial Embodiments with the SA Brigade as its helm, the collective was defeated, banished to the far Outerverse.

Upon its aftermath, the Celestial Embodiments bowed before the strength and determination of humanity. With their aid and the SA Brigade’s leader, they mended the rifts in the Nexus gateways to other universes. Thus, the multiverse were now converged into one.

A new universe meant a new ruler should take its throne. As it was destined, the daughter of the SA Brigade’s leader, Akkana transcended into the cosmic throne. Becoming the new Universal Will, she oversaw the new universe and the universe flourished under her protection.

In this time of peace, SA Brigade’s leader, Walter Olven took the opportunity to traverse unto different possible realities. Where in each, he lived different lifetimes with the women that he knew and loved. Bearing each of them a family in those particular realities.

His children would then grow up to be strong men and women. Each of them would contribute largely upon humanity’s progress in all aspects, while some even cementing rivaling legacies. But despite that, he would always come back home to his first wife, the first woman he loved since their humble beginning.

Many years more, it came to a time where he would have to say his farewells to his friends as they passed on. Walter was aware that he could still visit them, as they were to become part of the cosmic embodiment. Watching them grow old, was quite the emotional burden to bear; same went with his children growing old, the least he can do was be by their side in their last hours.

A thousand years have passed and human civilization has reached its prime. During those years, they have learned how to harness Nexus Energy, and even discovering an ancient source of power that many thought it would just exist in a fairy tale, Magic. Harnessing both Nexus and Magic, humanity thrived with the use of highly advanced technology that made use of either sources.

From unlimited renewable energy, space frontier, star colonization and cosmic delegation, humanity was ten steps ahead. With these advancements, there was almost no need for weapons nor militarization. The Nexus and Mana-Tech provided it all for them.

A thousand years have passed also marked the end of an era, a time where superheroes were no longer needed. Over time, these superheroes would just hang their capes and became normal members of the fast-growing society. They were still licensed under the Supernova Committee, but most of the time, they were on the lowest priority.

It became up to the point where superheroes were now regarded both as a rarity and an oddity. With most of them from fighting extra-terrestrial incursions to solving petty crimes. They were not as highly regarded as they were a thousand years ago.

As for Walter, now that everyone as moved on, just walked the earth just observing how bright the future was. He has lived for so many lifetimes, literally; nobody knew whom he was after the Meta Crisis, it was just as he preferred. Neither man, machine, Novus, Mantra Wielder nor Celestial, he was just a humble wanderer just watching over someone's shoulder.

Normally, he would live in strict seclusion, but that was not like him to do so. So instead, he would like to live one last lifetime as normal as possible. Before he finally move on too and transcend unto the Outerversal Throne, where his rightful place awaited him.


Magna Einford Castle

The Magna Einford, the capital building of planet Earth, now called Terra Magna Prime. Here in this grand citadel of brass and gold sat the Goddess-Queen, the absolute ruler of humanity itself. Walter thought if anyone can help him get his head-start, it would be the Goddess-Queen herself.


But as soon as he approached the gates, he was blocked by two golden sentinel guards by crossing their bayonets before him. These sentinels were soldiers wearing Mana-Tech exosuits, an advanced tech that was just a tier below Mantra technology. He should have expected this, it was not like he was going to waltz inside that easy.

“I have an appointment with her highness. May I see her?”,

“No, you may not. The Goddess-Queen does not entertain the answers of a lowly commoner. Only people with special privileges are exempted.”,


Walter scratched his head to the strict response. He just thought he should have accepted the elevation status way back when. It was then an idea flickered in his mind as he reached inside his coat.

“Here, this ought to do it.”,

“Hmm…? This is the--Sanctus Anima Brigade emblem?”

The sentinel inspected the steel dragon crest handed to him by Walter.

“Santa-what now?”,

“Sanctus Anima Brigade, or SA Brigade. Am I supposed to be believe that YOU are member of a legendary army during the Meta Crisis? If you are, then I’m Master Alter.”

The sentinel just spat a sarcastic remark, elbowing his fellow guard beside him. Also Walter was baffled with the acronym: “Sanctus Anima”; it should have been “Super Awesome Brigade”, just as Kurome have named it. But ignoring that matter for a bit, Walter still insisted.

“Well no need for that remark. Just have one of your council appraise it, go on, I can wait.”,

“Feh! There are lots of those from the kiddie gift shop in the metropolitan, don’t kid yourself.”

He still would not budge to Walter’s persuasion, he would have to set aside beating them up as a last resort.

“Hmm…? What’s the matter, soldier? Afraid I’m gonna be right and you’re gonna have to kneel before me for forgiveness?”,

“Grrr… why you--”,

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you, sir. Now have one of the court council appraise this for legitimacy. I’m asking this out of courtesy and standard protocol… And trust me, you do NOT want to escalate this into a meaningless beat down. Understand?”

Walter’s gaze suddenly shifted into a menacing disposition, which was enough for the battle-hardened guards to flinch. Following his wishes, the sentinel guards finally called one of the court attendants and have the emblem inspected by the council. Walter just waited patiently beyond the premises as promised.


Magna Einford, Council Chambers

There will be an upcoming gathering upon the queen’s court later, one of the councilmen awaited patiently for the intended time. Knowing these gatherings for a decade now, he knew that these kinds of sessions were always chaotic, such is Terran politics. He was enjoying the brief quiet when there was a knock at the door.

“Hmm…? Yes, you may enter.”

The councilman gave the permission for the attendant beyond the door to enter, the attendant bowed to pay respects to him before saying his piece.

“Councilor Fritz Irons, excuse my manners. But there was a matter that needs your attention.”

The attendant acknowledged the councilman’s position. He was Fritz Irons, a descendant of the well-known Robert Irons; his ancestor was the personal butler of the Einfords hundreds of years ago. His ancestor was also acquainted with the leader of the SA Brigade’s family.

“I don’t mind, but is it urgent?”,

“Yes, sir. I believe I have in my possession, an item that requires your appraisal.”,

“Oh? That’s a first in a long time, let me see. Hmmm…”

The attendant handed to him an item wrapped in a kerchief. In it, was an item Fritz would never thought he would see in his lifetime. In an instant, he scanned it with the device built in his monocle to confirm its authenticity.

“This is…”

The material, the design, right down to its basic components. It was no doubt neither made with neither cheap materials Mana-Tech, nor even Mantra. The dragon crest was a real deal, and he knew whom was the original owner of it.


“Huh..!? Uh… s-sir?”

The attendant was startled and froze when the councilman suddenly raised his voice to him.

“Where--Where exactly did you get this!? Who gave you this item!?”,

“Uh--Well, sir, there was a particular individual at the gate that wishes to see the her excellency, the Goddess-Queen personally. And he gave us this crest for your appraisal.”,

“Her excellency herself in person? Take me to this man, right this instant!”,

“Y-Yes sir!”

With the councilman’s demand, the attendant saw to it and escorted him towards the gates. Fritz and his attendant have came across other councilmen and important figures of the queen’s court along the way, but he was on an utmost urgency to meet the owner of the dragon crest at once. That person’s presence alone super-cedes all of them, and must be dealt with the highest of priority.


Magna Einford Castle, Gates Perimeter

It had been two hours of waiting but Walter kept his best behavior despite the slight altercation with the guards earlier. If this was the young Walter in his early years of being a superhero, he would have retracted and be considerate. But this was now Walter in his twilight years yet still in physical prime, if anyone would be rearing for a fight, he would not hesitate to get his hands dirty.

Even in a heavily-restrained state, he would still be more than powerful to will himself out of non-existence or manhandle a literal supernova. He was fighting for so many lifetimes that he has forgotten what it was like to live a normal life. Hence, his vow of normalcy to himself; he doubt he would achieve it, but at least try to make an effort to do so.


After a brief moment of spacing out, he noticed someone from inside the perimeter coming towards their direction.

“Well I’ll be…”

As soon as he got a good look, the recognition was enough to put a smile on his face. The councilor Fritz Irons himself made his presence known. As the guards stepped aside to make way, Councilor Fritz just stopped in his tracks as he was face to face to the original owner of the Dragon Crest.

“I-It’s you--It’s really you!”

He could not believe his eyes, the person before him confirmed his thoughts.

“Little Fritz! My goodness look at you! A fine man you turned out to be.”,

“M-Master Walter… It’s really you…”

The name and councilor’s reaction, confirmed that without a doubt, the person before them was the true hero of the Meta Crisis. Upon seeing Walter, he almost broke down into tears. The sentinel guards were nonetheless, thoroughly bemused and ashamed of their actions beforehand.

“Hey now… No need to get emotional on me. I didn’t die or anything like that. But the last I saw you, you were still a snot-nosed kid. Now you’ve grown a lot, time really flies.”

Walter petted the old man like a child barely in his teens. Years ago, Fritz Irons trained under Walter’s tutelage like his family before him. Fritz was no fighter, but he definitely learned so much in a moral degree.

“You could have entered in your own free will, you were granted by the Goddess-Queen herself that privilege. What kept you…?”

As soon as Councilor Fritz asked that question, Walter turned his gaze unto the two sentinel guards behind. The guards flinched at the inquiry, as they know too well, to earn the ire of the Council was a huge disservice to the order. Walter just shook his head and he gave his answer.

“Well I just thought it would nice if you walk with me around.”,

“That’s all? Well then, let us not tarry any longer! I’ll see to it that the Goddess-Queen entertain you right away! I’m sure she’ll be just as glad to see you.”

Without any more moment to waste, Councilor Fritz himself lead the way for Walter. As they walked away, Walter gave a thumbs up from behind intended to the sentinel guards. The two guards then just looked at each other in despondence.

“Wow… I feel like a big jerk right now.”,

“Yeah. He could have blew the whistle and cost us our career.”,

“Are you kidding? That’s THE hero of the Meta Crisis himself! We could’ve respectfully decline him but instead we had to be high and mighty.”,

“Yeah, no kidding. Man, still what a swell guy…”


Grand Hall of the Goddess Throne

Upon walking through the castle’s colossal halls, Walter and Councilor Fritz caught up with recent events. From the state of politics of Terra Magna Prime, to personal matters such as family. Most of the conversation Walter had no input, but he did listened to whatever Fritz had to say.

“Ah here we are, Master Walter.”

They finally arrived at the royal throne room’s doorstep. Upon arriving, they could hear the ongoing activity from the other side of the door. Councilor Fritz was so deep in conversation with him that he forgot about the council gathering.

“I believe this is where I would leave you, Master. This is a sacred gathering for me, and I must take my place upon the councilor’s seat. The rest is up to you.”,

“Much appreciated. 'Been good talking to you again for a very long time.”,

“As do I, Master. I would insist on keeping you company, but I mustn’t keep you of your reunion with her excellency.”

Fritz then stepped forward and opened the tall doors for Walter. As the door opened, the commotion beyond it became clear as day. The gathering was already at its peak, with councilors discussing either laws that need to be passed or the current state of affairs from other sector colonies from other planets. From there, Councilor Fritz went to his seat, leaving Walter in the middle aisle.

From the entrance, a grand spectacle presented itself before Walter. The throne room was just as massive as it was wide. It was so large that you can fit five football stadiums in it in a straight line.

The hall itself was decorated with motifs and paintings inspired by the old world era of the Renaissance. The pillars themselves were colossal brass sculptures of the royal families that served the throne for generations. The walls depicted massive murals of the Meta Crisis to the establishment of the interplanetary foundation of humanity.

At the far end of the aisle stood the council seats that comprised of a thousand members of the court, all facing the middle aisle. And from the throne podium, stood the royal procession that consisted the elite royal guard, the Knights of the Schwarz. And lastly, the throne of the Goddess-Queen itself was separated by a large strip of thin cloth, that only presented the queen’s almighty visage under the veil.

As Walter arrived in the middle aisle, the gathering was still ongoing. It was then when he stepped foot beyond the considerable distance, he made his presence known. It was not long before his sudden intrusion caught the attention of the entire court.

Without a care in the world, Walter just casually walked down the aisle before the throne. The council seats erupted into a series of whispers as to who was this rude individual, casually walking towards the throne like he owned the place. From beyond the veil, the visage of the Goddess-Queen was seen standing up from her throne.


Amid his pace, Walter stopped in his tracks. And as expected, the Knights of the Schwarz instantly surrounded him. Donning their purple-black armors, they pointed their weapons against Walter to halt his progress.

“I don’t know who you are, but make another step forward and you will be subjected to the full might of the Knight of the Schwarz!”

A woman with a long white hair, donning the vestige and armor of a commandant stepped forth to oppose the intruder. Stomping three times, the royal guards quickly adjusted their stances in perfect sync. Her commanding presence should not be taken lightly, but not for Walter.

“It’s you… The girl from Mars.”,


“Cheryl Kreuzen Schwarz--”

After finishing uttering her name, Walter stepped aside and caught a flying spear flung at high speeds by Cheryl. He then twirled the spear unto his back to block then parry the incoming attack from behind. She moved so swift and quietly that even with armor on, her steps were inaudible to even superhuman senses.

But it would seem that Walter was ten steps ahead of her, as he can read all of her moves. He then spun the spear around his neck down to his waist to build momentum, and swing the spear toward her. She blocked the attack but the power was too much for her that she flinched back.

“Don’t. Ever. Say my name so casually!”

Cheryl circled back facing the throne whilst pointing her sword to Walter.

“Oh… right sorry about that. I forgot the last time I saw you, you were still barely a year old. Of course you don’t recognized me, ah… I won’t forget your mother’s smile when she first held you in her arms.”,

“Who… Who are you---ah!”

As she was about to question Walter, someone suddenly bumped to her from behind. This person rushed from behind Cheryl then made her way towards him. This individual immediately threw herself in his arms.



It was then to every person present’s shock, not to the sudden kiss of this individual to Walter but rather whom this individual was.

“Y-Your Highness…!?”

Cheryl screamed at the sudden display of affection. It was much to everyone’s shock, the Goddess-Queen herself stepped down her throne so that she could express her usual act of affection towards Walter in the past. Like Walter, even in a thousand years, she still maintained her youthful appearance, thanks to the Mantra and her Nexus Trait.


“I missed you too, Elandra…”

To be Continued…


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Walter is still incredible nice. I like the thumbs up he gave the guards instead of revealing the hold up to Fritz. Furthermore, the ending of this chapter was hilarious to me. Elandra and Walt having a kiss to everyone's dismay got a laugh out of me. Oh before I forget, I absolutely love how fluid the brief fight scene was with the spears. It really is like watching an anime. 10/10! <3 Seriously, Walter has grown up to be a fine young man. <3 Overall, this was a lot of fun to read! :)