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Help with the KH Tabletop game



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Dec 30, 2014
On and off for the past couple of months, I've been translating Kingdom Hearts mechanics into a tabletop setting, with a couple of friends suggesting ideas here and there. If I had to put a percentage of completion, I would say it's about 85%. I'm gonna need some help if I want to actually see this through.

People wanting to contribute should only be looking for four experiences.

A. Bestiary entries, made from a predetermined list of "tiers".
B. Establishing Synthesis Recipes in the vein of KH1 and KH2, and assigning item drops towards completed bestiary entries.
C. Translating information into Rulebook entries that are easy to read and understand.
D. Playtesting and offering balance changes towards the players and enemies.

This is a labor of love and a project that I wanted to see if I can do. But I've clearly underestimated my time-balance for this summer.

I very much think this won't get published, due to the nature of copyright. More of a roleplay system that fans of Kingdom Hearts can use and run games with.

You can PM me on Discord (@Starlight#3892) if you are interested, or reply to this thread (or DM here? I guess?) with your information.

I appreciate your time, no matter what.