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Apr 13, 2018
Hello guys!

I'm trying to get a platinum trophy on the ps4 and I'm doing this first playthrough where I'm going for the Unchanging Armor, Undefeated and Speedster Trophies. I'm doing it in Beginner and I'm level 86 with 38 hours of gameplay (I'm going for the 100 mark to reset the clock), I have only the first items in the game (Kingdom Key, first staff and first shield and the items you receive in beginner mode) and also I'm going for all of the other trophies first so when I play for the second time I get only the Proud Player and the last trophy to finish the game. But I'm having a lot of trouble to farm Mythril Shards! I'm only in Agrabah killing the Pots and the Pot Scorpion but, it's taking so long! Is there a better way to get those shards? If there is how can I do it?
I need those shards to Synthesize Mythril because the Angels in End of the World drop in a very low rate, so I need to Synthesize more...
Please guys Help! Thank you very much!


Aug 29, 2016
since you're going for the trophy i assume you're playing the ps3 or ps4 version and not vanilla kh1. according to khwiki, angel stars no longer drop mythrils at all in the final mix version, so that might explain why you're having trouble there. khwiki is an excellent resource for these things if you haven't checked it out!

unfortunately, mythril shards are absurdly difficult to farm. you can either farm them from the pot spiders and the pot scorpion in agrabah, or try your luck with the barrel spiders in Monstro. they have about the same drop rate, however. i think this is the strategy i used, just figure out a decent route to travel between the chambers, particularly chambers 5 and 6. you can also try your luck fighting the remaining arch behemoth that always spawns at the end of the beginning section of End of the World, as those have a 20% drop rate. that might end up taking even longer tho.

(btw, keep in mind that you cannot equip any accessories either if you want the unchanging armour trophy. changing any party member's weapon or equipping an accessory to any party member negates the trophy for that playthrough)
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