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Aug 18, 2015
Hi guys,
I'm doing a level 1 critical run, and while tying up some loose ends, I'm attempting to beat Marluxia (I haven't beaten any other of the Absent Silhouettes, Sephiroth, or the final Xemnas Fight). I can get past phase one and phase two pretty easily (besides a mishap here or there), but I'm having major problems with his DM phase. Buzzsaw Blossom seems to come unexpectedly with little reaction time, his DM requires the most precise timing with reflect, and after I combo him after his DM, I mess up on his teleport slash, despite the fact that I can dodge it easy in the earlier segments.

My main question is if there's I way I can skip his DM phase entirely. Any limits or magic or drive forms I can use? I considered maybe using the infinite wisdom firaga glitch, but I don't know if it works in 2.5, so I haven't tried yet. If there is a way to skip his DM, could anyone give me a video that shows it off, and if not, could you guys just give me tips on how to beat him? I've been trying to beat him for three days now with gradual advancement, but it seems like I've really hit a wall here...


Mar 9, 2008
The best advise I can give is glide. Make sure that's max level. When I fought him I avoided most of his attacks with glide.


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Nov 24, 2013
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I have not seen videos where you can skip neither of his desperation moves, so unfortunately I cant help you with that.

The desperation move where he throws the scythe can be little tricky at first. Once you get to the flow of the battle, it becomes easier to avoid. Just run on circle and tilt the camera to the angle you are running to, when the pillars from the ground come. If you watch his hands, you can see when he is about to throw the scythe. When he is about to, jump and do an air dodge as well, to speed up you glide, with this you can escape the scythe. Just when the scythe warps off, do an reflega in the air. It should last long enough to counter the scythe hit, and damage Marluxia. Here is in video form how I deal with his DM:

Oh and also, you probably know this already but with finishing plus and guard break and explosions finishers, you can loop him, making him little easier.