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help vexen 1st fight

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Dec 20, 2008
He's a pain in the ass. Make sure you have hi potions and elixirs in your deck plus mega-ethers. Learn thunder raid if you havent yet it deals alot of damage. Use dodge roll whenever he uses an attack card.

When he uses a magic card to shoot an icicle at you get in close and dodge roll to him and it breaks on the ground.

Break all his 0 cards and elixirs. When he uses the move where he freezes you, watch his arm and just before he lifts it into the air dodge roll. Use thunder raid anytime you can.

When he makes pillars of ice follow you.Run along the outside of the field in wide circles. Just watch his moves and get the timing right and you'll beat him. And use elixirs in sleights.
such as elixir-attack card-attack card. or hi-potion instead of an elixir. Use items instead of reloading whenever possible.
Just keep moving.


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Oct 7, 2008
Dodging is your freind in this fight I fought him about 10 times before I new you could dodge that attack where he summons ice out of the gound(you can dodge that in case you didnt know) and put alot of low numberd cards in your deck that when loaded equal over 10 at least but you want a big deck with at least 30 cards in it so you can keep loading them and they wont dissapear as fast since you have alot of cards you want to have at least a one hi-potion card in your deck so when your cards run low you can reload them all back.That is how I beat him

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Sep 30, 2007
You know I"m still trying to figure that out?
i don't either now i'm at Lvl. 41 and i still can't beat him i don't know if its because my CP is low i don't see how it could be low though my CP is 700 but i'm only allowed to hold 26 cards at the most i don't know why its probably because my HP is only like 375


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Oct 23, 2008
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Haha, hey, don't feel too bad about being unable to beat him at level 41. I just beat him today after many failed attempts and I'm at level 53. Pretty sad, huh?

What I did was put in about six or seven heal cards at the end of my deck, and then the rest of my cards were just melee attacks. I think I had only a couple nines, a few eights, but most were sevens and sixes. I don't think I had anything below five. And I didn't have any zeros.

As for atttacking, pay more attention to his cards than you normally would any other battle. Most of them are zeros, so easy to break, and then keep moving when he brings out a higher number and shuffle through your deck at the same time to find something that is equal or better. That should leave him open for a few good swings, then get out of there before he has time to recover. Don't bother rushing at him. His shield will block you every time. Took me a while to figure that out...

To avoid his freeze attack, lock on so you can see what he's doing. Otherwise, you'll just be making blind guesses when to roll, as the others have been saying. To avoid the ice spikes, I just jumped and glided until they disappeared, or you could just run away. That's easier. To avoid the shooting ice thing, just time your roll to avoid it.

That's all I did... I hope I helped a little. Or maybe you've already beaten him. *shrug* Either way, good luck. :)


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Mar 3, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Okay, I didn't have any trouble with my time playing Vexen. It took extremel long, but it was easy.
I HATE item cards. They are my enemy. They take up too much space and aren't really that worth it, I mean, you aren't going to use sleights THAT often.
Here's my strategy, if you have no item cards it makes you hold more cards and it's a heck of a lot easier to complete the battle with lots of cards.
For this battle use a deck that's a good balance between Keyblades and Magic/Summon cards. Although, maybe a bit more Keyblades. And, don't stock any cards involving ice. Make sure you have at least one cure card, two if you can. 3 should be the most you should have in one deck through the whole game. No more. After that, stock a fair bit of fire cards. 2 or 3, and some Thunder cards too. Make sure to stock yor cards in such a way that you are free to many sleights. STOCK 2 CLOUDS. If you have 1 Cloud, he's pretty useless because the enemy almost always breaks him, plus when he hits, he has a lot of power.
The enemy cards you stock are your choice. The only carsd I usually stock though are Vexen, Oogie Boogie, and maybe a couple others but that's at the end of the game, so try keeping your enemy cards to a minimum.
There, that should pretty much do it. Don't bother dodge rolling and attacking, because it doesn't usually work.
Have at least 3 0's in your deck to break sleights and high cards. And spread your cards out so it's a mix of the different kinds.
There you go! Hope this helps.

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Jan 29, 2009
I've found that if you equip strong cards like 7's 8's 9's and 0's and some smaller cards and arrange them into sleights in your deck before the battle then you can keep executing sleights til you run out. Then use a high potion and get them all back.

Also keep breaking his cards, don't think that every sleight will just kill him, he will break the sleights when he gets a chance.

Don't forget to equip some cures and fires and some blizzard. If you have premium magic cards use them and use the extra cp to add more attack cards.

Also i found that using summons in this battle actually get broken more easily and will take up more room in your deck :)
Works everytime for me
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