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Apr 7, 2013
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Hey, I just passed Day 100 on Days and I was wondering if anyone else has the same issue as me. It feels like the game improperly sets you up for certain fights that you aren't prepared for or doesn't brief you on the danger of the situation at hand, and that just happened with me on my last mission. Maybe it's just part of the learning curve, but I recently had a fight where I had to defeat a morning star. I thought it was simple, but it turns out that the enemy, which was a regular enemy in Kingdom Hearts II if I'm correct, was, in fact, a boss in this game with new moves and such, AND he came along with two cannon heartless that would replenish themselves infinitely. I mean, how unfair is that? I beat him eventually, but it feels like I'm constantly unprepared for these bosses and that I'm being thrown into the mix without warning a lot of the time.

Anyone else have this issue? Is this something I'll have to keep experiencing and it's just part of this game's ridiculous learning curve, or do you think there's something that could be wrong with my equipment or the spells I'm bringing into battle?