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HELP!!! So many medals... so few red coins...

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Apr 29, 2016
Good morning wielders!!

I have to admit that selling my Key Arts was... kind of... difficult... I mean, come on, they were my best cards for the past 3 weeks in this marvelous game, that is about to end!!! I didn't feel that kind of sadness, of left behind something so enjoyable, since my last day on Disneyland in 2014, lol.

But, oh well, they were sold... and I could squeeze 95 red coins (not on the lucky side on Chi), and now here is my situation:

On my JPUX account (moved from NAUX a couple of weeks before starting Chi), I have:
  • Poohglet with db3
  • Sebastian with 1sp
  • Phil and Herc with 1sp (100% guilt, luckyyyyy)
  • Illust Sora with ab3
  • 8 M&B

So, I have in mind to buy these medals with my red coins:

  1. Illust BC King (20)
  2. HD Sora (20)
  3. Illust Kairi (30)
  4. Illust Riku (20)
  5. 5 M&B (5)

With Kairi, I would get the best medal of the game (not sure what skill should I put on her... db3??), and Sebastian could sit and wait to give his skill to the next event medal with ridiculous high gauge cost; :tongue:
Illust BC King and HD Sora will receive the app+ab2 skill that I got on the avatar boards, and they are my priority to guilt due to their versatility of being useful on any keyblade being PSM boosters;
I really wish I could squeeze more 5 coins to get Terra, but I already used all possible ways (I even transformed R+ cards into SR coins, bought SR cards on the album, transformed them into SR+ coins to buy key arts, lol)... So, my second option was Illustrated Riku and use the rest for M&B.

So... I already bought king and Sora (couldn't wait, lol), now waiting for next EMC to show up tomorrow, it will probably have Illust Kairi (she came right after Illust Terra) alongside with a very good magic medal. And since this is the anniversary month, if I could guess, it will probably be a 1 cost aoe psm boost tier 5 magic medal, a good moment to introduce that feature after Chi's end (and we know that there is tier 5 right?!). :cool:

What do you think? Any other tips? Change Riku into something else? Am I doing anything wrong? I started KHUX not long ago, so, newbie here :redface:

Thanks in advance!!
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