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Nov 28, 2020
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Fruits Basket is based on the story of the Chinese Zodiac - it is very beautiful and heartwarming! :love: Is Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood good so far? (I always see it advertised, and I always thought I should take a look!)
I haven't heard of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day - but I love the title! :) I am going to go look it up!
I love Honey too! And I reckon Sailor Mercury has to be my favourite (but maybe it is because I have the same hair style as her and it could be easier to cosplay! Hahaha!) Who is your favourite Kingdom Hearts character??? :D
I haven’t gotten to far into Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood just yet as Im at episode 13 and I think there is about 61 episodes if I remember correctly. Although from what I’ve seen so far the plot is really interesting and it’s good at being funny yet serious at the same time and I can’t wait to see more of it, also i’ve already seen a few characters I might want to cosplay, although that seems to happen a lot whenever I watch a new anime or play a new game lol :)

From what I understand there is a difference between the original Full Metal Alchemist and Brotherhood it apparently not just a remake as i heard the original anime finished before the manga so it apparently ended up changing the story after a certain point where as Brotherhood apparently follows the manga exactly but from what i’ve heard you don’t have to watch one to understand the other apparently either fine to start with.

My favourite Kingdom Hearts character is Larxene she’s been my favourite since Chain of Memories, I’ve always found her to be a very entertaining character and KH3 made me like the character more than I already did as in my opinion she had some of the funniest lines in that game. Im glad she getting more backstory in Union X and possibly more importance in future games, as I’m reallly curious how Elrena who seems to be a nice girl turned into someone as horrible as Larxene. Although Xion and Marluxia are my other favourite characters, who‘s your favourite character?
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