Hello there! (read it in General Kenobi voice)



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Feb 1, 2018
Hi guys, I'm Azuleaf, nice to be here :)
I've been a fan of the series for a looong time, the first game I played was KH2 and it was in 2007 if I'm not wrong, so... Yup, more than a decade waiting for KH3 :cool:
I came across the game when I heard two schoolmates of mine talking about that second chapter, describing the first one as a wonderful game. So I guessed it was worth a try even if it was the second one, and man I'm glad I did that :biggrin:. Then I took on the first chapter and even if there was CoM in between (which I didn't play at the time), I still enjoyed those two games!
Anyway, while waiting for the third chapter I lost interest in the series and missed a lot of "non numbered" titles, like Re:Com, BbS and 358/2 Days.
I've not seen Sora on my tv for some time until I got my hands on the 1.5+2.5 collection for PS4 and now, after replaying the first one in HD which was a joy to the eyes :redface:, I discovered a whole new universe with the aforementioned BbS, Re:Com and 358/2 Days. I plan on playing KH2 and the new ones (2.8 Final Chapter) in the next months (if university allows me :tongue:), just to get prepared for the upcoming KH3!! (even though I won't believe it's coming until I see it :wink:)

Talking about me, I love playing RPG games (even though I may not be so excited as I was ten years ago), studying maths and eating Pizza!
See you around guys :redface:

PS: I'm not an english native speaker, so I may get some grammar mistakes, I'm sorry :frown:. Please don't find my lack of skill disturbing (semi-quote is intended).