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Hello Everyone



New member
Apr 18, 2012
I am new here,thought I'd point it out.My reason for joining?To make friends and to get into Rping.I'm no good at it yet and never expect to be good at all.But,I am willing to try at the least.So,this is my hello.


Jul 30, 2007

Welcome to KHInsider

As a new member, you’re probably full of nerves and excitement. You’re probably eager to fit in and impress your new mods and forum mates, too.

There’s a lot to learn when you start a new account. Chances are this forum will feel a little strange and different. It’s often difficult trying to remember everyone’s name—let alone what they do and where they fit in the forum.

Maybe there are tools, equipment and chemicals you’re not familiar with. Perhaps you’re unsure exactly how to do your work tasks and you haven’t had any training or information yet.

You may also be reluctant to ask questions or raise any concerns you might have about forum health and safety. After all, you don’t want to look like a troublemaker or like you can’t do your job.

All these factors can actually put you and your co-posters at a greater risk of suffering injury or illness at work.

Take the stress out of being a new member

Here are some pointers to get off to the right start in your new job, and make life a little easier. Some are courtesy. Some may be covered by your administrator in the induction or training meetings that introduce you to your new forum. If they aren’t, ask your administrator, your mods, or your new forum mates.

Some are related to forum health and safety, so think about the reasons for doing these—and the dangerous consequences if you don’t.

[*] If you’re unsure of anything, ask. Remember the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.
[*] Find out your work hours. Arriving late and leaving early probably won’t win you any points
[*] Find out what people would like you to call them. It may not be right for you to call the mods by their nickname!
[*] Find out how to let the mods or administrator know if you’re sick or not coming in to work. Do they prefer to speak to you in a phone call? Or is it okay to send a text?
[*] Check your clothing, footwear or uniform requirements
[*] Find out if you need to wear an ID badge or security pass or carry a security key.
[*] Remember confidentiality. Some information is ‘for the forum only’.
[*] Watch out for the office gossip or politics.
[*] Find out about tea breaks and rest breaks.
[*] Find out your forum’s smoking policy and obey the laws about smoking in the forum.
[*] Find out which areas are smoking zones.
[*] Find out which areas are eating zones.
[*] Find out if you need to wash up your own lunch or tea things (most forums have an unwritten rule: ‘you make a mess, you clean it up’). Find out about the tea room roster.
[*] Find out if you should bring your own mug and even your own tea, coffee, sugar or milk. Maybe there’s a tea fund or coffee club you can contribute to.
[*] Check which office equipment is okay to use. If you need to borrow anything from anyone, make sure your return it how you found it.
[*] Find out if your forum has rules about using your iPod, playing computer games or surfing the net.
[*] Find out if your forum has rules about making or receiving private phone calls, using your mobile or texting while you’re at work.
[*] Make sure your chatting doesn’t distract your co-posters.
[*] If you share an office or work area, ask your co-posters before you change things around.
[*] Find out if there is a locker, drawer or cupboard to store your personal belongings while you’re at work.
[*] If you’re tidying up, don’t throw anything out without checking if it’s important or not. You might also check where it should be filed, stored or properly disposed of.
[*] Ask if it’s okay for your family or friends to visit your forum, and how they 
should do so.

We hope you enjoy KHInsider.


Mar 12, 2012
I'm sure she'll be just fine ^.^ Welcome to the forums, you will make friends and get comfortable in no time. Enjoy your stay here and make sure you know the rules, then everything's gonna be okay =D!


New member
Apr 18, 2012
Thank you. O-o; though now I feel like I'm in a strict business office


Fear the Mist
May 25, 2006
Shifting through the spaces like only Mist can.
...I have no snide remark about the Orientation.

Seriously. It fits perfectly and yet is completely bogus! I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE!!!!

Obey the rules, obey the mods, get comfortable and have fun. What Oji failed to mention is that we have a strict "No-firing Policy". You may try to quit, but you'll just come back.

...They always do.