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Heaven, Hell and Everything in Between (Rated R)



I'm Batman
Feb 6, 2005
Ok this is a work in progress but here are the first chapters

Chapter 1 “The End”
The last thing I remember was a car coming at me upside down. There was a sound of screeching metal and then things got dark and cold. Darkness surrounded me and I felt that it was going to consume me. A voice called out to me and called me to the light. I followed it until the minute amount of light in the darkness was surrounding me. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was lying in the middle of a field and there was a man all in white standing above me. “Welcome”, he said as he smiled warmly. “Where am I?” I asked as I looked around at the unfamiliar scenery “You are where everyone like you goes when it is their time but you are an oddity” I was so confused. I stood up and noticed I was in a valley and it was like something out of a painting. The sun was shining warmly in the cloudless sky. “Am I in heaven? Why am I an oddity?” When I looked it was a completely different person standing before me this person was a beautiful girl like someone out of my imagination. “You are an oddity because you don’t belong here just yet. You were not scheduled here for quite a few years. It is to be expected though. You see this place is the gateway to heaven in reality you will be given your own area that you will be able to shift to your liking. The reason we expected many unexpected people here is because they have been meddling in the affair of mankind but that is not for you to worry about. You should enjoy your eternity” with that she was gone.
I wandered about and another person appeared this time it was another man. He waved his hand and a flash of light surrounded me and I was in a place of nothingness all I could see was white. He disappeared without a world and I was left completely lost. I wished things could be like they were when I was at home and all of the sudden my house and my town were in front of me. Yet there were no people around. I looked for my mom and she wasn’t in our house. I then remembered what the woman said that I could tailor make this place to my liking. When I turned around there was a young man standing right in front of me. “Hello, long time no see!” I was completely confused I didn’t recognize him at all so how does he know me? “Don’t remember me? Well I guess you wouldn’t, considering when I left you I was in my 50s.” “Uncle Ray!?” I exclaimed in shock. He smiled and nodded. He was my uncle who would always come and visit me everyday. He was always as nice as could be and was more like a good friend than a relative. He treated me like a buddy and not like a child. He died when I was 10 years old. We spent hours talking and he said he would talk to me later and he disappeared. I felt like for once I would truly be happy but the mere fact of the matter was that my life hadn’t ended it was just getting started.

Chapter 2 “Angels”
Time passed and it seemed like I was in heaven forever. I was happier than I had ever been while I was alive and every day I would meet with old relatives that had passed away but I never met up with my mother, father or sister. Maybe they hadn’t found me yet or they were still just acclimating to their surrounding. I decided I would seek them out and left my little universe to find them. I ended up in a large city that seemed as vast as the eye could see and beyond. It wasn’t like any city on earth though because everyone you saw was happy and there were no homeless people and no poverty. I looked around and finally I came upon what appeared to be a castle. I decided I would check it out to see what was in there. When I walked in the castle was vast inside far larger than I had imagined from the outside but it was what I had come to expect from being in heaven. I came upon a room and I heard voices coming from inside. I looked in through the crack and saw what appeared to be angels conversing inside.
My shock and amazement led me to lose my footing and fall on the floor through the doorway. The turned around sharply and rushed at me. “Why were you spying on us who are you?” I sputtered out a response but it was barely intelligible. “I see so you are one of those people that arrived here prematurely” I for one had no idea how he got that out of the mixture of sighs, mumbling and half words that I spoke. “Then what we are speaking of pertains to you so you have just as much right to hear it as anyone. Though you may not want to hear it because it will disturb you and it is above the living world” I drew up all my courage and told them that if it has to do with what could have happened to my family then I do care. One of the angelic man walked towards the back of the room snapped his fingers and a chair appeared. “Well since you probably don’t know much I will start from the beginning. There are 3 types of beings: celestial bodies such as me, spirits such as you and living beings like what you used to be. Some celestial being have gone rogue and have started experimenting on humans and meddling in the living realm. This has upset the balance and has sped up the death rate of humans. It also has created another type of being and that is a living person with heaven’s powers. That last statement is slightly off because it isn’t as vast as the powers in heaven but if they ever got into heaven while they were alive they could bring heaven to its knees. God in his infinite wisdom has decided to take action against them but he hasn’t decided on what action he will take. Until then the living world is going to be in turmoil because soon the celestial beings that have gone there will being to cause more fatalities and create more of their Halflings. Though there is not much you can do so I recommend you don’t let this get to you and stop you from enjoying your eternity.
After the man I met finished his story I traveled back to my own little universe I sat down and tried to come up with a solution to the problem. I wished I could do something to help the living world. I felt so powerless. I decided I would rest and maybe then I would feel a little bit better. I laid down and went to sleep hoping something would come of it.

Chapter 3 “Messengers”
When I woke up I didn’t feel any better in fact I felt worse. I felt like I really was wasting my time and that there was something better I could be doing with my time. I paced around in circles in my home that I was an exact replica of the one I lived in before. A knock came at my door and when I opened it three men dressed in white stood outside. It was very obvious from their facial expressions that they meant business. “What can I do for you gentlemen?” The men asked to be let in and I brought them inside and sat down with them. “We are here with God’s orders. He heard that you had been briefed on the current situation with the world and that you understand the predicament we are in.” I nodded my head and hopped they had some good news for me. “God wishes for us to extend a request neigh a plea to you. He needs your help to fight these new opponents. He has found out there is only one way to gain the power of these new foes. A spirit must travel to the inner depths of hell and retrieve Hades. This weapon would restore the body of the spirit and grant that spirit the powers of what you may think of as a demon. In reality demons are just the angels of hell who are there only to maintain order. If the spirit manages to retrieve this weapon and escape hell then they would be extremely powerful and able to bridge the gap and return to the living world. God feels that it is necessary that we retrieve Hades and since you have a stake in the situation and you also know the severity of the situation that you would be the perfect person to embark on this mission.”
I was in shock, God was asking me to do a favor for him and that favor was saving the universe from a group of Half-Angel Half-Humans. My head was spinning and I closed my eyes and saw the image of my family and I immediately knew what must be done. I told them that I would do exactly as they wished and I would embark for hell as soon as possible. They told me that I may not even make it to the inner depths of hell because no being has ever made it there besides God himself and in the inner depths of hell are the most powerful and dangerous spirits in the universe. I responded that I didn’t care and if I was the only hope for mankind that I would do whatever it takes.

Chapter 4 “Enter Hell”
It wasn’t long before I was on my journey to the inner depths of hell. I was scared as hell, no pun intended, and I knew that this potentially could be the last thing I ever do. I was told how to reach the gates of hell and it wasn’t long before I made it there. The gate was like nothing I could have ever expected. It was horrific the entire gate was made out of human bones and it seemed to give off an aura that was evil to its very core. I approached it and the gates opened and a black wind took my breath away and dragged me inside. I was in hell and it was so bizarre. It was like time was frozen. I looked around me and houses were suspended in the air and there were people floating in the air. Everyone that I could see was in pain. A voice called out of the darkness a man dressed in black clothing with black wings appeared. “Welcome to hell. You must be the spirit who is going to try and obtain Hades. I think you are a fool but you are more than welcome to try but I doubt you will make it past the 3rd level.” “How many levels are there and what are the levels?” “There are 4 levels: level 1 is the suicides, level 2 are the generally bad people who didn’t kill people but were selfish and uncaring towards mankind and level 3 are the murderers, rapists, pedophiles and level 4 is where those who are such vast sinners that you cant count the number of lives on their hands. Level 1 and 2 are neutral the people just remain frozen forever in the exact state they were when they died. Level 3 is where they suffering comes in, they are in eternal pain and that is where the most angry spirits are and they will kill a kid like you in a heart beat. I myself have never been to the 4th level but I heard it is quite nasty.” Without a word he disappeared leaving me alone again.
I moved forward and tried to not let the images of people suffering get to me and I walked until I found a door that seemed out of place. I walked around it but the door lead nowhere. I decided I would open it and when I did the same thing happened to me that happened when I entered hell. I got sucked in by a black wind. I think I had arrived in the 2nd level because this place seemed very different than the last. The sky was blue and it was very bleak but there were no people or objects floating. When I looked at the floor I saw that the floor was made up of the faces of people and they all were talking about businesses and selling things almost as if they were still in the living world. I decided I didn’t want to waste time and I hurried on my way and passed millions of faces until I came to another door. I knew this was the entrance to the third level where I would have to fight to survive and I could potentially loose my life. I grabbed the handle and the door itself lashed out and swallowed me whole.