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Hair color means nothing.

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Nov 29, 2009
GUYS, it's not the hair.
It isn't a coincidence that Xehanort's hair is shaped similar to Terra's hair and him having white hair (the same with Master Xehanort).
I use the fact that terra's eyes changed to gold at the end of the secret ending, which is a sign of submitting to darkness (darkness also sometimes causes memory loss, appearance changes, and upset stomach, lol), not to mention xehanort has gold eyes
Master Xehanort has gold eyes and he looks similar to Xehanort as well. Besides the fact that Apprentice Xehanort's eyes are brown makes me wonder. His eyes are not gold. His eyes are brown.

When has it been shown that using darkness causes memory loss? Being turned into a heartless does but seeing how heartless do not exist at the time of BBS you can throw that idea out the window. Master Xehanort seems to remember everything from his past life (The Keyblade War) despite using darkness.
doesn't remember who he is but the name "xehanort" (referring to his anger towards MX at the end of BBS)
The Lingering Sentiment.
Kingdom hearts (which was created at the end of BBS).
Kingdom Hearts was not created at the end of BBS or in the beginning of BBS for that matter. Master Xehanort summoned it, yes. But it doesn't mean he created it. If he created it why would he go searching for something he already created?
Plus, there are tons of other clues and hints to this theory, such as the whole xemnas referring to aqua as "old friend" scene. I could give you a list of terra=xehanort clues.
And Xemnas couldn't be using sarcasm? Xemnas has shown sarcasm a couple of times in KHII. It doesn't mean you can take what he said literally.
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