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Fanfiction ► .hack//Chaos Part 1

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Oct 3, 2004
.hack//Chaos Part 1

* Seven Years After the Chaos known as "Pluto's Kiss,The World is
Recovering, At Them Same Time, ALTIMIT OS Released a New online Mmorpg
Known as "Fragment".The Game has Sold 50 billion copies world wide.
But As Famous this game may seem to be, Its a Vagrent World Filled With
PlayerKillers, and a Mysterious Boy named "One Sin" a Imfamous AI, Very
Famous Throguhtout Fragment.

One Sin: A Wandurer AI who has illegaly modified his character to be a Level 99.
Twin Blader Who have Speical Abilities Including The Ability To Data Drain,
Refigure the System and Rewrite Data That Makes Up the system.
And Is Also the Leader of a Rebellious Guild Named " Twilight Sinners".

Twilight Sinners: A Group of Rebellious PC's Who Go Around Killing Pkers,Refiguring
The system and Pissing off the Admins. An illegaly modified Guild Who has Limitless
Abilities in the World , including the Ability to PK In Root Towns, Feared and Hated
By the Admins.

Members of the "Twilight Sinners"

Jin: A Level 70 BladeMaster, Who Join the Twilight Sinners Just for the Fun of of It.
A Rather Respected Member of the Guild, 2nd In command,Jin Is one of One Sin's Closest Friend.

Kajasin: a Level 65 WaveMaster , a Powerful and Wise SpellCaster, 3rd in command,But he is Treated As he was First in Command, Knows his Way around the game and Was Also a Witness to The Events That Took Place 4 years ago, and Also knows About the Epitaph of Twilight. One Sin Treats Him Respect and then most of the Other Memebers.
Chapter 1: Phase One

Delta Server : Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field
* Three Low Level characters Are surrounded By PH's (Player Hunters, Hired to Tracked Down Wanted PC's Throughtout the Game. Ph's Are Always Keeping Tight eyes on Other Characters and Have
Made a Bad name for Themselves ,There Leader Shajin , a Rogue BladeMaster PKer Hired By the Admins to Track PC's
And Delete Them. Shajin is a stubborn PC, who Wouldnt Enjoy Nothing More then to Delete One Sin.
"pff you noobs picked a Wrong day to piss me Off" Dont You Know Server Maps Are Illegal" Asked Shajin
Kid: But...We Didn't know that...We We're given this Map but Some Guy"..Begged the Low Level Player
"Pff...A Likely Story..I Could Believe you..and Let you Off with a Warning, But Pkin You Would Be Better *Draws Blade* I'll Give you to the Count of Three to Get out of my Sight." Said Shajin
*The Low Level Characters Panics And Tries to Escape
....One..... Shajin Said
*Thw Low Level Backs Away from Shajin, But stumbles and Struggles to Escape*
*Just As the Low Level Character Turns Around To run Away, He Is Slashed From Behide, and is istantly Killed,
He Falls to the Ground and, The Human Controlling the Character, Drops His Controller and Falls UnConsince*
pff....3.....Shajin Smirked as He Killed The Player
"You Ki...Killed Him..... "Said One Boy In Shock
"Such a Death for Such a Cheater *Turns His Attention to the Wimpering Players and Raises " Replied Shajin
His Blade Once Again for a Second Assult*
" Please Dont!!!...!" He Begged
*Shajin Slashes His Sword ,But At the Next Moment..the Kid Was
Gone..Shajin Turns his head To See
The Character Safe..Shajin Becomes Angry, as he Identifies The Savor as a Young Twin Blader With A Quick Smile..His Weapons,Reflecting off the Sunlight,,Like Water Glittering On a Bright Day*
"Well Isnt This My Lucky ...I Found a Hacker " Shajin Smirked
"Well.. Shajin Arent You Aiming Low today,..Picking on Low Level characters, Such a Admin SuckUp" Replied One Sin
"You Watch Your Tounge you Noob,...I Can Kill You Any Day..." Yelled the Furious Shajin
And One Sin Replied "and You Call these Guys Cheaters? Look at Your Self..Using Admin Powers To Hunt Down Pc's."
Grr..Arg U Bastard!! I'll Delete You!! "Yelled Shajin As he Lunged Forward
Slashing His Sword his a Mighty Roar...So Quickly...It Slashed A Gash Into the Area..So Large...it Left a Hole where Data Was leaking Out,Shajin Looked Up and One Sin Was No Where to Be seen, Shajin..Becomes Furious and Logs Out.
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Aug 22, 2005
The World: R2
XO Nice one VCH! I'm loving it! :D Is this the story you asked if I wanted to be in? (Maybe it was someone else >_>)


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Oct 3, 2004
.Hack//Chaos Part 2

Chapter 2: Return

* The Scene Was "Hidden Fobidden Holy Ground" a Chruch...Suspended From a High Bridge in the Middle Of An Endless Ocean of Nothingness, While Inside the Chuch was a large Room with a Row, Each
Line with a Long Row of Chairs,Above Were Windows Colored With Glass of Different Colors, Each Formed into a Picture. That told the story of this Game and its Past, and Standing in front
of the Chruch, Casting a Shadow was a Statue of a Young Girl, and To the Back of the Chruch Stood, Sitting down Was One Sin, As this Was Of His private Areas where he liked to sit and let the world pass
him without a Care in the World.At That Moment One Sin Stood up and Walked to the Front of the chruch And Examined the Statue of the Girl..Deeply He looked into the Statue's Eyes and So Begun a Flashback.
* One Year Ago*

*A Young Boy Stood in the chruch, looking at a Statue and Crying.
The Boy Was Only A Level one and a Noob to the World, This Young Boy
Was "One Sin" *Sniff* "Where Am i...Who Am ... The Boy Cried. At That Moment the Young Boy Heard a Voice. "Huh""Whos There? The Boy Asked
Do Not Cry Little one....It Shall All Be Clear Soon...Just
Wait....Said the Voice
" Wait....Wait for What?" Asked One Sin
" Just Wait.......Wait For Time to Pass Twice....and The Eyes Of Light and Darkness to Cross paths..and Twilight To Be Born..." Explained the Voice
* At That Moment, One Sin Heard A Sound, He Quickly Turned Around To find a Figure Surrounded in Darkness..One Sin's Eye's Widen with Fright As he stared Toward the Figure....
"Wh...Who Are You....."
Suddenly One Sin Awoke in a Fright...He Took Another Look at the Statue and Suddenly..He Sensed something,He Quickly Turned Around and Find the Dark Figure From His Dream and At that Moment He Heard A Voice. " But Do Not Be Afraid...Fight One Sin!
One Sin's Body Began to Glow, The Dark Aura Grew and So Did His Anger, The Dark Figure Smirked and Said* " Come Back to Me My Child...."
"Silence! I Can Change My Own Destiny" "Yelled The Young TwinBlader"
*And With Those Words, One Sin Drew His Weapons And Prepared To Fight.

Chapter 3 : A Hacker's Pride

*One Sin was in a Furious Rage,His Body Was surrounded in a Dark Aura, That Sent a Strong Force Shattering All The Windows Throughtout the Chruch, One Sin Had His Weapons Draw,His Teeth Bare and His Sights Set on the Dark Figure That Stood Before him. "I Will Kill You and End This" One Sin Said
At That Moment One Sin Unleashed His Fury In a Form of Multiple Attacks Sending Shockwaves Throghtout the Chruch Shattering Stones and Windows, When One Sin Came to Clam,He Was Shocked to See All His Attacks Had No Effect. "Wha..What Are you?!" he Asked
The Figure Smirked ,Raised His hand High into the Air and Summoned a Scythe,One Prepares for an Oncoming Attack. The Figure Step Forward and Vanished, "He's Fast!" One Quickly Ducked in Time to Dodge The Attack just Barly, He Counted By Attemping the Kick From From Below,But the Enemy's Speed Was Too Fast and One Sin's Attack Missed, Suddenly One Sin Felt A Rush of Air From Behide and Was Slashed Outta No Where Leaving a Gash on His Side. "Hi..His Speed is Extreme " One Sin Throught To himself. One Sin May of Been a Level 99 Maxxed out TwinBlade..But this Enemy is Way out of his league.
"Could An Enemy This Skilled By Beated" He throught to Himself. One Sin Regained His Balance..and Stood Up. He Suddenly Heard a Manatic Laught . "Whats Wrong Sin"? "Too Much For you"? One Sin Suddenly Looked Forward and Saw the Enemy Speeding Toward Him, He Got into a Defensive Position,But the Enemy Delievered A Fury of Blows,Each Blow Striking One's Weapon with a Might Roar and Finally He Delivered a Blow That Broke Throught One's Defense and Knocked Him To the Ground. The Figure Walked Toward One Sin with His Scythe in Hand. "Pff a A Level 99 AI and This is How strong you Are..Pathetic" Said the Shadowed Figure. The Figure Raised His Scythe As he Prepare To Delete One Sin And At That Moment One Sin heard a Voice,But it Was Differnt From the Voice he had Heard before.
"Such a Weak AI And Your Supose to be Aura's Son" The Voice Said "Unaware of Your Hidden Powers That Lie Inside That Useless Excuse for a Character" Said the Voice
"Well If I'm So PowerFul, Y Am I About to Die"? One Sin Throught to Himself"
The Voice Laughted "Well if You Wont Awaken Those Sleeping Skills...Then i must" The Voice Said
At That Moment One Sin Had Felt Something Inside of Him Awaken, Something He Had Never Felt Before
"Wha..What is This Power"? One Sin Said "Data Drain" ..Said the Voice
One Sin Awoken in a Rage,A Rage so PowerFul, It Blew Back the Enemy and Sent Him Crashing Into the Wall. One Sin Arose ,His Wound Began to Heal on its Own. "Lets Try this Again" Said One Sin And With those words He Charged Forth Into Battle.


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Oct 3, 2004
.Hack//Chaos Chapter 3

* One Sin Charged Forth In a Desperate Attack Aganist The Unknown Figure.
The Enemy Vanished once Again,But One Sin Saw Right throught His Attack, He
Drew his arm back and Swung it Across Clotheslining the enemy outta no where.
He Jumped Back Away from One Sin.

" So You Have Learned Some New Tricks Eh?" "No Tricks" Said One Sin.
With That he Charged Up Again "Data Drain!" He yelled Suddenly
He Charged Forward Striking The enemy His a Frightening blow, Sending
Him Hurlding throught The lines of Chairs. The Shadow Stood Up Weaken As One Sin Walked Toward Him. "Now Who's The Weak one?" The Figure Became Angry, Suddenly Dashed Forth Draggin Him Across the Chruch, Slamming Him into the Walk, Punching One Sin Over And Over.Until His eyes widened With Fright and He Saw One Sin Wasnt Flinched. "Wha What Are You?!" The Figure Said. One Sin smirked and Wispered To him "...H..Her Son..." Suddenly One Sin Blasted The Enemy Back With Incredible Force
With his Power."

* The Enemy Stood Up and Started To laught.."You Truely Are Her Son"
One Sin Dush Forward To finish Him off, But He vanished and Heard a Voice " I'll
Let you live for now" Said The enemy's Voice. The Sceen Went White.
The Sceen Switched Back to One Sin Who Was Limping out of the chruch, Worn out
From The Battle When Suddenly He heard a Voice yell out " So You Discovered The
Power After All Huh?" One Sin Suddenly looked Up at the roof of the Chruch to See
VirusCoreHacker Standing There Smirking as He looked Down From the Building"
One Sin rolled his eyes and Yelled " I DO NOT SPEAK WITH HACKERS!" With That He Walked Away. Vch Smiled Vanished. " Pff look at you, Saying you ate Admins and When you Act Like One" One Sin looked Back and Then Continued Walking. He Warped out.

Back At Mac Anu. One Sin Warped in And Saw Jin Standind There Aganist The Wall.
"You Ok?" Asked Jin. One Sin Smiled And Said "Yeah im Fine"
"I Would Watch Your back, Shajin is pissed, So you Better Lay low " Said Jin
One Sin Smiled and Contiuned Walking Down theStreets of Mac anu As Chracters
Talked about noob stuff and Normal Stuff. He Stoped At the Bridge and looked
over toward the River As boots Drifted and People Fished on The Sides.
He Became Bored and Deicded to Battle Some monsters Even throught His Level
And Stats Were Maxeed out. He walked toward the chaos Gate and said
"Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls" And Warped .

* One Sin Appeared In a Field in the Night Time Area He Walked Forward Toward a Portal And Encounters a Drill Idol, One Sin Drew his Weapon, Slashed At the Enemy and The Drill Idol Fell, One Sin Recieved 0 Exp Since He level was maxxed out. At That Moment One Sin Sensed Something, Walk Walked off toward the West to Check it out.
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