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Gurēsu no Hozon(An Alternate Universe Naruto rp)

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Hazen Gregory

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May 10, 2006
The ninja world has and still is full of many legends, certain myths speaking of secret clans and their dojutsu and others about powerful weapons and objects that could easily turn the tables in battle. The minds of kunoichi and male shinobi alike drove the searches for such people and the possible secrets that might have been kept by them. A single act of violation to a nameless clan, burst the ninja world into full blown war.

Treason was abundant and as war raged on this war racked the lands with more horror and bloodshed than the ninja world had ever seen. First small towns and villages were consumed for resources or information and then as time passed the carnage continued and even the major villages saw large amounts of destruction due to the fear of what might come in the future. None were safe, and in acts of fear to what might have come, many bloodlines were nearly wiped out. Power was everything and fueled the thoughts of simple minded people and the weak minds of those that followed a destructive path. These drastic and extreme acts forced the world into a state of paranoia and violence where peace was practically non-existent.

The aftermath of the war was as expected. Wide-scale loss had occurred on all sides.

A complete 360 degree change was in order as there was nearly nothing left of the world, so instead of destroy, the people began to rebuild the nations, restoring them to their former glory for the sake of a better future where there could be an actual peace. The simple use of a networking between the nations to move and trade materials and supplies was used in the restoration of the lands.

Iwagakure and Kumogakure became the two leading nations where previously Konohagakure had been more organized and powerful. Even so, this wasn’t any type of an issue as there were many close knit bonds made between the nations and the restoration to peace continued. By year eight of the rebuilding process, things were back to normal and though not perfect most of the nations quarrels were kept low key and if anything those whom hadn’t let the war out of their minds were the cause of any of the nations few larger problems as it should be obvious that a utopia can’t truly exist.

Kumo and Iwa had been further advancing their training of ninja to a step beyond what many of the other nations might have thought. Their warriors being some of the best in ninja world had to offer, whether it be for hire or for the protection of all through the minds of the people and the Tsuchikage and Raikage respectively. The last two years have been exceedingly more accelerated than the previous years in the ninja world’s new age but other problems have arisen.

Another Legend became a complete reality and this was that of the tailed beasts...

The tailed beasts have become active within the last several months and with all that has been rebuilt the influence that these creatures have could prove to be devastating. A group of figures clad in strange masks with varying special talents have been causing trouble, their motives and reasoning not yet understood. This group titles themselves the Kessui Tensai, a name that brings up hush and even fear that had been forgotten in the hearts of people.

It has yet to be ascertained if the Kissui Tensai is behind any of the appears of the beasts, but currently all nine have made an appearance.

Kurama: The Nine Tailed Fox
Gyūki: The Eight Tailed Serpent
Kokuō: The Five Tailed Wolf
Matatabi: The Two Tailed Cat
Saiken: The Six Tailed Weasel
Isobu: The Three Tailed Shark
Chōmei: The Seven Tailed Badger
Shukaku: The One Tailed Raccoon
Goku: The Four Tailed Rooster

Only three weeks after this year’s Chuunin Exams were finished in The Village Hidden in the Sand, Suna was halfway flooded by a random attack by Isobu and though damage was at a minimal the situation is certainly a serious one. With Suna having been attacked for no reason, unrest has become apparent. It seems that that the internal affairs of the nations have been disrupted because of both the Kissui Tensai and the chakra beasts appearing.

Investigations have been started with a fervor even greater than when the chakra beasts first started showing themselves as the safety of the people must come first. The upcoming months will prove to be both tedious and possibly extremely dangerous for the jounin and chuunin that are willing to either protect their countries, or help destroy them.

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Mar 6, 2007
I've been gone a while, college and whatnot, but i got a sudden urge to roleplay again.
I hope more interest is put into this, cause I'd love to be a part of a Naruto RP.
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