Gummi Ship Stats (Minor Spoilers)



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Jul 21, 2010
Hey everyone,

With the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, I've returned to once again start a new file. The last time I played, I was interested in max stats. It's been established that the maximum amount of MP Sora can have is 18 (choose staff at beginning, equip three Atlas Armlets and Ultima Weapon), 19 in Final Mix (Diamond Dust). The max hp is 111 in the original (three Gaia bangles), though I'm not sure about Final Mix (114?). In the original, you could not have max HP and MP at the same time. It might be possible in Final Mix, with Cosmic Arts, but I guess I'll find out.

Now, on to Gummi Ships! I honestly never paid much attention to Gummi Ships in previous playthroughs, but I intend to do so this time around. Unfortunately, I lack knowledge in this department. Can max stats be achieved for Gummi Ships? Or is it like the original KH, in which you were forced to choose between, for example, HP and MP?

I'm not sure if having a million guns means a slower ship, whether there are limits to the number of guns, armor, engines, etc. Youtube videos seem to commonly show ships with high PWR (blue guage) but barely any ARM (green).

Basically, I would like to make a gummi ship with max stats or close to it, but I'm not sure how it works. I suppose I'll eventually find out, but you guys have given some great input in the past. Are certain stats favorable over others? Your help would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: After playing around with gummi ships for a few hours, allow me to attempt to answer my own question, in the hopes that this will help others, mostly new players.

There's often a limit to the number of a particular gummi you can use (e.g. two Holy-G). So I suppose in order to attain max stats, you would simply use the best possible parts until you reach the limit, then add in some lesser parts. Of course, bigger and faster doesn't always mean better. In fact, for a number of missions, it would be better to have a slow, small ship, to have time to hit enemies and to better avoid obstacles. But this thread isn't about's about making a ridiculously powerful and fast ship while simultaneously disregarding the fact that this is counterintuitive to missions. Sometimes a player prefers a stupidly awesome ship just for the ability to say, "So, I just made a stupidly awesome ship." Hope this helps.

Fly happy, travelers.
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