Grimoire Of...?



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Grimoire Of...?
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Everything has stopped. Time is not moving, they all sit at chairs a dark room fastened tightly to chairs almost as if tormented. There is a stationary line of chairs holding the abuducted, each of them having a spotlight over them seeming to come from nowhere. Each of them fast asleep as the conversation has started, providing very specific details and forewarning before anything else has even started. In a brief moment we will discern and hear from what each person has to say, before we progress further into the events planned by The OmniSkill.

When I hit play, we start.


As if to say things resumed would be a bit of of an understatement. The sleeping recipients that plucked from alternate universes had all been brought to complete consciousness. This was the keeper of the book, The OmniSkill had been waiting for. Raising a hand to his chin, he scratched it eagerly, having already given them their instructions. Naturally, there was no explicit guarantee they would cooperate, but those that didn't would join the body count behind him.

The room was gray. This was what _______ called, "The Gray Area" how unoriginal, but all the effective to state that this was a mostly neutral zone within the grimoire. The shades of gray began to grow brighter, stoping at 18% gray. They could now see the chairs they were fastened to, the shackles and restraints that possessed some incredible and equally mysterious pressure that held them bound. Getting a good look at the OmniSkill as he stood now, they finally got a clear look at his face. His hand slumped over, noticeably different, he had screws protruding from out of his body, at least the size of an aluminum bat and just as thick. He didn't appear to be uncomfortable, and around him the room looked relatively comfortable with the exception of their chairs, it was the equivalent of a Rec Room in a way.

"Now that you're all awake and I have your full attention. Lets get introductions out of the way. As I said before, I am The OmniSkill, but you can also refer to me as The Keeper, Asshole, Douchebag, or Admiral Jerksauce, whatever is your preference. Your still my contraband at the end of the day, moving on. Starting one by one, introduce yourself as I in the way I described. Your statement of purpose of which includes why you think I chose you to come here, tell me about yourself...BRIEFLY, don't tell me how you were some poor farm child that had to sell their best cattle to pay rent or something droll like that. Seriously. You're also all unique, so describe to me what Your Powers are, this is to be interest of the others around you and don't cop out on exact what it is you can do, be specific or you'll regret it later on. From the top, to the bottom, lets hear what you have to say."

The Keeper folded his hands and gave a glint of cunning glimmering from his eyes as he lay in wait a the imminent bombardment of responses, defiance, panic, you name it.

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Some sort of disturbance of Ubi Ty's deepest consciousness was telling him that something was wrong. It was like a pounding of his very being, screaming out to him to wake up. 'Wake up??' Ubi's eyes snapped open, rolling around in their sockets. Ubi pondered just what the hell was happening to him. E e everything seemed so surreal. It was almost like the very fabric of Ubi Ty's existence had been altered."Wait a second. After I became the Mystic One, I don't even need to sleep. Ever!!! What was up with that odd dream?? Geez that voice was all over the place. What was his name??Omniskill, was he actually being serious??"

This was already problematic enough for Ubi. Not

only did he seem to be chained to some uncomfortable chair, there was also a very small amount of light around him. This relatively dull radiance came from overhead, it was from an ugly light swinging back and forth. He sighed, wondering if he'd somehow been drugged and didn't realize it until it was far too late. "I'm certain that should be an impossibility...but then again," Ubi looked around perplexed. "Just about anything can happen in this world. This alone proves I need to be a lot more shrewd," Ubi Ty shrugged, feeling a bit out of place talking to himself. He should have taken the Chosen One's advice.

The light from above only illuminated the area directly around the chair Ubi was stuck in. His eyes didn't wander to much more as there was nothing much to see. "Great!!! I have no idea what this is about at all." Too many things were wrong with this scenario. The last time that Ubi Ty checked he'd been on his way to a corporate job interview in Tokyo. As usual Ubi was dressed to impress. His attire consisted of pre-ironed slacks by Gucci. He also wore a dress shirt of the same brand. Ubi had thrown a colorful vest over that with some Prada loafers, just because the soles were red. Ubi was sure he'd seen absolutely nobody suspicious walking the few blocks from his apartment to the job site. What made matters even worse was the fact that Ubi didn't have ANY recollection of ANYTHING that had happened after he'd been introduced to the CEO of Liminality Games Inc.
Meeting the head of the company right away was odd in itself.

"This is just reckless, after nearly a decade somebody or something has finally caught up with me." Ubi laughed silently at his situation. For several years now the flamboyant, half Egyptian , quarter Japanese, quarter Russian knew something like this would eventually end up happening to him. Things were never as they seemed, Ubi Ty knew about this first hand. One day he'd been a normal bi-sexual 19 year old like any one else. The next thing he knew, the decision to start studying ancient Egyptian texts changed everything. One thing led to another while seeking out his heritage and eventually getting a series of cool looking tattoos became the most monumental experience Ubi could have imagined. As if it was some part of an unknown destiny, a man clad in a an all white suit wearing Prada shoes entered the same tattoo parlor Ubi was sitting in. This man nonchalantly told him about the story of Clow Reed...

This man had been a sorcerer with terrible might and magic at his disposal. He was a genius who had fused the logic of eastern and western magics together at once. Ubi couldn't even begin to understand what changes his life would have after this encounter. Ubi had unknowingly gone through life with a soul that had a wondrous affinity to magic. He'd unintentionally branded himself with an ancient manifestation of rites. These drew out the latent potential of his soul through the tattoo work he'd received, causing a force known as mana to course directly through Ubi Ty's veins. This changed his anatomy dramatically by encasing his physical being with mana to shape him into a man worthy to be called the Mystic One. Where as the Chosen One was destined to use the power of the Clow Cards to eventually become the ultimate magician , Ubi Ty had stumbled upon some different. He was chosen by a purer force much older than that which Clow Reed had discovered and mastered. "This is your true destiny. As the Mystic One, it will be your duty to travel the world and respond to spiritual and magical crisis's alike." That was what he'd been told.

In the seven years since then, Ubi had been to six of the seven continents, using his body as a conduit to absorb and purify both spiritual matter and mana that had been corrupted. In the midst of the travels Ubi discovered many new things about himself and the powers he'd obtained. The tattoos grew to respond in a progressive nature every time Ubi Ty purified a large source of corruption, increasing his overall use of mana to augment himself far beyond the possibilities of any human. Strength, reflexes, endurance, sight, resistance to magic...Ubi had it all. The ability to use himself as a conduit to the magic the tattoos manifested presented themselves in several other ways. It influenced his mind directly, allowing Ubi Ty to also use psionic abilities involving the manipulation of telekinetic energy and the esoteric side of several of the elements. These abilities came with his title, Ubi made sure he practiced them frequently to tune his direction of mana as if it were an extension of his own body. He'd grown powerful, being able to use his mind to cause quite a bit of damage if the situation called for it or defend and heal those in need should he need to.

"This is ridiculous, I'd think one of those cute twinks I saw the other day at that club was up to this but damn." Ubi sighed, he wasn't able to pull apart the chains, much less manipulate his own personal mana to blast himself from bondage, or even levitate the chair. "I'm powerless??" He was trying everything at this point but nothing was working. Even his mana blade was out of commission. He was completely unable to do anything involving his abilities. "This has got to be the work of some top tier demons or worse if they have my powers all barred. Who even has the ability to do such a thing??" It would be even more random if somehow the government had been keeping tabs on Ubi and somehow managed to capture him.

Ubi scowled, chewing on his bottom lip as he muttered to himself. "Whoever is doing this really could have some better manners. I mean come on!!! You screw with my powers, play with my head, leave me in the dark and don't even say a word!?!?!" Ubi relaxed a bit in the chair and smiled. It'd be a plus for Ubi if he could at least see if his captor was sexy or not..."At least show me something..."

It was that same second Ubi Ty realized each and everything he'd just thought about had occured in the same three to five seconds after being pulled out of a sleep caused by the man who'd really been in his dream. It was all coming back in fragments. As the lights came on, Ubi stared blankly at a being he was afraid to even try and comprehend. His words for both this being and the other chaired and chained individuals were legitimate...

"What is this?? Show and tell?!?!? You already know EVERYTHING I should be able to do already. That's a given since you somehow power raped us all." Ubi moved his eyebrows back and forth to relieve an itch before continuing. "I might as well be defiant. I'm not saying shit!!! All of you can bow before Mr. Omega's greatness. I refuse!!!
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Blinking her eyes a few times, the young girl stirred and let out a short yawn. It was dark, kinda, but she could tell she wasn't entirely alone. Her head still swam with a mix of confusion and a sense of lullness. What was the last thing that had happened? She vaguely remembered reorganizing her cards into the Sakura book and deciding to take a nap afterward. But...this wasn't a dream. At least, she was mostly sure of it.

An all too familiar voice seemed to confirm it.

She couldn't move too much, but she would recognize that defiant voice anywhere. What was he doing here? Well, the better question was what was she doing here, but that seemed to be because of this...Omniskill guy. She blinked a few times again as she took a good look at him. His face reminded her of one she had seen in a book somewhere. Kinda handsome, but a bit unsettling, she couldn't exactly put her finger on it.

" name is Ai. Ai Li. I'm not very interesting but I think I'm here because of my succession to the Sakura Cards." She spoke, her voice rather chipper despite the circumstances. She seemed to be thinking a bit as she spoke, choosing her words carefully so as to fufill The Omniskill's request. "To be honest, the Cards have all the power. Well, that's not exactly true, it's more like half and half. Uh, you see, each Card has a different ability, Do I need to explain them all? Well, I can activate their power with my staff--uh, the staff is resting, it's the necklace I'm wearing right now. I mean, I guess my magic isn't entirely bound to just the Cards, but to be honest I've never really tried to do other stuff. That's pretty much it."

Was she talking too much? Probably.

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"Where the hell am I?" The young teen opened his eyes to visualization of the grey room.

Kriess stared at the man that spoke to the group of people. His name was Omniskill apparently but he talked way to slow for Kriess. The words of the man weren't honestly crossing his mind so much as what the hell happened the night before for him to get caught. Thoughts of running across the country-side with Barry Allen scoured the pits of his memories. Just what could have went wrong to get him caught and placed in such an obscure room? Was it DarkSeid? Maybe this wasn't a villain's doing.

OmniSkill's explanation was vague to say the least and it caused him to question everything even more. There was also the fact that he was shackled in chains to a chair, unable to activate his powers to escape. Vibration of his molecules would have been a very handy skill to come by at a time like this so instead he just listened to those around him talk about their powers. These were "interesting" individuals to say the least but hey....the girl was cute.

"Interesting power. Sounds slow." His words crept at a slower pace than Kriess preferred simply for the fact that if you weren't a Speedster then you were not keeping up. His eyes locked on to OmniSkill so to give his own paragraph on the abilities that lived within himself. "Welp if you must know. The name is Kriess Lafayette. I am connected to the Speed Force, a dimension that is composed of complete speed in an energy-based form so to speak. It's not really energy to be serious. It's...well....different. Just know I can use to run faster than jets, vibrate my molecules for a few seconds, and even run in space. It is REALLY COOL!" Kriess was having way more fun with this than the others in the room.
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Zume Tatasuko
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Darkness abiding, lids shut, and a world of silent dreaming. He had been taken, this much he knew. He knew by whom, though he did not know who the man truly was. His outermost layer slumbered, as it had been effected the most by whatever method had put them to sleep. However, beneath the surface persona laid the second layer, and its thoughts buzzed about, attempting to ascertain the entirety of the situation even before they had awoken.

The body was asleep, the surface mind unconscious, and they were bound. More worrying was the lack of their counterpart, Kōkei-sha, but he could surely be located latter. Regardless, the more pressing matter related to gaining a greater understanding of his situation, not to mention waking up.

As if on cue, Zume was allowed to wake, his eyes opened, only to be met by the semi-darkness of the grayscale room. His suspicions were confirmed, he was indeed captured, held by mysteriously effective bindings that attached to the rather uncomfortable chair he had been situated in. While he did not wonder how the man who called himself Omniskill had managed to extricate him from the soul society, nor how he had managed to subdue him, he did wonder how his abilities were being entirely suppressed. Well, almost all his abilities, afterall, few, if any, could ever dull the powers of his greatest weapon.

His mind continuing to process his surroundings and the many possibilities of his situation, Zume noticed the dim room begin to brighten, though he could not see the origin of the light that caused it. Glancing only with his eyes 'round the table that his chair sat before, he saw the others who he had figured might be there. The Omniskill's words in the dream had seemed too general to be aimed at only him, not to mention the fact that he had been able to hear their breathing even while his surface persona slept. Of course, they were of little interest for the moment, despite their myriad appearances and strange energetic signatures. The only one in the room who drew his attention for the moment was the Omniskill, who now proclaimed once more that they were to state their purpose and abilities for all to hear.

A small smirk formed on his features, his head tilted slightly and he chuckled. A few others made their own replies, but all the while he remained more or less silent, listening to their words and storing any relevant information for observation in both the present and the future. "You capture us, restrain us completely through unknown means, stripping us of both power and freedom. You give no explanation as to why, or how, we truly came to be here, yet you expect so much explanation. Plainly you have read into each of us enough to not only know how to restrain us, but to intimately know our capabilities and general mandate. In fact, you even managed to invade our sleep, a sleep you apparently brought about, to vaguely explain the situation." The shinigami then laughed once more, a small part of him making a connection with his other half, his counterpart, his zanpakuto.

"I am here," his sword spirit iterated calmly in his mind, assuring his counterpart that he had indeed come along for the trip. Zume's smile did not alter, in fact he did not even blink to acknowledge the presence of the spirit, though the being's presence was largely undetectable anyways. "So to you I will politely refuse to explain myself and instead ask that you do so. Afterall, you are plainly the most mysterious individual in the room." At this he promptly quieted down, closed his eyes, and let his smile remain calmly on his serene features.

Beneath the surface of his visage there however raged an ever present turmoil. If he had not been in complete control of it, one ought to think that Zume's innermost workings represented a constant identity crisis to which their was no end. Still, as his any persona ran probabilities, each analyzing an individual who had made a response to the situation, the core of Zume remained ever silent, calm, and observant of it all. Even these uncertain circumstances had no effect on the immovable observer buried deep within Zume's psyche. For while the workings of the world went on, the observe simply watched and took in all that those outside saw and gave to its outer layers. It had no wish to act and thus had no reason to react either.

"It is fortunate that you are, my friend," Zume responded belatedly to the spirit's statement. "Yes, I believe, just as you do, that it would be unfortunate if we were split. I am not sure we would survive apart, we are of one soul afterall."

Mukō Kōkei-sha, that was the name of Zume's other half, the spirit that represented, and was, his zanpakuto. His breathing even, Zume quickly scanned his form, using only his sense of touch, to see just what he had been allowed to keep. He was met by a welcome surprised, as one of his inventions appeared to be on his person, though it appeared unable to activate for the moment. How unfortunate, he mused, but no matter, that could be dealt with another time.

It was too bad that the man had confiscated his other invention, it would have been invaluable in such a situation. Regardless, he was grateful that he had not been deprived of the Shōjō gyōretsu, as it allowed his sword spirit to manifest physically, which he figured was, in a way, another valuable asset.

Still, while he was not worried, Zume found that it was a difficult situation that had been laid out before him. Luckily, the Omniskill had not deprived him of power, but simply blocked it so as to disallow him from using it...for the moment. So while he waited, the void would writhe in all its endless glory, unseen by many, untouched by most, but feared by those who had been pitted against it. When the time came, and the opportunity presented itself, Zume would make his move. It would be sufficiently calculated, for all his actions were meditated upon prior to their occurring, lest he misstep and be conquered by the embrace of death.

For that was his power: the power of the Void. This power was bound to his zanpakuto, a blade that was as much a part of him as his own body for it was in fact part of his soul. It was this blade, through its release of shikai and bankai, that he could make manifest the void into reality. From there it was simply a matter of manipulating the substance to his will. Of course this was not his sole ability, though it was certainly his strongest. He also possessed prowess in regards to matters of the sword, of movement (in regards to speed) not to mention his impressive abilities in the fields of science. Lastly were his skills in kido, the shinigami art of spellcasting, more or less.

While these were all certainly important, they all paled in comparison to his greatest weapon: his mind. While depriving him of the aforementioned would certainly be unfortunate he would fare just fine as long as his mind remained untouched, and on this he counted.​
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