Greatly improved attack stat, but no visible change?



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Apr 21, 2015
So, let me tell you a story.

Yesterday in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, I was grinding my way up to level 100 in that lovely hotel grinding spot in Traverse Town.
When I hit something around level 80, I suddenly realized I was able to one-hit the Search Ghosts and Dark Balls, and now only needed two hits for the Wizards and Defenders instead of three. I noticed a little boost of the damage I was dealing per hit - even though when I leveled up, my 攻撃力 (attack power) didn't change. I think I had an attack stat of 52 or 54.

Then today, I finally crafted Ultima Weapon, and also took some Attack Ups and put on some ring which gave me quite a bit of attack power. Altogether, I managed to rise my attack power by 16 units. I thought this would be enough to finally one-hit the Wizards. Previously with my 50-ish ATK, the first hit would still leave maybe like 3 millimeters of health bar, so with 68 ATK this should take care of the rest. Or so I thought, but ... there is no change at all. Visually, I still deal the exact same amount of damage, both to the Wizards and the Defenders (and every other Heartless), and the first hit still leaves the same small amount of health.

How can that be? Is there a special way how the damage calculation works in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix? Why did my damage go up when I leveled up, even though the ATK stat didn't change? And why am I not dealing any more damage now that I improved my ATK stat so significantly?

I mean, sure, the Ultima Weapon looks pretty cool, but it seems like it isn't actually any more useful than my previous Keychain, Last Resort.

So what can I do to improve my damage? I assume if I can't deal more damage than 20 levels earlier to small Heartless, then I probably won't kill Bosses any faster either (which was one of the effects I hoped my grinding for EXP and items for Ultima Weapon would yield)...
What the hell is wrong with the game mechanics?? ;(
(I'm playing on Normal Mode / Final Mix Mode.)


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Sep 26, 2008
I heard somewhere that some enemies have a "damage cap"
Maybe this is what the cause is?