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Help/Support ► Girl issues again

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Nov 12, 2006
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Well this is the same girl whos dating the ganster from Baloit. Anyway we stopped talking for a while. And just recently she started talking to me again. But i think she probably asumed that i liked her and shes trying to find out if i do. Anyway wenever we talk she always asks me questions like, "Do you like-" and its mostly along the lines of somthing she's wearing. So what do you guys think shes up to. I mean ive seen her talking to her boyfriend less and less. Also she started this when I started hanging out w/ some girls more. Do you think she's jelous? (god i hope thats the case:D!)

Well the second part of the problem is how do i go about finding out wat the deal is. I mean i dont want her suspicious or anything so yea...

haha well since I don't know what you're talking about and I'm very intrgued by your story, I'll try to give you some pointers.

Well first off, she's dating a gangster. lmao so that could be a problem. It sounds like she's wants to make a move, but since she's in a relationship with a "ganster" she could be scared to be with you and really might like but doesn't know how to tell you since she scared of of the ganster.... lol

Or she could be messing with and like you said she knows that you like her and might like to you to be her boy toy. If this is the case, you should get over her becuase she's probably not any good.

But my advice for you is to, like you boys like to say to each other, "grow a pair" and ask her if she likes you. That way, you start stressing about it. You (and assuming she is around the same age) are only 13 you shouldn't have to be worrying about gangsters and heartbreaks.

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