Film ► Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance (2012) vs. Ghost Rider (2007)

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Jun 25, 2009
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I just saw Ghost Rider SoV yesterday and it was absolutely terrible. The first one wasn't very good to begin with, though it was pretty entertaining, imo, even if from a more objective standpoint it wasn't very good. I'd give the first one a 5.5/10, it's extremely mediocre, but it has some awesome stuff in it at least. Peter Fonda was an epic Mephisto, Sam Elliot stole every scene he was in, the music was surprisingly awesome, as you can hear here:

Hilariously, Ghost Rider the Spirit of Vengeance lacks every single thing that the first movie did pretty well. None of the music was memorable at all, and the camera was the most spaztastic camera that I have ever seen. It never stopped shaking and shaking... it was terrible. They completely forget about anything that the first film established as well. The flashback from the second one tries to show us how he made the deal and it was completely wrong about almost everything. They renamed Mephistopholes/Mephisto/The Devil into Roarke for some reason, and the Penance Stare isn't like it was in the first one at all.

Overall the second one is just hilarious in it's badness. It makes the first film look like a masterpiece in comparison.

On a related note, does anyone think that Ghost Rider might have been more well received if it weren't for just a few problems? Honestly, the problems it has are pretty major, like how terrible Blackheart and his gang are. I saw a picture of them again and they looked like a group of Twilight rejects lol. It should have just focused on Mephistopholes since Peter Fonda was an absolutely fantastic choice for him. The other problem is the inconsistent tone that it has. Sometimes it wants to be dark, and other times it wants to be cheesy and stupid (FTR the second one does this even worse than the first one). I did love the western/supernatural theme that it had when it wasn't being cheesy, so it's disappointing that they opted to make it have so many "hilarious" parts in it when it should have remained serious.
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