getting back in the groove - any advice for a player new to UX?


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vincent valentine shill
Mar 7, 2010
if the reg date on my profile tells you anything, i've been here too long. to any of my old fellows who are still around, henlo again

i've finally downloaded KH: union X. it's my first contact with KH media since i first watched a playthrough of DDD, like five years ago - any experienced players have advice for a relative rookie?


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Jul 22, 2009
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I just started up Union X myself about 2 weeks ago, so here's my findings.

-Vulpes is the best Union so join that one.
-Eventually, you'll have to do all quests (700+) but you can join play Union Cross to level up fast! (I hit level 200 in just a couple rounds)
-Find a good party to give you good medal support
-Definitely update to 3.0.0 so you can play the Classic Kingdom games
-Save jewels wisely! You start with a nice sum, but save them for good events
-New events happen weekly (I think), but they'll be quite hard to complete as a beginner (lvl 1000+ quests are stupid hard)
-Avatar coins ARE important. They help you get Cost points, which in the long run allows you to evolve your medals. Evolved medals have a higher Cost points so be careful before you evolve.
-GEMS ARE important. You can get them from weekly events and special quests. They are needed to max out keyblades after lvl 26.
-There is not a tier list for medals apparently. Some medals are better than others despite having similar or same stats (like attack bonuses) so observe the stats closely.

And that's all I really know as a noob. I got up to the 200+ quests in 2-3 weeks. Once you hit Union Cross a bunch of times, everything is cake walk until you start getting to the 300-400 quests apparently.