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~Full Metal alchemist:New Generation~~

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Storyline "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth."

That Is what two brothers believed, Edward and Alphonse Elric are two small youths who practice It on a daily basis. Being alchemist they would compete for their mother's attention off her dearly departed Father who abandoned them at a young age.

Soon, the boy’s mother fell sick from and unknown illness and died. After their mother's death, the two boys decided to attempt to revive their deceased her by studying with a teacher and learning from their fathers books. After successfully, finding the information they then perform a Human transmutation. However, the transmutation failed costing Edward Elric his leg and his brother his entire body. In a desperate attempt to save his brother, Edward sacrificed his right arm to channel his brother's soul to a suit of armor.

Injured, and both traumatized by his fate and his brother in a suit of armor his lost limbs are engaged to Auto-mail. Edward then sets out to become a State Alchemist, to find info that will allow him to restore their bodies. Accomplishing his goal he is thus the birth of the State Alchemist known as "Full Metal alchemist"

The brothers then embark on a journey and learn more of alchemy as well as more of its secrets. As well as the Great Alchemy amplifier, the Philosopher Stone and those who seek it. The Homunculus, a group of hideous beings born by the ritual of a failed Human Transmutation. Like Ed and his brother they seek the Philosopher stone but to become human and because of their different ideals lead to several confrontations between the two groups.

It is only until the Philosopher Stone is created that the real battle begins. Many alliances are broken, and more truths revealed. When down to the Final battle does It involve not only the Homunculi but the Military as of the entire country of Ametris.Everyone struggling and at the same time dying to seek the one thing that has been a problem for four years: The truth.

Edward goes to the center of Central to seek out his little brother only to be struck down. With his brother dead Alphonse uses the power of the Philosopher Stone to bring his brother back from the dead, though disappears in the process. Resurrected Edward decides to transmute himeslf risking everything to bring his body back from the gate resembling what he used to be.

After the long battle had ended It was almost as If it didn't happen. Because of the Fuhrer's disappearance new government was quickly formed. In the end the military passed It's authority over to the Parliament who offered new laws for all Exiles to be excepted into Central and any other countries.Alphonse was successfully transmuted but lost memories of his journey with Ed when he was placed in the armor, while Winry desperately waited for his return.

On the other side of the Gate Ed was stuck in another world our world which was called "Earth" in Munich Germany the year 1924,but because he was there Alchemy no longer existed and parallel counter parts of his friends back in his world. Promising to reunite with his brother, while researching rocketry to find him one day.

As times pass becomes one of the known figures In history struggling to find his brother and at the same attracting himself to danger. Edward becomes caught up with the Thule Society who apart of the Nazi party and wish to discover Ed's world Hagaren in order to live in prosperity.

However, Ed interferes with their plans at the same time and manages to discover his brother still alive. But his happiness Is short-lived as the Thule Society manages to make their way to the Edwards world where a war is raging against Ametris and the Thule Society.

He meets with his brother and familiar faces and fights side by side. In the end however, he tragically goes back to close the gate way between both worlds forever. Stuck on the otherside of the gate otherwise known as "Earth" Edward and Alphonse know the truth: " This is our world now.

Marrying a girl similar his auto-mail mechanic With the same last name of his Auto-mail mechanic and love Winry Rockbell.Both strong-willed and at the same time timid and very open about her feelings for Edward. The two then had three children similar to Ed and Alphonse when they were children.

100 years later

In the year 2006 Edward Is now an old man nothing but a shell of once he used to be. With his brother M.I.A ever since the war, he has assumed him day, and has since gone with his family to live in Tokyo alone. However, a fragment of his family still exists on the Earth. Such as his grandchildren, who have an interest in Alchemy from his world and resembling his own children.

With resemblance also comes personality, with the two boys who look similar to Ed and Alphonse, and practice It and look to their Grandfather Ed for praise. But instead, are scolded for Disobeying.

The entire generation, as he knows is a repeat of his own world, with Alchemical activities being shown through out the country. Real-world alchemists tried to transmute gold from lesser metals. In the world alchemy becomes the science of transmuting matter into different matter through the use of transmutation circles -- based on real-world science, yet also magical, with seemingly infinite uses.

With the world once again being overrun by the world of Alchemy again, a great disturbance is beginning once again. One that pits Philosophy against the truth.

. Put “Equivalent Exchange” at the top of your template and “Law of Conservation” underneath It to show you’ve read the rules.
.No godmodding or power-playing obviously
.No spamming or one lining
.Be literate
.Swearing and Romance must be PG-13
.No flaming
.Let us know when your leaving
. No originals (Descendants are cool)
. Follow Morpheaus's rules and regulations
.You will be kicked out If you fail to follow the rules
. No Machine gun posting
.No killing off another person unless you have their permission(and proof)
.Post daily
.Most importantly. Put a smile on! (Sings Mcdonalds put a smile on song)
. Have fun


Alchemy type:

Name: Joshua Elric
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Alchemy type: Light
Weapon(s): Fist and feet
Personality: Josh Is somewhat Hot-headed,and can lose his temper very quickly. Along side that he is Hot-headed,mischievous,Happy-go-lucky,loud-mouthed,naive, and over dramatic.He can sometimes be calm but will flip out when called short Josh is very laid back when he's not working and kind, although he can hold a grudge for a long time and go to extreme lengths to get an apology. He is care-free as well,and shows little concern for school and will either listen to music or skip school.

Bio:Joshua is, in short, a popular kind of guy.He Is your typical everyday High school student who likes to show off alot. Confident, impulsive, happy-go-lucky but often hot-tempered, stubborn, and never afraid to say what's on his mind. He acts predominantly on feelings and emotions and is always ready to do anything for his friends.

He hates his grandpa because he is always scolded by him, and loves to eat as well as getting into street fights.He lives with his mother and his little brother and sister.When he witnessed his Grandpa execute Alchemy he had become infatuated with learning It and becoming similar to his grandfather at the same age of him.

Despite the warnings of his grandfather he continues to refuse to listen and continue on with his Alchemy.However,one day his mother falls ill from an overdose of Heroin and dies.Struck with grief he goes out of his way to try and bring her back.

With failure after time and time again he looks through his Grandfather's research notes and performed a human transmutation.However, the results of the human transmutation were tragic as he lost his right arm.Angered and saddened by the fact his mother wouldn't come back he verbally abused the otherside of the gate and It's residence and lost his right leg too.

Afraid of angering his grandfather he ran towards his sister for help so she'd give him Auto-mail,which he hid from others so he doesn't look sucpicious.Joshua tries to find the best way to restore his missing limbs.
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Equivalent Exchange

Can I join please

Name:Trace Aerins




Alchemy type:He uses and ype of alchemy and also creates his own sometimes when random stuff is happening or you learns one.

Weapon(s): He mostly uses alchemy but he sometimes uses his fist and feet. He can also make any type of weapon that he wants mostly.

Personality:Trace's moods change with what is going on. He can be happy one moment and the next he could be quiet. He doesn't always talk but he sometimes likes to fight. He doesn't always do bad stuff unless there isn't much going on or he is bored.

Bio:Trace doesn't go to school and his mom died and he has never seen his father so ever since that day he has been trying to find his father. He doesn't really doesn't have anything to care about except the necklace his mom gave him when he was young. He does whatever it takes when he wants to do something. He always wears the necklace and never takes it off. It is the only thing in his life right now. Trace became a state alchemist when he was 14. He really doesn't have a name yet but sometimes he is called the Solitary Alchemist because of what happens. He has really never killed somebody but he has gone full out but somebody had to stop him.

Trace wants to find his father badly so that he could love him again ir kill him because he left out on his family and if he didn't his mom could still be alive. Trace has used a alchemy which had made him like this trying to bring back his mom. He didn't get hurt on the outside but rather on the inside. If something gets in his way he doesn't care what he has to do to get passed it. Trace wants to care for something or somebody and talk to them but he can't do that and he already knows. Trace had topped everybody with his alchemy ad den hve to use a circle. He is unique in whatever he does. Nobody knows how he fights because he can change the way he fights. he is very respected since he is a state alchemist. Trace has stolen stuff before and has seen things people will never see in their life. He has gone on been in a war before and lived but got a mark on his back and got injured. Nobody knows about it and the mark will never go away and he gets hurt more and more after he uses to much alchemy in one fight.

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Damn. I would join this, but it is a little too spoiler filled for me. I am only up to chapter 50 something in the manga. Hope it goes well, though.

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Equivalent Exchange
Name:Adam Lynch
without the headband
Alchemy type:Fire
Weapon(s):Katana shown in picture
Personality:*willl edit later*
Bio:*will edit later*
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“Equivalent Exchange”

Name: Riylee Timiapay((eh...she looks like Alphonse!but shes a girl!and she has blue eyes!WHOOT!but you said they had to be boys so I have to have your perrmission to change her last name to Elric.Right now I'm staying with Timaipay untill i have your approval!))

Age: 15

Gender: Female


((I drew the picture...just didn't feel like drawing her auto mail arm....*sigh*...lol))

Alchemist: Metalic Alchemist

Weapon: Her Alchemy And Right Automail Arm.

Personality: Riylee is one of those people who's personality change quickly.She can be happy and hyper one minute and sad and depressed the next.She dosen't like being called a pushover which concluds to her role as a lutinette in the Millitary.She dosen't go to the wars and all the stuff, she works as a head Alchemist keeping the place in order.She loves playing around and messing with people that she trusts.But she is most cautious with meeting new people.Riylee is a very shy and is mostly about keeping to herself.

Bio: Two Years ago ,Riylee set out on a adventure thing.She was always stuck in their home town and wanted more exitment.Her Family was made up of three kids and two parents.Her younger brother ,Joeie wanted too go along with them.It was to dangerouse her parents told him.She left their home town soon enought.What their soon 'CALLED' adventure turned into a jorney.Riylee ended up lossing her right arm in an accident caused by a Butcher knife and a drunken cheif.Good thing she found an automailist that lived down the road.She soon found out she was born with what she got heirtiaged from her father.Alchemy.She found out how to use it in ways that were useful.Riylee...was diffrent.Instead of using a transmultation circle, Riylee could preform Alchemy with out a tranmutation circle.Riylee was disscovered by the Millitary and was givin a degree as a State Alchemist at the age of 12.Riylee became a full fleged Alchemist in the Millitary.She made new friends and new enemys.But one more thing awaits her...What is it?

Riylee is now 15 and is more willing than ever.She still has auto mail and is 2nd lutinnet in the Millitary.Riylee knows something is waiting.She just can't place for finger on it.She belives that Alchemy is the second reason she always accives in life.she is very skilled at Alchemy.She always knew that Alchemy was gifted to her.She wishes to use it in the right ways for the rest of her life.Riylee....DayDreamer...True Beliver...Unprdictible...and so much More.

Law of Conservation
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Equivalent Exchange


Name: Dreklahemesh Freigorn
Age: 18
Gender: male
except the circle in the middle of the tatto is red, and the outer pieces are silver.
Alchemy type: Blood
Weapon(s): A thin rapier, and a pair of gloves that have knuckles imbedded in them.
Personality: Quiet and passive agressive, Dreklahemesh, or Drek for short is not someone to mess with.
Bio: A young artist with a dream of being the greatest artist in the world, Drek was born into the wrong family. Being the youngest of six rough and tumbling children, he was expected to become a wrestler, football, lacrosse or hockey player. After finding a book on alchemy, Drek decided to use his entire family as his sacrifice to give him incredible alchemy ability. After slaughtering his entire family and almost destroying his right hand, Drek was wracked with grief. For almost three months, he wandered aimlessly until a mysterious man found him and began to teach him how to use his power over blood. After being told the story of the legendary Elric family, Drek began to search for them, ready to kill and take their blood for his own alchemic power.

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.......................Thank you very much for spoling all my show...i was at the episode 49,and you had to spoil the end......Thank you very much....Il just report this....

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Damn right, I said Eqiuvalent Exchange white boy!


Name:Sky Ortiz

Alchemy type:Sound
Rip:A black glove on his hand.This glove has a red metalic circle on the palm area which constantly lets out cold air.By changing air, and shifting near by sound particles Sky is able to amplifly, any sound to make it high or low to damage the ear.Also if focused enough he can coat his fist in sound to blow devastating attacks.This sound is somewhat of a poison to the body.
Dream Eater:A large scythe.He tosses a peice of black titanium to the ground and uses alchemy on it to create a black scythe.
Drifting:A high speed, fighting style which involves high speed sliding around and enemy, sending powerful attacks to simple weak spots.
Eva:An simple bunny, created by strange alchemic powers.The bunny allows Sky to double his alchemic powers tenfold.
Personality:Sky is your typical bad-ass mood swinger kinda guy.One minute he could be hyper, next he could be funny, then stupid, then tough, then cocky, and then lazy.Strange huh?
Bio:....What do i say here?xD P.S. If I must, pm me Fuzzeh.

Law of Conservation.Wait, Law Of What?
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