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Szayel Aporro

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Apr 22, 2008
Alright. This is a one shot story made by MasterofShadow and I.
Let's just say... Marluxia, Axel and Saix go on a mission to the jungle.

Marluxia grumbled as trudged down the dark halls of the castle. He was assigned to another mission accept this time with the two men he hated more than anything. Axel and Saix. Axel was always the hot-headed punk who drove him crazy and Saix was always the kiss up to Mr. Bossman whom he also hated. He arrived in a room with other two standing waiting for him to arrive.

Axel folded his arms over his chest. "Hmph" He said, turning his head, with his tongue out. He couldn't stand Marluxia or Saix. They were annoying, Saix didn't know how to have fun and Marluxia's idea of fun was gardening. He began to walk towards the exit. "Well, let's go."

"You three are to investigate this mysterious island. Apprently there's some sort of curse on it created by a magical crystal held by the navitives. I want you three to retreive it and bring it to me." Xemnas order.

Axel sighed and waved his hand. "I got it... I got it." He said, not stopping in his tracks.

Saix opened a portal which he stepped into followed by Axel then Maruxlia. They suddenly fell into a vast ocean which was very odd considering they should have landed on the land.

Axel, who couldn't swim, began to panic. He waved his arms up and down as if he could fly. He tried to keep his head above the water, and screamed. "I can't swim! LAND! I NEED LAND!" He exclaimed, 'drowning'.

Marluxia smacked Axel on the back head standing up. Saix rolled his eyes then shook his head.
"Come on, let's get this over with." Marluxia sighed trudging onto shore with his soaked coat dragging him down.

"Oww!" Axel exclaimed as Marluxia's hand came in contact with Axel's head. He stood up and began to walk to land. Axel was a 'fire' not like his comrade, Demyx. Him and wetness didn't go together very well. He rung out his uniform and sighed, feeling annoyed. He stared at the island ahead of him. "Oh, how lovely." he said, sarcastically.

"What's wrong with islands? They have the loveliest plants to control." Marluxia smiled darkly.

"Fire eating plants..."

Axel shuddered and crossed his arms. "Yeah, plants that will suck your head off." He replied, crudely. His foot had finally reached the sand and he sighed, with releif. The redhead sat down and tried to catch his breath. "There isn't anything to do here, so let's just get the thing and get out." He said.

Saix scoffed.
"It's not going to be that easy. Look."
Saix pointed to the top of the forest covered mountain. "It's at the top of that mountain and our powers don't work."

Axel covered his face in his hands and moaned. The last sentence caught him though. "WHAT?! We can't use our powers? Man, you have GOT to me kidding me." He stood up and tried to summon his weapon. Of course, it didn't work. "darn."

"What do you think that crystal does?!" Saix snapped.
Marluxia snorted. He liked it when Axel got yelled at.

Axel quickly turned his head and glared at Marluxia. "Bleeh. I'll get one of those plants that eat people and see how you like them THEN." Axel was filled with annoyance. The two people he hated most, how long was this going to take?

Marluxia silently started trudging up the mountain. The sooner they find that crystal the sooner they could leave. But it would be easy.

Axel followed Saix and Marluxia through the rain forest up the mountain. The Flurry of Dancing Flames had always been good with speed so he started to sprint up the way. Soon, he got tired and his pace slowed down.

Marluxia felt right at home. He knew every plant; which to aviod and which would be good for food if they would unforturenately have to stay. Axel starting catching up but the humidity grew too intense and slowed him down. Then they came to a rickedy old rope bridge.
"Well only one way across." Marluxia said looking down at the twohundred foot drop into a raging river.

Axel laughed as he imagined Marluxia falling down into the deep pit that led to rapids. He scratched the back of his head. "Who wants to go first?" He asked, not willing to do it himself.

"Age before beuty and you're the youngest now go!" Marluxia snapped.

Axel shook his head. "I have the rest of my life, I say the oldest go first. He had his chance." He said, motioning towards Saix.

"You've lived long enough." Saix growled. "Besides, we're nobodies, nobody would care."

The redhead glared at Mr. Second-in-command. "Hmph, Fine. Looks like, I'll never have a life. I can still get a chick to fall in love with ME, can't I?" He joked, pressing one foot on the bridge. 'CREEEK' The bridge shook, Axel closed his eyes, swearing he was already be dead. "...Heh, no problem." He said, trying to keep his cool,

Marluxia pushed Axel foreward knowing his fear of heights and creeky things. Saix followed. The bridge sway deadly from side to side, each step increasing the threat of breaking. Suddenly a loud crack echoed the ravine and the next thing Marluxia knew, Axel was dangling by a cracking board.

Axel screamed, petrified. "SOMEONE! HELP ME! I'M NOT READY TO DIE!" He yelled, grabbing on for his life. His whole life spent as a nobody flashed before his life. He tried his best to keep his grip. "I don't have all dayy."

Maruxia debated whether watching his enemy die or saving him. But Saix was standing behind him and would probably tattle to the Superior if he let him fall. He jumped over to the other side of the hole and grab Axel's arm. Saix grabbed the other the one and now Axel dangled two hundred feet above his death by his two enemies.

"Don't look down." Axel repeated to himself, he tried to pull himself up, not really getting himself anywhere. "I swear, if you drop me, I will come back from the dead and kill you." He said, still shaking. His eyes lingered down below him and he saw the river, covered with rocks. Big. sharp. pointy. rocks.

Then worst of all their fears commenced. The bridge couldn't support their weight and the whole thing cracked sending the three nobodies into the river of sharp, pointy rocks.

Axel got into a fetal position and hugged his knee's tightly. "I had a great life. Even though I never did, I always kinda liked you guys!" He yelled, buring his face into his knees.

Marluxia could see Axel talking but couldn't hear a word. The next thing he heard was a dull splashing. He couldn't see. His vision was too blurred and his body too weak from the fall to control where he was going. He only hoped he would surivie to see Larxene one more time.

Axel closed his eyes as he felt water cover his entire body. He wanted to at least beat Demyx in guitar hero before he died. He opened his eyes, and felt a great burning. He was alive! He sprung to the top and gasped, taking in all the air he could get. Though, the rapids weren't getting any slower.

Marluxia washed up on a shore a few feet from where they had fell. He was exhausted from trying to swim and laid on the sandy shore, for once not caring about his lush pink locks. Then drifted to sleep.

Axel swam towards shore and hung onto a tree, it seemed to save him as he pulled himself onto land. His head hit the ground, hard, but there was nothing more painful than that fall. He tried to look for Saix, but couldn't see him.

Saix was having the hardest time reaching the surface. He had smashed his head into a rock and the wound was now bleed profusely. Swimming was impossible. So he could do nothing else other than let the river take him where it would.

Axel saw something blue poke his head above the water, surrounded by red. He didn't know what to do, he began to run towards his co-worker and waved his arms frantically.

Saix popped up for a brief moment to see Axel waving his arms but slipped back under. His head hurt too much to do anything.

Axel held his breath, and looked around quickly. He ran faster and dived into the water, knowing they wouldn't make it. He grabbed onto Saix's hair and yanked it back towards the shore. Bubbles began to come up from Axel's mouth, his oxygen was almost gone. He burst from the water and grabbed Saix's collar, pulling him towards the shore.

Saix could feel someone dragging him out of the water but couldn't wake to see who. He head hurt but he could feel everything. Like he could feel someone wrap something around his bleeding head. He could feel himself beind laid down in something soft and he could feel warmth of a nearby fire.

Axel sat near his own made fire with his arms crossed, his hair style had been ruined. His long locks of redhair now dropped over his face, covering his angry expression. He stared at Saix, who wasn't getting any better. Then, Marluxia crossed his mind. Where was he? He looked at Saix then stood up. "I'll be right back." He began to search for the pink-haired flower lover.

Marluxia sat on distant bank, hugging his soaked knees. He was cold and wet and had no idea where he was.
"If I didn't save the red headed punk, I might be safe and dry now." He fumed.

Axel began walking further into the shore when he found a figure, sitting, dripping wet. He smiled and sped his pace. "Oh, too bad... you're not dead yet. I got fire. Come with me." He said, waiting for Marluxia's response

Marluxia hated being talked down to but by Superiors orders they had to stay together. He followed Axel up the bank to where Saix was fast asleep.
"Jeesh, what happened to him?"

"Err, he bumped his head." Axel replied. He lifted up the bandage on his head to see his wound healing the slightest bit. "It's a pretty nasty gash. I felt like puking when I saw it." He said, pointing to his mouth, in a gagging motion. "But he should be fine."

"Great." Marluxia mumbled under his breath.
He sat down in front of the fire and stared into's fiery heart.
"Looks like we'll be staying here for the night." Marluxia stated with regret in his tone.

Axel sighed and nodded. "Yep. Unfourtunately." He replied, he threw another stick into the fire and scooted closer to it. "At least we have some warmth." Axel said, listening to the sound of silence.

Marluxia curled into a ball and drifted to sleep. He wished so much to be back at the castle and to be back with his love. He and Larxene had started a secret relationship trhat none of the other members knew about. Right now he wished he was with her.

Axel sighed, watching his comrade's sleep. He wasn't tired. He wanted to be back at the castle with Roxas. They would stay up for hours just playing games and talking about hot chicks. Eventually, he got tired and let his head hit the floor. 'Sleeeeeeeeeeep.' He thought to himself, he shut his eyes and waited for morning.

Dawn broke through and Marluxia awoke before everyone else. Saix was still conked out and Axel was muttering 'Roxas get me Ice Cream' or something like that over and over again. Marluxia wandered over to the bank and splashed his face with the cold water.
"Wake up you lazy bums." He shouted splashing water on both of them.

"SEA-SALT DOES NOT TASTE GOOD!" Axel, sprung up from his sleep. "Umm... sorry." He said, he stared at Saix, who was moaning. "Well, good morning sweetie!" He said, putting his voice into a higher pitch to sound like a girl. "I've made you a great breakfast!"

"I don't want Breakfest mommy." Saix muttered.
Marluxia and Axel burst out laughing causing Saix to suddenly wake up.

Axel laughed hysterically. "HAHA! YOU!! OH MY! THAT WAS ! HAHAA!" He yelled, pointing at Saix, rolling on the floor. "Whoo. that was a rush." He said. The redhead stood up and stared into the water, looking for some kind of food. "Anybody in the mood for fish?" He asked.

"But I'm a vegaterian!" Marluxia exclaimed.
Saix shrugged.

Axel looked at Marluxia. "Fish isn't meat." He said, "There's a big difference." He said, he looked around and sighed. "We can always go for fruit."

Can you put the last paragraph up?

Axel looked at Marluxia. "Fish isn't meat." He said, "There's a big difference." He said, he looked around and sighed. "We can always go for fruit."

"I'll go look for the fruit. Knowing you, you'd probably poison us with your bad judgement." Marluxia snared.
Saix laid his face in the palm of his right hand. Their abnoxious bickering was getting on his nerves. Knowing Axel wouldn't want to do the fishing, that tedious task was left to him.
"Fine. I'll fish and you go collect dry fire wood." Saix ordered calmly.
"Then once you're finished then go find something we can use for sleeping on. Judging by the progress we made yesterday, we're not going to get very far."

Axel rolled his eyes. "I'll get the firewood, I have the most experience with it." He said, folding his arms over his chest. "I mean, who would've kept you warm last night, if it wasn't me... Saix?" He grinned deviously and began on his way, chuckling to himself.

Marluxia followed suit and began making his way through the dense forest in search of safe fruit whilst Saix stayed at the site using his 'wolf' skills to hunt for fish. As the high noon sun rose, the forest started to heat up. He loved the plants of a Tropical Island...but he hated the weather. The humitdy really effected his hair.
After an hour, Marluxia was forced to take his coat off just to keep from passing out.

Axel loved the heat, he didn't mind it at all, he discovered plywood lying all over the area. He collected it and tested out his fire creating skills (without his powers) and easily created a small flame.

"At last." Marluxia smiled.
He had to travel deep into the forest and then high up a tree to find the mature, rippened and safe fruit to eat. Using his coat as a basket, Marluxia collected ten or so fruits then slid down the tree; gaining a few scratches on his bare back on the way down.
"Now, how to find my way back." He whispered looking around.

Axel sighed as he stared at the shore, he carried the wood to where ever their base was. Of course, Saix got to stay put and give out the rules, while Marluxia and him had to go out and lose their ways. He searched for footprints, but discovered nothing. The wind probably covered it. He began trying to remember where he came from and searched his best. "I think this is the correct way..." He said.

Marluxia climbed up another high tree to see where he needed to go. From the very top of the tree, Marluxia could see the shore and even make out Saix sitting and 'catching' fish. He suddenly heard someone shouting at him in a strange language but could not see whom it was. He slid down the tree only to be abrutly bounded then shot in the neck with some sort of tranqulizer.

Axel finally discovered Saix after a couple of hours of searching for their base. He dropped the firewood on the floor and sighed. "Done. You got the fish?" He asked, looking around for the Organization's pink haired menace.

Saix smiled and lifted up four fish on a string with hooks in their mouths. They were huge suckers. At least ten pounds each.
"Just about to skin them." Saix informed.
Axel grimaced. He was slightly squemish when it came to animals.
"Hey, have you seen Marluxia yet?" Axel asked, not really all that curious.
Saix shook his head.

Axel shrugged and began to make fire, trying his best not to notice Saix skinning the fish. The fire was lit and he placed it on the fireplace. He threw a couple of twigs in there, to really get it going. Axel smiled, happy with what he had made. "I'm ready when you are." He said, to Saix.

Meanwhile, Marluxia awoke to the smell of fire. Axel was the first thing that came to mind. Then he felt his body tightly bound by ropes. He was strapped uncomfortably to a pole in the middle of a village. All the villagers appeared to be gone. Appeared being the keyword. He heard another voice shout something and then felt another needle shoot into his neck.
Then all went black once again.

Axel was actually beginning to worry. It had been hours, and Marluxia still wasn't back. It was just fruit he was getting, it couldn't take him THAT long. He munched on the food, and twitched his foot anxiously, though, he didn't bother to speak. He just kept sighing, as if he were going to say something

Saix could tell Axel was anxious. He too was getting slightly worried. While he never much cared for the 'younger' members, Xemnas had assigned them as a team and what Xemnas says, goes.
"We'll stay here till dawn, if he's not back by then, then we'll go looking. Till then, I will go searching for the crystal. You stay here in case he comes back."

The redhead nodded and continued playing around with the fire. "Well, okay. Fine." He said. He sighed and turned his head. He noticed a tree with giant leaves on it. He walked towards it and began to climb. "Sleep time"

Saix wandered in the direction Marluxia was headed a few hours ago. But it wasn't long before he heard rustling. Not being able to summon his claymore, Saix grabbed a random spear lying on the ground. He cautiously began making his way. The forest stood still and quiet; too still. He didn't even get that far before he felt a needle fly into his neck.
But he managed to let out a scream; loud enough to reach even the deaf ears of the sleeping Axel.

Axel woke up, suddenly. His eyes darted around the area. Saix was gone. He was still, delerious of to what woke him up. It sounded like a scream. Saix was okay... right? He got up and brushed himself off. "Saix?" He called out. "Saaaiiix, Helloo?"

"Well good morning to you, sleepy head." Marluxia smirked watching them bring in the semi conscious Saix.
Like Marluxia, they tied him to a pole but did not shoot another dart in his neck. They villagers were talking amongst themselves in their native tongue.
"They're probably going after Axel now." Saix whispered.

Axel began to search, when he didn't get a response from Saix. He once again, checked for tracks. Foot prints. Anything. He hated being alone. He squealed, hearing himself step on a twig. "Nothing's happening Axel... nothing."

Marluxia and Saix watched as the villagers piled up stacks of wood in the center of the camp. The full moon was rising high into the sky."Saix, what's going to happen?" Marluxia asked; slight worry lanced into his tone.
"Looks like a sacrificing ceremony." Saix said bluntly. "But if we time it right, we just might be able to make it out alive."
A strange smile stretched across Saix face as he stared at the full moon's rising face.

Axel sighed as he stared at the moon. It seemed like only a couple of minutes ago it was morning. He would have to go to sleep soon. He sat in the dirt and sighed. The sound of the bugs, and birds, made him uneasy. "S-Saix! Marluxia?" He asked. It was all Saix's fault, if he wouldn't have run off, they could've been searching together. Axel hated that thought, him and Saix as a team. It could work

Axel stood up and began to search again. He peaked his head through bushes, climbed trees. "Please... give me a sign!" He yelled, finally. He heard talking, he searched through another bush. "S-Saix...? Marluxia?" He asked, trying to get a better view. "GUYS!" He yelled, making sure it was them.

"Well looks like they caught him." Marluxia sighed watching them dragging in the last of their team.
Although he was not unconscious. They tied the thrashing Nobody to another pole on the other side of the fire.
"Hello!" Marluxia chirped sarcastically. "Lovely weather for a sacrifcing ceremony don't you think?"

Axel hissed at Marluxia. "Your welcome for at least TRYING to save you. I could've just left you there." He stared at the ground, with a burst of sadness flow through him. This could be the end for all of them. "THIS IS HORRIBLE!" He cried out. "Guys! If this is the end... I've always SORT of liked you!" Axel exclaimed, bouncing up and down on the pole.

Saix snorted at Axel's childish display. He kept staring and smiling at the moon.
"Why are you smiling?" Marluxia asked ignoring Axel's behavior.
"It's a full moon tonight." Saix purred.
His gold eyes began glowing and Marluxia could have sworn he saw fangs.

Axel stared at Saix, with tears rolling down his face. "W-w-what?" He asked, his lip quivering. He then looked at the sky, noticing the full moon. "So... bererk?" He asked, Saix, trying to keep his cool. "This should be fun..."

While they may not be able to use their powers, the crystal could not stop an enagered wolf from showing its true for at moon rise. Sudden deep drums filled the mountain side, causing Marluxia and Axel to jump slightly. The male villagers came marching in wearing costumes of their worshipped gods and began dancing around the blazing fire.
"Hurry!" Marluxia hissed to Saix.

Axel bounced up and down again. "GET. US. OUT!!" He yelled, staring at Saix, going into his beserker form. He crossed his figured and said "don't let me die" repeatedly, as if it would stop it. His emerald eyes stared at the villagers, chanting their twisted prayers.

"Pink hair man die first." The leader ordered, yanking Marluxia's hair.
The villagers swarmed around Marluxia and cut his ropes causing him to fall to the ground. He had been tied to the pole all day and now too weak to stand. They picked him up by his arms and stood him in front of the fire.
"Bind his hands." The cheif ordered.

Axel's mouth dropped open. "Oh my..." Was all he can say. He shook even more. "SAIX! HURRY!!!" He yelled. "I THINK I'M NEXT!!!" Axel bit his lip, to the point where he bled.

Saix's eyes remained fixated upon the pale moon's face. Power flowed through his veins. His scar grew and fangs and claws suddenly shot out of his mouth and fingers. The villagers stopped just as they were about to throw Marluxia onto the fire. They watched as Saix thrashed in his ropes then destroyed them. With a loud roar, he clawed the villagers away, causing them to drop Marluxia.

Axel burst into laughter, watching Saix drive the Villagers away. "Good boy!" He yelled, watching Marluxia struggle to get up. "Classic!" Saix's apperance was scary, but it was worth it. As long as Saix didn't hurt Axel, he was fine with it.

Saix snarled at Axel mockery. He charged towards Axel and made a slash for him but instead slashed his ropes; coming within inches of his skin.
"I would watch what you say." Saix growled. "Let'a go."
He reverted back to his calm self and walked over to Marluxia. He laid one arm over his shoulder then picked him up.
Axel fell to the ground, shaking. He checked the area Saix almost cut him, to check to see if he was okay. "Yeaaah. Sorry 'bout that." Axel replied to Saix. He walked over to both Saix and Marluxia. Looking around he smiled. "You know what... this place could come to our advantage." He said, smirking

Axel limped his way back to their base, picking up as much wood for the fire as he could find. "Hey-Saix... do you have the slightest idea on where we're going?" He asked, looking ahead of their trail.

"Well judging by the postion of the moon, we're heading for the top of the mountain." Saix said swindling a stick with a pocket knife he store inside of his coat.
He had large leaves and sticks laid out neatly around his feet. He was making something.

Axel nodded and turned back to Saix. The large leaves and sticks he had collected were being turned into something. He couldn't figure out what it was though. "What are you doing?" He asked, curiously.

Saix smiled. "We might be able to use the villagers to help us find the crystal. I actually did some research before we left. The villagers worship many gods and one of which is the moon god whom has blue hair and is really powerful under the moon. I might be able to get them to do what we say."

Axel stared at Saix, in disbelief. "You've got to be kidding me." He said, rolling his eyes. He turned to look at the craft Saix was making, "So... I take it this is gonna be your outfit?" He asked, once again.

"Yep." Saix smiled returning to his sewing. Meanwhile, Marluxia laid against a rock watching Axel and Saix mingling. He smiled at Saix's good idea. An odd sensation came over his beaten body. He wanted to help them. He actually wanted to help them somehow despite his broken body,

Axel tried his best to help Saix, though he had no experience with crafts having to do with assembling clothing. He kept poking himself, messing up the patterns. He looked at Marluxia, who seemed to want to do something. "... Marluxia. Is there a problem?"

"Yeah, your sewing." Marluxia playfully retorted, sitting up. "Here pass me something. I'm pretty sure I can help sew."
"Here." Saix said passing him a part of the leaf skirt.

Axel laughed. "Well, you're probably very good at it. That quilt on your bed doesn't look like it was made professionally." He continued his best with the sewing. "I'm not THAT bad at it." He said, trying to make himself feel better.

"The article of clothing your sewing is supposed to be white and green but its turning red with your blood." Marluxia retorted before returning to his sewing.
He was much faster then Axel or Saix without pricking his finger once.

Axel stuck his tongue at him and continued. "Yeah, yeah. I'll get it off." He said, wiping it with his sleeve. Axel stared at Marluxia, watching his fingers work like magic. He shook his head.

Once all the sewing of leaves was done. They moved onto cutting the bark and wood from trees to create the armor. That was slightly easier for Axel but harder for Marluxia. This time it was his turn to keep cutting himself.

Axel ripped the pieces of bark off after he chopped them off. "Rub it the wrong way, and you're hands will be covered in splinters." He said to Marluxia. He threw the wood in a pile. "This plan better work..." He said to himself.

He continued cutting the wrong way and like Axel said ended up with splitters. Then began the tedious task of pulling each one out while Axel and Saix continued their cutting. Saix was more focussing on the shape whilst Axel just chopped the wood.

Axel handed each piece of wood to Saix and continued working, occastionally looking at him to see how far he got in the process. "That's all the wood." He said, once he was finally finished.

"Almost done." Saix reassured finishing carving the last few logs. About ten mintues passed and Saix finished the armor.
"Ok, let's try this."

Axel cocked an eyebrow and tried to figure out where they went. "And this one goes... here, right?" He said making sure. The last thing he would want to do is mess up the mission. He just wanted to get out of the area.

It was nearly four in the morning by the time they got the armor and outfit to look right.
"Perfect. Tomorrow at moon rise, we'll return to the village and get them to take us to the crystal. But for now, we're going to need our rest just in case."

Axel laughed and nodded. "Have fun sleeping in that." He said, putting leafs and twigs together to make some kind of a bed. "I suppose, I am tired. Tomorrow... we leave." He said, chuckling.
Saix didn't mind. He never told anyone that his somebody was actually a solider and he was used to sleeping in armor. Marluxia on the other hand, was having a lot of trouble sleeping. He had promised Larxene he be back the next day and it had already been two days. Soon three if the plan worked.

Axel slept, peacefully, without the distraction of Saix in his armor, or Marluxia talking in his sleep. Morning would come soon and it would just be easier to get out. He wanted to be with his best friend, feeling bored out of his mind,

Morning came but the three remained asleep till dusk. Saix was the first to awaken this time.
"Time to get up." He groaned standing up and waking everyone up with his armor clanging.

Axel shot up after hearing Saix's words. "Alrighty then, moon god. Let's go." He nudged Marluxia, and stood up.

Marluxia groaned not wanting to wake up. He was having such a good dream but Axel kept kicking his side so he got up. The night before after removing all the splinters, Marluxia decieded to make a makeshift coat from the left over banna leaves. It wasn't the greatest thing in the world but it would due. He followed Axel and Saix up the hill. "Remember the plan." Saix whispered.

Axel nodded. "Alright. I'll follow your lead." He said following Saix into the village

Axel and Marluxia quickly slithering into the village and snagged two drums then returned to the edge of the village and began pounding in time. All the villagers looked up to the 'moon god' approaching. Axel snickered as he watched the villagers cower in fear before Saix.

"Heh, this should be good." Axel said as he pounded on the drums. The villagers scattered around the area, where ever Saix went, they avoided that particular area.

"I demand you take me to the crystal." Saix boomed in his deepest voice.
The village men bowed down then hurried away up the mountain, leading their 'god' up the mountain. Secretly, Axel and Marluxia followed, continuly banging on the drums.

Axel's eyes widened, following Saix with both his feet, and eyes. "That's pretty cool." He said. The redhead squinted, trying to see where the villagers were taking him. "This may actually work!"

Or not. Saix stood on the edge of a boiling volcano.
"What is the meaning of this?" Saix boomed.
"You not moon god. Moon god not covered in blood."
"Axel." Saix hissed.

Axel's eyes widened even larger. "W-what?!! STALL! SAIX STALL!" He yelled, banging on the drums even harder.

"Welp, that didn't work." Saix whispered jumping out of his armor.
The villagers began shouting in their language and flinging spears at Saix high in the air.
"Now! Plan B!"

Axel and Marluxia ran, following Saix. "What's plan B?!" He yelled, quickening his pace.

"FIGHT!!!" Saix shouted jumping from tree top to tree top. I'll try and find the crystal!"

Axel stared at Saix, then Marluxia. "We're dead..." He sighed, getting into some kind of fighting stance.

Saix jumped from tree to tree. He was so close to the top of the mountain. The villagers ran close behind on the ground, flinging their sharp pointy sticks. With one final jump, Saix landed in an alter. And there in the middle floated the large white crystal.

Axel punched to the best of his ability and tried to stop the villagers from attacking Saix. "I can't see him anymore!" He said. Axel ditched Marluxia and the villagers and began to run fast as he could.

"Wait for me!" Marluxia shouted running close behind Axel. Unforturenately, Axel was a little too fast for him to keep up.
"Hurry Saix!" Marluxia shouted tripping. He needed his power back soon or would be killed.

Axel tried his best to dodge the attacks. "YEEOUCH!!" He said, noticing an arrow shot into his arm. He stared at the wound and began to feel woozy. "I'll... stay here...." He said, slowing down.

From where Saix was standing he could see his comrades fall. Quickly he grabbed the crystal and ran down the hill and held the crystal high above his head.
"Let my friends go or I smash this!" Saix threatened.

Axel's vision began to go black. "My arm!" He yelled, trying to focus on Saix. "Ughn... HE HAS IT! HE HAS THE CRYSTAL!" He yelled, trying to pull the arrow from his arm.

Saix knew Xemnas sent them to retreive the crystal but if failing the mission meant saving his new 'friends' then he would. The villagers backed away but one foolish warrior charged at Saix and stabbed him in the stomach with his sword. Saix dropped the crystal.

Axel stared at the crystal being dropped. "Oh no!" He said, he ripped the arrow out of his arm and dove for the crystal. "I'll get it!" He yelled, having his hands open for the crystal to fall in.

Saix kicked his foot out tripping Axel and letting the crystal fall.
"We'll...get.......our powers...back." Saix mangage to say.

Axel opened his eyes, "So if this crystal breaks... we can get out of here?" He asked, clueless

The crystal answered their question. Upon breaking they were transported back to the castle and all their wounds gone.
"Well done, you passed the test." Xemnas smiled.

Axel's mouth dropped open again. "Test? What?" He asked, he stood up and dusted himself off.

"To see if you three could work as a team. And you passed."

Axel folded his arms over his chest. "...Really?" He looked at the superior in the eye and shook his head. "Wow... I feel kinda stupid now."

"Well I'm going to return to my room then." Marluxia lied. He acted as if nothing happened as did Saix.

Axel nodded and began to walk towards his bedroom. This mission has changed his life, in some odd way.

While the three of them may act like enemies that mission made them realize...they kind of do care about each other although probably never mention it to any one. If they had hearts you probably could say they had a change of heart.


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