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Fanfiction ► Forever Branded by Fire

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Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE



DM: What? It just came to me.

Sigh....okay, got another Digific for you guys. It has nothing to do with Overwrite, and focuses only on the Legendary Warriors. For some bizaare reason I've kept their outfits from Overwrite. It's been awhile since their adventures in Frontier.

This fic is mostly about Takuya. Note that Takuya will be quite OOC in this at points. Everyone else should be normal. And this fic will be short.

At least, it should be.

(glares at DM)

Anyways, let's start...

Data Set 1: It's Just Not the Same

"Get back here!"

A chubby boy with a blue shirt and a dark green vest charged after a small boy. This youngster had on a mushroom-shaped hat, along with a green shirt that had a white star on it. The young boy possessed a lunch box with a bunch of bug stickers plastered on it.

"You gotta catch me first, JP!" the short boy cried.

Sitting nearby on a red blanket spread out on the ground was a girl with a lavender hat and lengthy blonde hair. Right then she was unpacking the old picnic basket that she had brought with her, seeming to summon an endless supply of food from it. Beside her were some fashion magazines she had been reading while she was waiting for the boys to arrive. She smirked at the scene unfolding before her.

On a bench in this flourishing park was a dark-haired boy, a pile of schoolbooks sitting next to him. This boy wore a white shirt with black tiger stripes on it, as well as bleached jeans. Right then he was too busy hurriedly scribbling something down on paper to notice the chaotic chase occuring nearby. At the right corner of the paper was the name Kouichi.

"C'mon, really Tommy..." the chubby boy moaned, beginning to fall behind.

Not far off was another dark-haired boy, this one wearing a black bandana with crimson trimming. He leaned against one of the numerous trees in the area, seeming more annoyed than amused at the pursuit before him. It wasn't so much that he was a cranky person; he just wanted to eat already. He hadn't eaten anything since this morning, and the little picnic his female friend was having couldn't start until those two settled down.

"Just be patient, Koji," the dark-haired boy know as Kouichi stated, his eyes still on the paper he was working on.

"I know..."

Up into another tree, staring up into the perfect sky, was a brunette boy. On his head was a baseball cap with a deep purple hue, with a sleeveless shirt that matched. On of his legs was dangling carelessly off the branch he was sitting on, rocking gently to and fro.

Growing weary of the chase, the blonde girl with the lavender cap decided to put an end to it.

"TAKUYA! JP! TOMMY! KOJI! KOUICHI!" she yelled, setting out the final apples. "FOOD!"

At the resonance of the word the teenage boys seemed to forget everything else and rush to the pile of goodies awating them.

That is, all except one.

"TAKUYA!" the blonde barked at the the teen in the sleeveless shirt, his gaze still set on the heavens. "TAKUYA!"

The brunette snapped from his self-induced trance. "Huh?"


"Oh...okay," the boy known as Takuya replied somewhat quietly, slipping down the tree effortlessly. He strolled calmly to the picnic, where already food was being devoured by the other males. Scanning the table, he picked out a single piece of chicken leg and began to chew on it.

"Something wrong?" the blonde asked, cocking her head to one side a little. Usually Takuya would be wolfing down anything edible.

"Of course not, Zoe," the brunette replied, a wide grin suddenly breaking out on his face.

Koji stopped his rapid consumption to look at the boy with the purple baseball cap. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah!" Takuya replied cheerily. "And I should be the one to know right?"

The black haired boy just rolled his eyes at this comment.

Before Koji could make another comment, Takuya was tearing meat off his chicken leg savagely.

Zoe sighed and decided that she should try to get some food before these hormone-raged beasts ate it all up. When technically she'd be a hormone-raged beast as well, but...well, at least she was a girl, right? That had to count for something.

A few minutes later somebody said something so outragious to JP that the milk he was drinking squirted out of his nose and all over Koji. Needless to say, the bandana-wearing teen didn't look too pleased about this. For everyone else, though, it was sheer hilarity.

Naturally, Takuya's laughter danced with everyone's else. That was just the kind of guy he is, as far as the others were concerned. Was, is, and always will be. If the laughter wasn't quite so loud, somebody might have noticed that his laughs didn't quite have the heart of the others.

This cocktail of laughter didn't have a chance to die down before Koji decided to spill the remaining milk all over JP's head. The chubby boy's reply to this was a handlful of mash potatoes in the face. After that, pure chaos ensued.

Edibles became quite effective missiles as all the teens joined in on the fight. Globs of jelly, butter, and jello went flying through the air, often colliding with unintended targets. A speeding peanut butter sandwich slammed into the face of Takuya, who soon after fired a barrage of grapes at Koji. Insteado f hittign his attacker, he managed to hit Zoe with them instead. The result: the brunette found himself drenched with a bowl of fruit punch.

He did manage to get black-haired boy in the end though; Koji found himself getting whacked by a rogue chicken ring.

The laughter roared on, and Takuya began an ever-distinguished celery sword match between himself and JP, he couldn't help but think...

If only it could stay like this.



May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
me: WEEEEE!! TAKUYA FIC!! *huggles him* How can you not love him!?!?! ^_^

Sora: Cuz....we're not gay....-_-;


Ketso:......Aozora....I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.....>_<


me:......UPDATE SOOOON!!! >_<
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Hey Krazy! Meet me on AIM sometime, so we can be insane together XP.

Oh yeah, random note: this fic isn't about fighting, not really. I think the strongest Digimon here is gonna be a Ultimate at best o_O. So if anyone reading this fic is expecting of bunch of BOOMBANGWHACKness, please dismiss yourselves now.

There will be some slight Takumi in this fic. (Takumi=Takuya + Izumi(Zoe) fluff/romance)

Just a story of sheer impulse here, so it may or may not be that great since there's not much planing involved XD.


*******POV Change


Other thoughts/arguing thoughts/conscience

Story time!

Data Set 2: Reverse Psychology

"Aw no, look at my shirt!" Zoe whined.

Her pale yellow T-Shirt was now splotched with various hues of jelly. Her pale jeans weren't in much better shape, with mashed potatoes and peanut butter smeared all over them. She remained blissfully unaware of the streaks of strawberry ice cream running across her forehead.

"And these were new too!" the blonde continued to complain.

The others didn't think her clothes were that messy, at least, compared to theirs. They had gotten just a wee bit more involved in the food fight, and it showed. It was almost impossible ot tell what the real colors of their outfits were now.

"Hey, it ain't so bad," Takuya stated lightheartedly. "Least yours aren't as bad as mine. I could probably stick these into the microwave and eat 'em if I wanted to."

"Ew! Takuya!" Zoe replied.

There was a brief eruption of laughter.

"Come on guys, we better get going," JP insisted, looking at the sky. "It'll be getting dark soon."

"Yeah, you're right,' Koji replied, taking a brief glance at the heavens. "Let's go, bro."

"Allright," Kouichi answered quietly, beginning to follow him.

"Well, see you guys later, I guess,' Takuya responded, starting to wander off.





After the shower of goodbyes, each of them went their separate ways.

Takuya found himself lying in bed, staring at the blank ceiling of his room. Various posters dotted the room, mostly of his favorite rock bands. Scattered on the old desk against the wall was a jumble of CDs, a packet full of pictures with his friends doing mostly stupid things, and some old homework papers that would never get themselves done. Old socks and soccer magazines mingled with each around his bed. In the farthest corner of the room was a old CD player, currently orchestrating the melody of Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day.

He could heard an especially loud shiek of laughter ever now and then over his rather loud music. His little brother had just invited over a bunch of friends to play all kinds of cool videogames on his awesome system. Well, technically it was his awesome system, but his parents had given the goggle-wearing brunette no choice but to share. So as of tonight, he, the older brother, was offically banned from his own games. Stupid siblings....

He was reaching for one of his sports magazines on the red-carpeted floor when the light above him began to flicker violently. The CD player began to stutter and phase in and out, but not because of old age. Through the quiet moments, the boy with the purple baseball cap could hear his brother whining about the TV not working right.


Takuya jerked up into a sitting position at once, as he felt the power surge through him.


He gripped at his abdomen, hunching forward. His body began to pulse with golden light.

I don't want to change! Not here...not with all my brother's friends over...

The glow intensified, now causing him to emit light steadily. There was that burning sensation inside of him, the one he was so familar with.

I just want to be myself! I don't want to be anyone else!

The power continued to gush through him, continued to escalate.

I don't want to change! What is so wrong about that?

Because it is your punishment. Your punishment for being unworthy.

Yes, yes, he knew that. It was because he had been a coward, because he had completely disregarded the others. But that was just one time, just one time...

But you still did it. You still gave in

Yeah....that was true....but still, he knew better now, right?

Leaders can't make those kinds of mistakes. It was because of that mistake that this happened.

A sharp pain shot down his spine, causing him to yelp.

Dammit, I know. But...no I won't let it happen! If I let it happen...

But it will happen. You know that.

Yeah, I know! But it ain't gonna happen yet!

The power within him receded, letting the yellow light fade away. He blew a sigh of relief as he plopped back down on the bed.

He was drenched in sweat, he was sure. That's what usually happened. Now his body ached all over, barely containing the light inside of him. He pulled the covers over him, more than ready to take a nap.

I really should just go to the Digital World and get this over with

Sleepiness was steadily overcoming him.

After all, it's not like I won't have my friends after this...

His eyes closed without him noticing, as he continued to wander inside himself.

But still...I'm scared. Once it's done, it's done. That's it. I can't go back, not really. I mean, there might be some kind of fluke, but it wouldn't last very long....

As the blackness numbed his mind, among his last rational thoughts were...

Once it happens, I won't be able to pretend anymore. And I want to pretend for as long as I can...


WOOT for the mind-screw XD. Theories anyone?


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D

Sora: That was oddly specific....o_O

Aozora: Or WAS it...? <_< >_>

Kaze: No. Now shut it. I'm trying to listen. *puts on headphones* >_>

me: Psst.....Green Day PWNS your soul.....^_^
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Me: Green Day forever!! ^_^

DM: (looks at me weirdly)

Me: Yes, DM does tend to torture some chars more than others, usually ones I really like. Actually, that applies to all of my moods.

DM: All chars have different reactions to my tortures. Apparently, Takuya goes somewhat nuts o_O

Me: And this chapter shows one of the odd side effects that popped up just today. Story time!

Data Set 3: It's All in the Details

"Takuya, it's fine."

The gogglehead was currently scurrying around their team project for science class. Their mission: to create a model of the solar system. The mock-up consisted of painted styrofoam spheres connected by sturdy metal wires.

"No, it's not!" Takuya protested, fiddling with it. "Jupiter should be up here, and Pluto's not supposed to be way down there. And Mercury-"

"Takuya..." Koji growled. "

The baseball-cap wearing brunette ignored the bandana head continued to refine their little solar system, murmuring to himself.

"Come on, let's turn this in," Koji stated flatly, picking up the project and carrying it away from his picky partner.

"Hey, I wasn't done with it!"

"You are now."

Before Takuya could protest anymore, the teacher took up their project and locked it up with all the others.

Koji had just sat down again when the bell's ringing resonated throughout the school.

"See you later, class."

The students murmured goodbye as they scampered out the door.

As Koji and Takuya entered the hallway, they were soon greeted by an exasperated Zoe.

"Oh my god I don't believe her!" the blonde ranted as soon as she reached the two boys. "That Ms. Yagami! You won't believe what she did to us today!"

Koji sighed and seemed quite disinterested in the subject.

Takuya, on the other hand, made himself look fascinated.

"What?" they both asked at the same time, with contrasting levels of excitement.

"She gave us this huge book report to do on Call of the Wild. She said we needed to do at least two pages. TWO PAGES! And she gave us until next Friday to read the book! I'll never get it done by then!"

"You're kidding!" Takuya exclaimed 'Well, you could always write real big and have about five words per page. That way you only have to write ten words."

"Takuya, you're so stupid,' Zoe teased.

"I know," the brunette replied with a big grin.

It surprised him, how easily his friends assumed things. You would think that traveling through the Digital World would've done more for their perception. Still, it was convienent. He didn't really want them to see through his facade anyway.

"Hey guys!"

Soon the trio of retired Legendary Warriors stopped on wait on chubby JP and pale Kouichi.

"Yo!" Takuya greetly loudly.

"I see you survived 2nd period,' Koji joked as his twin came by his side.

"Just barely," Kouichi groaned. "I swear, that teacher is out to get me."

"Mr. Samuels is out to get everybody," Takuya chimed in. "I'm surprised I haven't flunked his class."

"What're you talking about? You get nothing but A's!" Koji replied.

'Yeah, but he lost two of the assignments I gave him!" Takuya whined. "I had to completely redo them!"

"Missing two assignments doesn't flunk you," Koji responded. "Takuya, I swear..."

"GET TO YOUR CLASSES RIGHT NOW!" screeched a short old crone that happened to be a hall moniter.

All of them jumped.

"Um, r-right," Zoe answered a little shakily. "Come on, let's go eat!"

The others nodded in unison while dashing off to the cafteria.

Bah, too tired to continue. X_x Heh, I put in a quick Season 2 cameo in there, for those who noticed. It doesn't affect the story any though. I know it seems strange to make Takuya a A student, but I have my reasons that'll be explained in a bit. Enjoy!
Mar 7, 2005
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(Not getting many replies for this. Oh well)

Half of the the gang that had once been half-Digimon gathered around their circular table. Twenty minutes had passed: five to get to lunch, fifteen to get through the line. In fact, the other two were still in line, arguing with the lunch lady. Tommy, of course, was too young for high school, and therefore not present. Still, it was rather lucky of them that they happened to all have the same lunch. None of their other friends were present, and that would've made their mealtimes more than a little dull.

Takuya was just setting his tray on the table when Kouichi began to talk to his twin brother.

"She keeps on saying that she's not happy here..."

"Worrying won't change anything,' Koji replied. "I doubt she would move. Our family's just been reunited."

"I guess so, but still..." Kouichi began. "It's not going away. She's been considering this for a month."

"Can't you just talk to her?" the boy with the red-trimmed bandana asked.

"She won't listen..."

Takuya remained quiet as he chewed on a piece of celery. Kouichi had been living with his foster mom, since until their adventures in the Digital World he had remained oblivious to the fact that he had a twin. When he had come back to the real world with the new knowledge of his brother's existence, the two family groups had been brought together and everything seemed real cheery. But now the foster mother wanted to go back to her native country, which would mean had Kouichi would have to go too. Needless to say, Kouichi wasn't happy about being torn away from his newfound relatives.

"You could always move in with us," Koji suggested.

"I doubt she'd-"


The moody exchange was briefly broken by Zoe's cheery voice as she took her seat at the table.

"Hiya Zoe!" Takuya chirped back, as the black-haired twins quickly said hello back and continued on with their discussion. "So, your aunt feeling any better?"

"No...not really..." Zoe answered, her chipper look fading somewhat. "She has to take a bunch of new medicines now."

"Oh..." Takuya answered, quietly. He had only met this aunt of hers a few times, but he felt like he had seen her far longer than that. She's always sneak he and his friends some random treat. Somtimes he saw her taking a jog through the town, as she often did. Her sudden illness changed all that, though. "But taking all that stuff should help her get better, right?"

"Probably not..." Zoe responded, poking at her peas with a plastic fork. "The doctors say that she'll have a year at the most...the drugs are just delaying the effects of the illness."

"I see..." Takuya stated. 'So... you'll just have to have fun with her while you still can, right?"

Zoe smiled just a little. "Yeah, guess you're right. We'll be visting her later."

"That's good."

"Speaking of problems," Zoe started, turning her gaze to the approaching JP. "Has your dad found a new job yet?"

"No..." JP sighed. "He's still searching for work and waiting for replies....says it might be awhile before he gets any...oh well, I've been meaning to get a job anyway."

'What about your mom?" Takuya asked.

"Still got the job at the flea market," the chubby boy answered. "She's looking for other stuff, but hasn't found anything."

While he pretended not to notice, but this translated to JP spending a lot of time alone in his own house, while his parents searched for work.

"What kind of job?" Zoe asked.

"I dunno, anything," the chubby boy replied, shrugging. "A fast food place wouldn't be so bad though."

"C'mon, you're just starting to lose weight," Takuya teased.


As his mouth went on autopilot and began babbling on about something random, his mind drifted to the youngest of the now fully human heroes. He had only recently gone back to school because of a terrible car accident that had taken his mother's life. He had been in mourning ever since. Yesterday's picnic was really created to distract him from his sorrow, and it had been quite successful. The baseball-hat wearing brunette couldn't help but wonder how he was faring.

Everyone has their own problems to deal with. They're barely able to deal with them as it is. I have no business burdening them with my own.

He wasn't sure what he said, but whatever he said Kouichi and Koji seemed to find hilarious. The others burst out laughing as well, and he laughed with them automatically.

They rely on me to be the person that helps them forget their problems, if only for a little while. That's the only me they know. That's the only me I want them to know.

The table became filled with mindless chatter, kept alive by Takuya's infectious optimism.

Kouichi might move, Zoe has a dying aunt, JP's parents barely have enough money to live on, and Tommy's mother is dead. My problems are nothing compared to those. It's not like I'm gonna die from my problems. Sure, I'd rather not have them, but they were my fault anyway, so I should be the only one who has to deal with them.

I'm the only who has to support them through their hard times. I'm the one who has to cheer everyone up when they're down. I'm the one who holds the group together. I'm the one who everyone relies on.

I am the leader. And leaders can't make mistakes.


May 1, 2005
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me: He got serious.....YAY FOR THE BAD@$$ FACTOR!! *huggles Takuya plushie* ^_^

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Kaze: Just update so they'll shut up. >_>

me:....So...emotionless...*glomps Kaze* ^_^
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
That's okay. Overwrite's been in my head for two years. This story was pure impulse. Of course Overwrite's better. But this is a nice diversion for me XP

Note: I know nothing about soccer, so feel free to correct me XP

Data Set 4: Foul?

"So, whaddaya think happened anyway?" Zoe asked

"Beats me,' Takuya replied. "But I'm guessing somebody felt like being a smartass.'

It was after school hours, and the two of them were relaxing on the steel bleachers just before the soccer field. At least, Zoe was relaxing. Takuya was feverishly jogging up and down the bleachers, causing them to clink and clank under his hurried footsteps. A pale yellow towel was draped over his neck.

"What are you guys talking about?"

The two of them paused, finally noticing that Koji was approaching the metal bleachers. The wind played with his black bandana and ponytail.

"Oh it was stupid," Takuya growled. "It was time for me to practice kicking the soccer ball in the goal. As usual, I got ready, raised my foot, and gave it my all...then the ball blew up in my face!"

"We're not sure what happened, but we're pretty sure it was just some sore loser pulling a prank on Takuya,' Zoe added.

"And what did the coach think of this?" Koji asked.

"Oh, he got real mad and cussed everybody out. You know, his usual solution to every problem," Takuya replied casually. "Everybody else thought it was pretty funny. I guess it was."

Koji smirked. "I wouldn't have minded seeing it myself."

"Why am I not surprised?" Takuya wondered, sitting down and getting himself a drink.

He kicked lightly at the seat in front of him, trying to make the numbness in his foot go away. Then, for one brief moment, he thoguht he saw the tip of his shoe flicker.


"Should we tell the principle?" Zoe asked.

"Nah," Takuya replied. "It's not that big of a deal. The worst I got out of it was a sooty face. 'Sides, I doubt it'd do anything."

"Probably right," Zoe mumbled.

"Hey, we're visiting a coupleo f old friends tomorrow. Want to come?" Koji asked.

"Are these friends human?" Takuya asked.


"Sure, why not?" Takuya beamed back. "See you guys there!"

So he dashed off, ignoring the numbness that still possessed his foot.

I'll get to see them plenty of times anyway, but I guess it wouldn't hurt...

Not terribly exciting. One more chappy, then the real fun begins XP
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
(Watches Kh trailer)

You're right, BHK's voice is sexy XD.

Oh yeah, the other day, I saw some writing on the bathroom stalls of my school, which is far from usual XP. It said 'I love TK' . Feeling like a smartass, I put 'and Patamon?' When I went back in there a few days later, someone had added 'What about Matt?'


Data Set 5: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Deep in the park, concealed in the woodier area, was a old shed. It was overgrown by ivy and weeds, making it much more ancient than it seemed. A guard rail was put across the entrance, but it had become quite rusty over the past couple of years due to lack of contact with humans these days.

It was here that the ones who once possessed spirits of Digimon gathered.

Koji led the way, easily pushing the guard rail out of the way. It was suprising that the aging rail didn't break from the force. With that feeble obstruction out of the way, nothing stood between them and the inside of the forgotten structure.

The interior was just as wild as the outside. Lush grasses grew wherever the light outside could caress the ground. Thin vines laced the walls of the tiny building, some bearing flowers. Here and there, there were some odd, flat cardboard pieces sticking up or laying on the barer parts of the soil. Some had faint images and text on them, but they had lost their recognizablity a long time ago.

But the former Legendary Warriors paid no attention to these, hardly even noticing them. Instead, they were more interested in a roughly dug tunnel of fair size at the far end of this lost shelter. Since none of the sun's rays were able to reach that area, it remained lifeless and a deep brown hue.

And yet, light was shining from deep within this tunnel. It was a cold light, so it did no good to any seeds that hoped to grow within the soil nearby. Sometimes a few odd fragments could be seen floating in the air into this tunnel, lasting only for a few moments before they dissolved.

"So...who's gonna go get them?" asked Zoe.

Takuya, leaning against the rim of the opening, kept his silence. He was stomping his feet some, first one, then the other, yet trying not to make it too loud.

"I'll go get them!" Tommy announced cheerily. The youngest of the group rushed into the tunnel without a second thought, soon slipping from sight. In a few moments, an unusual buzzing sound was heard, then abruptly stopped. A few more seconds drift away, and the strange humming sound occurs once again. However, this time, random chatter and laughter is heard.

Tommy emerged from the tunnel, along with two new companions. The first one wasn't too much bigger than Tommy himself. It was a dog with golden fur, purple floppy ears, and a somewhat goofy grin on his face. A white 'D' was imprinted on his chest. The other one, however, was considerably largerm, especially lengthwise. It was a giant pig, with bright orange fur. The area around its neck, hooves, and tail were burning with a fierce flame. A small metal plate was in the middle od its blackened face, and red-and-black striped tusks protruded from its mouth.

The others were in a stunned silence for a few moments, then erupted into excited.

"You guys digivolved on us!" Takuya exclaimed. He stayed towards the back, but was estatic to see his old friends anyway.

"Guess we can't call you guys Bokomon and Neemon anymore," JP stated. "What are your names now anyway?'

"I am Boarmon," the flaming swine replied, bowing his head a little. "I used to be Bokomon."

"And I'm Doggymon!" the yellow canine replied hyperly, his purple tail wagging rapidly. "Neemon went bye-bye!"

"Man, I had no idea that you guys were old enough to digivolve naturally,' Koji stated, kneeling down to get a better look at the bipedal canine.

"Well, I was, but Bokomon got to digivolve early!" Doggymon yipped.

"How come?" the black-haired bandana wearer asked.

"Well, you see, that book that helped guide us throguh the Digital world and stuff had special powers. Once he filled the last page, the book glowed and went into him, and he digivolved!"

"It certainly was a surprise, believe me," Boarmon added.

While all the other teens crowded around the newcomers, Takuya stayed where he was. It wasn't like he wanted to be rude or anything, or that his feet were bothering him too much for him to walk. The truth was, he was worried about getting any closer. Not to his friends, but what waited not so far away. As far as he knew, a few steps forward and he could-

"Something wrong?"

Takuya jumped a little, then looked down to Doggymon, a curious look on his face. Right then, Boarmon was bragging about his new power.

Takuya simply smiled and petted the canine on the head.

"Nah. Nothing at all."

Okay, I don't really like these two, but there necessary for this story. I needed to make thme more useful, so I digivolved them. I chose Doggymon for Neemon because it just seemed to suit him. I chose Boarmon for Bokomon because there was nothing else XD. Note that Boarmon is an Armor-level Digimon. The armor egg he uses is probably courage, since I've noticed that Digiegg favors fire, but I thought it'd make more sense, and be more appropriate, if the book itself was some kind of armor item that evolved him. Patamon will be there soon.
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Bah, sorry for the delay. Been too busy playing Sonic Heroes to get online XP.

Just then something occured to Takuya.

"Hey, where's Patamon at?"

Boarmon paused. "Now that I think of it, I think he's taking a nap right now. But, knowing how our world's times are so different, he might be up now. Let me go get him."

The living barbeque had taken only a few steps before that odd buzzing sound was heard again.


A few seconds later, a small orange mammal with bat ears zipped from the tunnel, and ended up crashing into JP's stomach. Luckily, his abdomen made a good cushion to soften the impact. The little creature landed on the grassy ground, a bit dazed.

"Hey Patamon," JP greeted, chuckling.

But Patamon did not return the greeting when he came back to his senses. Instead, he immediately shot back up, glancing left and right hurriedly. In fact, he didn't seem to notice that the others were there.

"What's the matter?" Doggymon asked.

"Is he gone?" the tiny bat-eared creature asked.

"Who's he?" asked Koji.

The former Warrior of Light was answered by a low growl.

A shadow was seen emerging from the tunnel. It wasn't a particularly big figure; in fact, it may have been half the height of the children at most. However, those harrowing emerald eyes that he had were enough to strike fear into anyone of any size.

As its scaly body entered the natural light, it was clear that this was a dinosaur-based creature; a tiny T-Rex, to be percise. It only consisted of one color: orange. Sharp white claws on its hands and feet glistened in the sunbeams. Those piercing green eyes narrowed as light unknown to it entered its vision.

"It's an Agumon," JP breathed. Patamon cowered behind his large body, his ears drooped and his little body quivering.

Slightly hunched over, it leaned forward just slightly and flared its nostrils, to gather some information about this strange place. After a few seconds it snorted, causing some embers to fly out out its nose.

Finally it noticed it wasn't alone. It turned its head towards the teens and theier Digimon friends. It sniffed a few times, then narrowed its eyes again, growling much louder than before.

"Uh, guys," Takuya stated. "We got a problem."


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuuun.............KILL THAT AGUMON!! DIIIIIE!! BWAHAHAHAHA!! >=D


Anyway.....I didn't even realize how long it's been. XD Awesomeness, WM!!! CO NEXTZERS!! XD
Mar 7, 2005
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Now for the next chappy ^_^

"Pepper Breath!"

The Agumon spat out a diminutive orange fireball from its mouth, heading straight for JP and Patamon.

"Whoa!" the chubby teen shouted, leaping out of the way. The flame collided with the aged stone wall, blasting a smoldering hole in it.

Smoke still spewing from its nostrils, the toy-size dinosaur fired another blast, this time at Tommy.

"Wah!" he exclaimed, also hastily evading the attack. This fireball smashed into the guardrail just outside, melting it to a lump of steaming black metal.

"Just who do you think you are, barging into the human world and attackign anything in sight?!" Boarmon bellowed, letting out an angry squeal. "Snout Blaster!"

Forcefully blowing out his nose, two red fireballs shot froth and slammed into the Agumon. It might not have been the most graceful attack, but it was quite effective.

The Agumon cried out as the fireballs knocked it backwards. When it regained its footing, it once again began to snarl, bearing its ferocious teeth.

"Ultra Bite!" Doggymon shouted, rushing towards the Rookie Digimon with his mouth ready to chomp down on its prey.

The small reptile fired another Pepper Breath at the yellow canine, stunning him briefly.Swiftly and without even looking back, the Agumon leapt through the hole created from his missed attack eariler and dashed into the foilage.

"Oh, that's just great," Koji mumbled. "Just what we need running around loose. A crazy Agumon."

"We'll go track him down,' Boarmon reassured. "Both of us have great senses of smell, so it shouldn't take us long."

"Yeah, you guys better get back,' Doggymon added.

"But we gotta find that Digimon before it hurts someone!" Takuya exclaimed.

"Yes, we know that," Boarmon replied. "But also remembered that you don't have your spirits anymore. If that Agumon corners you, he'll turn you into ash easily."

"I know...." Takuya replied. "But it doesn't feel right doing nothing."

"Don't worry about it," Doggymon answered. "It's just a Rookie, we can handle it."

"Yeah, guess you're right,' Takuya smirked. A Rookie didn't stand much of a chance against a Champion and an Armor.

"What about Patamon though?" JP asked, holding up the tiny bat-eared creature that was still shaking slightly.

"Well...it's probably best that he stays with you guys for a while,' the flaming pig decided. "Just don't get into too much trouble, okay?"

"Kay," Patamon answered, nodding.

"Well, see ya!" Doggymon called out, zipping into the woody area.

Boarmon gave them a simple nod, then followed his yellow canine friend out of sight.

Takuya turned to the others.

"C'mon, let's get back before anything else happens."

Next...the fun begins ^_^


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D

YOU HURT HIM, I WILL GO UKBARM ALL UP AND DOWN YO' ARSE! (Ukbarm=Ultra-killing-bishie-avenge/revenger mode) >_<


Nice updatedness, WM!! \ (^o^) /
Mar 7, 2005
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Well...this won't be the most pleasant thing for Takky, but if nothing is done then Takky will keep it inside him and suffer. So it has to come out, right?

DM: Sides, this story wouldn't have a point otherwise. <_<

Data Set 6: When the Dam Breaks

"Dammit, hope they find that thing soon."

Takuya jogged at a steady pace on the sidewalk, his brown eyes darting around him just in case a fireball suddenly came out of nowhere. Their encounter with the rogue Agumon had taken place the day before, and Boarmon and Doggymon still hadn't found him yet. Though he held nothing against his Digimon friends, this fact continued to baffle him. I mean, how hard could it be to find a dinosaur? They weren't exactly native wildlife to these parts.

To the right of him was the street, a rather calm road that only had the occasional car or truck lazily gliding by. Just on the other side of the road was a string of comfy houses, one looking not so different than any of the others. The grasses were clipped neatly, as usual, and he saw no one outside.

This was a private, somewhat paranoid neighborhood he was in, and the absence of people casually walking down the sidewalk, or out taking advantage of this beautiful day, made him feel somewhat out of place. This area was too perfectly groomed, too robotic, and seeming more programmed than the Digital World itself.

Then again, since when did the Digital World seem programmed to him? Everything there was random, with no guidelines at all. Whatever guidelines that had been there were broken long before he and his friends came and left. It was the Digimon, and occassional glitch, that determined its fate, not a code.

And yet here was a place that seemed straight out of a programmer's plans, running just how it should, no exceptions. If he hadn't been sure it was the real world, he'd thought he was in some kind of virtual enviroment. How ironic, when data seems more real than matter.

To his left, a vivid, tangled woods, beginning only a few feet from the sidewalk. It was overflowing with trees of all kinds, and well as animal beings sheltered by its branches and leaves. He couldn't see the animals, but he knew they were there. Sometimes he heard a twig snap, or a nameless bird suddenly burst out in lively song. Other times he heard insects chirping, or heard a croak from somewhere in the darkness that the forest created to protect its inhabitants.

It was that darkness that obscured his view in the woods. He could only see so far into the palace of trees before the blackness abruptly cut off all sight. In that darkness were many living beings, hiding from the strange noises produced by the man's world just beyond. Outsiders not welcome.

And what was he doing, caught between these polar opposites? Training, of course. Training for that big game coming up in a few days. Training, so that could face it head on. Training so he wouldn't let his team down. Training, so that he could her his family and friends cheering him on, letting them forget their problems for the duration of the game. Training, to shut his brain off for the time being, so that he didn't have to think, didn't have to remember.

He didn't care that his legs hurt from all the running. He'd been through worse, all the others had been through worse. He could handle it. He'd have it handle it; everyone was counting on him.

Suddenlt Takuya heard a shattering sound. All around him, pieces of glass rained down around him, fragmenting further as they crashed into the oblivious cement. Amazingly, not one shard even touched the boy with the purple baseball cap.


Looking up, he saw he was right under a tall lamplight. The protective glass had been smashed, and the fluorescent bulb inside broken, but it glowed with a furious light, occasionally spitting out a few electric spark up into the air in some random direction.

He cringed as he felt that power rush through him, again.

Why is it that the electronics know what's gonna happen before I do?

Clutching his stomach with one hand, he staggered into the woods, slipping away into its haven of darkness. He let himself sink down onto his knees to rest, so he could focus his strength on making it go away. Worried that someone might see the light that was beggining to emit from his body, he scooted behind a rather large tree so maybe he wouldn't be noticed.

Leave me alone, dammit!

The pulsing of the light that clung to him only became more defiant, becoming stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter. He was clutching both his sides now.

I just want to be myself...

The throbbing in his limbs paid no heed to him.

I don't want to...

A scream erupted from his lungs as a new wave of power ripped through him. The light stopped pulsing, instead becoming a constant cocoon around his body.

It took him only a few moments to realize it.

This wasn't going to stop this time.

Yep, Bishie torturing and a cliffhanger. Heh, ain't I evil? XP

It should be know that no Takuyas have been harmed in this fic. It's an act folks! He's just doing his job.
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Relax. He's okay. See? (drags out Takuya)

Takuya: Hi! ^_^

DM: I thought I told you. The chars here are actors. I just plan the story, and WM puts them into words. Nobody's actually being hurt <_<. How can we hurt what we don't own? Sheesh.

First thing he did was run. He ran towards the darkness of the forest, allowing it to swallow him. He didn't care where he was going, or what the others would think if he didn't show up for today's gathering at the park. Right then all he wanted to do was to go anyplace, anywhere without people, to get as far from them as he could.

Takuya didn't pay the slightest attention to where he was going, oblivious to all the branches and vines that were lashing out maliciously at him. He didn't taste the dryness in his throat, or smell the saltiness of his skin. His ears were deaf to the ripping sounds created by his tearing clothes. It was like a black veil had been pulled over him, blocking out all sensations from the outside world.

The next thing he became aware of was that an blurred emerald nebula was swaying erratically in his vision. It took him a few seconds to realize that he was on the ground, on his side, and that that emerald nebula hovering omniously above him was the dark canopy of the forest. His mind embraced by a fog, and for quite a while he lay there, pondering just how he managed to get in these dark woods, and why he felt so tired.

A sharp sting shooting through his limbs reminded him.

Immediately he sat up, trying to fight the dizziness that rushed his mind soon after. Convienantly for him, there was a large tree for him to lean back on, so he didn't need to stress his aching muscles any more than he needed to.

Why am I still fighting this, anyway? I'm in a secluded enough spot. I'm sure I'll be able to find my way over there once this is done and over with. Worst thing that'll happen is that they'll probably will be a new urban legend floating around, about a monster who lives in those big, scary woods near 54th Street. It's not like I'd hurt anybody. Well, I hope not...

He continued to watch the cloud of tree leaves shudder as a vagabond breeze drifted by.

Guess I'll know soon enough...


That was Takuya's scream!

Zoe had been trying to find her lost purse, tossed into the wilderness of the forest when she had slipped and fallen into the woods by accident, when she heard it. It had taken her no time to recognize the pained voice, and even less time to rush into the heart of the woods.

Now here she was, trying to force back the ill-tempered hands of the trees to prevent them from slapping her in the face. Thanks to the unfriendliess of the woods, she was hacking her way through the forest at a far slower rate than she like, ocassionally calling out Takuya's name in hopes of a response to guide her. Where was he? He could be anywhere!

I bet that moron tried to attack that Agumon and got himself fried. Sure, being a soccer player makes him stronger than most people, but not that much stronger. Why's he always gotta play the hero and get himself hurt? Does he think that helps our egos any?

Furiously snapping branches out of the way, she marched through a thicket of tall weeds full of burrs.

Geez, that guy drives me nuts! Always have to go save his butt whenever his so-called 'Brilliant Plan' goes haywire on him. I swear, that guy just doesn't have a brain...

Now clear of the the weeds and carrying quite a few unwanted souveneirs on her clothes, she charged up the steep hill of gray clay that awaited her. Her shoes, a casual pair of sneakers, were not the best for this job, however, and she often found herself face-to-face with the dirt.

Dammit...bet that Agumon's chasing him even now, trying to make him into a barbeque-flavored lunch. Stupid Takuya's probably running around in a panic, dodging fireballs. Or maybe not even that. Might already be passed that, as far as I know...

She shuddered at that last thought, and, not paying attention, found herself suddenly tumbling down the other side of that steep hill. It seems the top of that glorified mole mound was rather small, and the ledge had been concealed by a collection of thick old trees. She had stepped over the boundary before she even realized what she had done. The involuntary plummet was ended with a crash into a large pile of leaves that concealed a pit. In a few moments she surfaced the pool of tree discards, spitting out a few dried-up leaves.

As she pulled herself out of the pit full of leaves, she realized that this part of the woods was far darker than the parts she'd forced her way through eariler. Everywhere trees were looming over her, their mighty green leaves and extending branches blotting out almost all sunlight. In fact, it was a surprise that she could see anything at all.

That's when she realized that there was a source of faint golden light pouring out between the knotted trees to her left. She slinked through the ancient, twisted plant life that resided there to approach this glow. She hadn't put a single thought about it; it was the closest thing she had to a lead she'd had since this whole insanity started.

The blonde with lengthy hair, now stuffed full of burrs, twigs, and dead leaves, found herself in a diminutive area, full of nothing but stubborn grass and willful weeds. The aged, gnarled trees surrounded the area, acting as guardians for this undisclosed spot. Their leaves still kept the sun outside, but this place had a fair amount of light in it.

Then she saw him. His purple shirt was in tatters, and his jeans full of thorns. That beloved baseball cap of his was the unwilling transport of various burrs and leaf fragments. Those goggles of his now bore battle scars on their lenses, where rogue branches had slashed at them. Remarkablely, not a scratch was to be seen on the brunette, but he was obviously in bad shape, as his head was leaning forward and his eyes were possessed by a clouded look.

But the thing that really caught Zoe off guard was that he was cloaked in a golden light, making him seem almost saintly in appearance. It didn't light up the area very much, but the stark contrast he had with these heavily shaded surroundings was more than enough to isolate him in the darkness.


Heh, another cliffhanger. But you got two chappies in one day, so don't complain XP.

Takuya: And don't worry, I'm just fine! (waves to everyone)


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