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Foreteller Boss Fights

Aug 25, 2021
How do you think we might face the Foretellers in KHIV as bosses? Maybe an improved version of how their boss fights in Chi work? I can also imagine their Keyblades can transform into different weapons like Formchange. For example:

1. Ira
Type of Fighter: Warrior/Paladin

-When the Player faces him in the Keyblade War from KHX, he fights using light constructs. The only one we've seen so far is he can make spikes of light that impale a person holding them in place, and then creating a swirl of light around his keyblade he spears straight through the bound enemy. I can imagine his Keyblade can transform into a Sword/Spear considering his role as a Leader and use it to create light combo-based attacks. I can also imagine he will throw a lot of light projectiles as a long-range attack. I can see that his skills is going to be similar to the Armor of the Master from BBS Final Mix with a mixture of Data Saix from KHII/III.

2. Invi
Type of Fighter: Mage

-When the Player faces her in the Keyblade War from KHX, she uses all 4 primary elements of magic fire, blizzard, thunder, and aero by channeling them into concentrated orbs and then combines the orbs together for cool combinations. She essentially appears to be like Aqua except we can probably expect her attacks to be more powerful. Her Keyblade can transform maybe into a Whip or a Bow for long-range attacks. I can imagine that she will keep focusing on her enemy by creating a lot of long-range attacks depending on a Formchange she uses. Her skills is going to be similar to Aqua's magic with a mixture of Marluxia's fighting skills.

3. Aced
Type of Fighter: Berserker

-When the Player faces him in the Keyblade War from KHX, he can rend both the air and ground asunder not unlike lexaeus except his slashes are so powerful they create a vacuum that draws things in. Aced's forte is extreme strength and durability he's basically Lexaeus and Terra joined as one but substitute the earth focus for just extreme power. Similar to Lexaeus, Aced can maybe transform his Keyblade into Hammer or Axe to create earthquakes and brutally slam opponents. A shield might be my second option for defense or it's because of his role as a right-hand man. His skills is going to be similar to Lexaeus with a mixture of Terra's.

4. Gula
Type of Fighter: Speedster

-When the Player faces him in the Keyblade War from KHX, he can create fast-paced attacks. His Keyblade can transform maybe into claws similar to Blizzard Claws and he can create thunder-based attacks since his Keyblade design looks like a spark of lightning. His skills is going to be similar to Larxene and Roxas.

5. Ava
Type of Fighter: Ninja

-When the Player faces her in the Keyblade War from KHX, She makes clones of herself to attack from all sides, can disguise herself and mimic the powers of the other foretellers, and create entire dungeons complete with armies of enemies. Ava is probably the most dangerous because of this power, she's makes Zexion's illusions look like parlor tricks. She can be ninja based fighter with a combination of illusions, and I think she can transform her Keyblade into Shuriken or some sort of ninja-based weapon. She can maybe also create afterimages to confuse you and I think her skills will be similar to Data Xion with a mixture of Zexion.

6. Luxu/Xigbar
Type of Fighter: Gunner/Sniper

Now it could happen two ways here:
-As Xigbar: It's obvious of how the fight is going to happen. We faced this guy two times in two previous games, but after the big reveal in the epilogue in KHIII they also reveal about his character as a Keyblade Wielder from the past. Who is possessed by an ancient Keyblade Wielder known as Luxu. If we are going to face him with the Keyblade this time maybe his No Name Keyblade can transform into an upgraded version of his Sharpshooters as a long range attack. Maybe his Keyblade can also transform into different guns like an arrowgun, sniper, rocket launcher or railgun similar to Shooting Star and Honey Blasters Formchange. I hope he can also perform sick combo moves on his Keyblade other than just relying on his guns similar to the No Heart boss fight from BBS Final Mix who can also perform other Formchanges to create other devastating attacks.
-As Luxu: I'm talking about the original incarnation of Luxu the same Luxu that we met in UX before he did the body-hopping. If there will be a scenario that he will discard Braig/Xigbar's body after defeating Xigbar in the first phase of the fight, then perhaps we might meet his original self with a face reveal this time. I can imagine that he will share the same skills of the vessels that he possessed including Brain, Braig and other vessels that he possessed. He will perform a lot of close range attacks and he can create a lot of dark-based attacks. He can create dark-constructs/projectiles as a long range attack. His Formchange is maybe going to be the same as Xigbar or we might see other weapons other than guns. I can imagine this will happen in the second phase of his fight. His skills is going to be similar to Dark Riku and maybe Xigbar.

7. Master of Masters
Type of Fighter: Jack-of-all-Trades

-Now this is just my personal preference since we have never seen him in action yet. He can create 13 Keyblades with Gazing Eye designs, similar to Royal Arms or Armiger from FFXV with a mixture of Sora's Ultimate Form. He is also surrounded by multiple blades in this form, all of the blades floating in a circle through telekinesis. I can also imagine his Keyblades can also turn into different weapons through Formchange similar to the Data Master Xehanort boss fight. I don't know guys maybe the Master having an Armiger-based similar type in his fighting style could work in his character considering he might be a Jack of All Trades type of fighter. I can imagine he possesses a unique ability to learn the abilities of other allies/enemies that he faced. I can also imagine he can share the same Formchanges of the Foreteller's abilities to perform outstanding attacks making him difficult to attack. In terms of attacks, I have no idea, because we know so little of what he's actually capable of in terms of his powers. His boss fight is going to be similar to Xemnas and Data Master Xehanort, Xehanort Goat Armor in KHIII Re: Mind.

I decided to write out how I envision this being executed. I apologize for it being lengthy. What are your takes on the Foreteller's boss fights, since they are going to be the next antagonists as the Lost Masters? My hope for the Foreteller boss fights is to face them in their data forms similar to Organization 13.


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Dec 20, 2018
As someone who didn't play the mobile games personally, I can only speculate on what I've seen of them from Back Cover and guess what their styles could be based on their body builds, so I'm going in near blind for this lol. I do think we'll see shades of evolved previous fights.

Ira: If I had to guess Ira is going to be a tougher more refined version of Dark Riku. Not as random as he was but I can see a boss fight with him having a lot of guards that counter the players attacks. I also can see shades of the Sephiroth fight in there, with very difficult and fast moving sword attacks that if caught off guard will end the fight. Ira strikes me as a master swordsman so I see it being a Dark Riku/Sephiroth style battle. We'll see if that happens.

Aced: My main bear Aced! I 100% feel he is going to be a perfected, retooled, and refined Data Lexaeus. And as someone who loves all things Lexaeus I would be all for it. I also think he'll have a splash of Data Terranort in that many of his attacks will be devastating and cannot be guarded.

Invi: I don't know what her style could be. I didn't see her use much magic in Back Cover. If she was a mage fighter in the mobile games then they can do that for a boss fight in a future title.

Gula: Grrrrr, this leopard. If he's the speed guy then I can see really fast moving styles but also shades of Vanitas in trolling. To me Gula comes off as a troll, so I expect to see lots of fake out attacks along with fast moving counters to punish players who get to button mash friendly.

Ava: The fox herself. I expect this to be the successor to Data Xion, a smol badass who frustrates everyone the first time. Fast attacks, punishes certain styles. I heard she can turn into other Foretellers or something? If so use that in the boss fight, and have her combo string other Foreteller attacks to her own to frustrate everyone and make them rage quit!

I don't know about Luxu or MoM enough to think of what they could be, but at the very least I can see some of Xigbar's old style being worked into a Luxu fight. This is all just speculation of course, but fighting the Fur-tellers is one of the highlights I'm looking forward to in KH4.