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>>For those who need Sythesis Items<<

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Oct 12, 2005
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Tailing Ichigo, following his many exploits!
I can post this here...right? ^-^
Just thought i would post up which enemies give out which item that corresponds to the item on your synthesis recipe~ =][KH2 ITEMS]

Synthesis Moogle bonus items:
Give the following items to the Synthesis Moogle to get the corresponding bonus item.
AP Boost: Give all Mythril Materials.
AP Boost: Five 25 types of Material.
Defense Boost: Give All Bright Materials.
Elixer: Five one type of Material.
Free Development: Give 5 types of Material.
Free Development 2: Give 20 types of Material.
High Drive Recovery: Give 10 types of Material.
Magic Boost: Have 40 types of Materials and all Serenity types.
Megalizer: Give 15 types of Material.
Orichalcum: Have 45 types and 1,000 total Materials.
Orichalcum+: Have all types.
Power Boost: Have 35 types of Materials and all Energy types.
Serenity Gem: Have 250 total Materials and all Dense.
Serenity Crystal: Have 500 total Materials and all Twilight.
Serenity Shard: Give a total amount of 50 or more Materials.
Serenity Shard: Give total amount of 100 or more Materials.

NOTE: There are only 7 Orichalcum+ in the entire game! You will acquire 2 by completing certain tasks in the Synthesis list. One from a tournament in the Underworld. I think you get one at TWTNW.
REMEMBER: Doing magic spells as well as the area may effect which item you get.
Dusk: Twilight Shard
Creeper: Dense Shard
Dragoon: Dense Shard
Assassin: Twilight Gem
Samarai: Dense Gem
Sniper: Dense Stone
Berserker: Dense Crystal
Gambler: Twilight Shard
Sorcerer: Twilight Crystal
Shadow: Dark Shard
Soldier: Dark Shard
Large Body: Power Shard
Emerald Blues: Lightning Stone
Crimson Jazz: Blazing Crystal
Air Pirate: Dark Crystal
Minute Bomb: Blazing Shard and Bright Stone
Hammer Frame: Blazing Shard and Power Stone
Bulky Vendor: Bright Shard, Gem, Stone, Crystal
Cannon Gun: Blazing Stone
Rapid Thruster: Lightning Shard
Morning Star: Power Crystal
Fiery Globe: Blazing Gem
Icy Cube: Frost Gem
Fat Bandit: Blazing Gem
Gargolyle Knight: Energy Shard
Gargoyle Warrior: Dark Gem
Aeroplane: Frost Stone
Hot Rod: Frost Stone
Night Walker-Dark Stone
Bolt Tower: Lightning Shard and Energy Gem
Living Bone: Frost Crystal
Shaman: Power Gem
Aerial Knocker: Power Gem
Tornado Step: Blazing Stone
Crescendo: Bright Crystal
Armored Knight: Lightning Shard
Neoshadow: Bright Crystal and Lucid Crystal
Fatal Crest Keyblade:
Complete The Goddess of Fate Cup in the Underworld.

If there is anything that is incorrect here, tell me, and i'll edit it ^-^
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