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"Flurry of the Mixed up Destiny"



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Jan 13, 2010
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So I was talking to xiolio_tiessa628, and she was looking for a fanfic that involved Axel and Roxas as puppies. So I offered to write one..XD.
Yes, it was a bit crazy considering how much else I have to do. But whatever. XD.
I think it'll be 3 or 5 chapters. So anyway, here's the first chapter:

CH 1 "Flurry of the Mixed up Destiny"
Slight AkuRoku, AkuRokuShi.
Summary: Axel and Roxas come across something in Vexen's old lab that causes them to turn into canines. Xion, the only one they can even trust with that, works to keep their transformation a secret, but how long can she succeed...?

"Hey, Axel."


"I keep wondering...what's behind this door?"

Axel turned to the blond, and looked at the door that he had stopped in front of. The two had just been on the way back the Grey Room when Roxas asked the question.

"Oh, that's Vexen's labratory," Axel shrugged. "It could have been full of stuff. But now that Vexen's gone...I dunno. Could be cleared out by now."

"Can we check?" Roxas asked. He stared at the door curiously. It wasn't much different than the rest of the doors...gray, boring, and etched with Organization XIII's symbol.

Axel sighed. With the amount of interest Roxas was showing, it would suck to disappoint him. What happened to the time when Roxas didn't show much interest in anything?

"Sure," Axel nodded. "But we have to hurry, or you know Saïx will get on our case for slacking."

"Of course. We'll hurry!" Roxas looked like he was trying to suppress a grin, though that wasn't completely working out for him.

Axel walked past his smaller friend and pushed open the door. The room behind it was full of experimental equipment and chemicals.

Axel coughed, trying not to inhale any of the dust that opening the door had disturbed. "What kind of stuff did Vexen do in here??" The place was literally packed.

"Hey Axel, what's this?" Roxas had something in his hands, some kind of vial. It was huge.

"R-don't touch that!" Anything made by Vexen shouldn't be messed with. "Roxas, put it down! Let's go...you've seen the room, and we shouldn't mess around here."

"Okay.." Roxas sighed. As he was about to put the large vial down, however, he dropped it.

The sound of glass and liquid splashing everywhere made Axel cringe. Liquid splashed all over the two, almost drenching them.

How much crap was in that bottle, anyway?? Axel wondered before his body started feeling...weird.

Suddenly he felt that he was shrinking, and he saw the world from a few feet lower than before. He had transformed into some kind of German Shepard dog--one with long, reddish fur, especially long around his head and neck, making it look like he had a mane.

Roxas, on the other hand, had turned into a Labrador puppy--one with spiked fur all over.

What the hell is this...? Axel wondered.

Axel...? Roxas's voice flowed into Axel's mind.

Roxas? Yeah...okay...so why is your voice in my head?

I thought I was hallucinating.. Roxas replied. This is so weird...but I gues we can communicate through thoughts.

It seems so... Axel tried not to think about the fact that he was now a dog--but that was near impossible.

It was that vial that you broke, wasn't it..? Axel's human-like mind immediately attempted to find something, someone, to blame. That's why we're like this! I told you that we should hurry, and you just went and...caused this to happen.

I'm sorry.. Roxas whined a bit, causing Axel to feel guilt.

Axel sighed. It's alright...we just have to figure out how to get back to normal.

But how?


Xion had been waiting in the Grey Room for a while, wondering where Axel and Roxas were. What's taking them so long..? she wondered.

"Why are you not yet on your mission?" Saïx demanded of Xion.

The girl sighed. "I'm worried about Axel and Roxas," she murmured.

"You are what?"

"I'm worried. About my friends."

Saïx scoffed. "Friends? We don't have hearts. What reason do you have to worry over such a fake friendship?"

"It's not fake," Xion argued stubbornly.

"If you would, being quiet would be appreciated," Saïx gave his usual glare. "Quiet--on your mission."

"I thought you said that we couldn't feel emotions," Xion smirked as she pushed herself off the couch. She gave one last glance toward the entry way of the Grey Room before opening a Dark Portal and heading to her mission in Agrabah.


Defeat Heartless...collect hearts...will I ever get anything different? Xion wondered, as she summoned her Keyblade in response to seeing Heartless.

She slashed at a Loudmouth, causing it to make a deafening screech. Resisting the almost unbearable urge to cover her ears, she struck again, killing off the creature.

More appeared.

I've almost reached the goal... Xion realized, after more fighting. But...why don't I collect more?

She kept fighting, soon well over the heart collection goal of the day. With each minute that passed, her energy lowered...but the numbers of Heartless didn't seem to.

Eventually, she had to give up. Xion summoned a Dark Portal and headed back to the Grey Room to report her mission results to Saïx.

"You've collected enough hearts, I presume?" Saïx asked, once Xion arrived.

She nodded. "Yes. Have you seen.."

"Numbers VIII and XIII haven't appeared, yet," Saïx stated.

Xion sighed and opened another Dark Portal. This time, to Twilight Town. Maybe they'll be at the clock tower...


So...what are we supposed to do? Roxas asked.

Axel shook his head. Figure out how to change back.

That would take a while.. Roxas pointed out.

You think maybe Xion could help? At least she had hands. Regular legs. It would be easier for her to find something.

Yeah, Roxas nodded. But...do you think we should wait at her room? I don't think we can open Dark Portals..

We have to try not to be seen, though, Axel said.


I doubt the Organization allows dogs...


There was an awkward pause before Axel 'spoke' again.

Let's go up to her room, then...but follow my lead. We don't want to get caught.


Xion bought an ice cream and headed up the stairs of the clock tower. "No one's here.." she murmured.

Still, she sat and ate her ice cream while watching the sunset. "I wonder where they are.."

Without anyone to talk to, she finished her ice cream quickly. Xion took a Dark Portal back to the Castle, then headed up to her room.

When she saw two dogs in her room, she gasped in surprise. Where did they come from!?

She quickly closed the door, then turned back to the dogs. She noticed one was actually a puppy. And they had some resemblance to..

"Axel? Roxas?" Xion started toward them.

The large dog nodded. Got it memorized? Axel asked in her mind.

Xion didn't know whether to laugh or be shocked. The result was a bit of both. "What happened..?"

Ask Roxas, Axel nudged the smaller pup.

Hey! Roxas whimpered. Then he looked toward Xion. I..we were in Vexen's lab, and I dropped this large vial...and it somehow changed us.

"So that's why you were gone all day...?"

Roxas nodded.

"Well, what should we do..?" Xion asked. "Should we tell Xemnas...?"

No! Axel barked--quietly. It has to stay secret.

Xion nodded. "Okay. So...I guess you two can sleep in my room. Either here, or the lab. Would that work..?"

I suppose.. Axel stretched a bit, then walked around. But where..?

"Well..." Xion tried to think of something. "I'm not sure if there are any extra blankets in the Castle.."

((DISCLAIMER: This is quite OOC, I think. And I don't own KH, but that's quite obvious, and it is FANfiction after all.))


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Dec 15, 2009
Thanks, I really owe you for this. Keep up the good work. By the way, I'm very big fan of dogs and animal transformations.


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Jan 13, 2010
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Thanks, I really owe you for this. Keep up the good work. By the way, I'm very big fan of dogs and animal transformations.
Np~ ^.^
I love dogs~. And cats too. And wolves. And stuff like that...xD.
This is the first animal transformation story I've done, and I haven't read any stories like that...but it seems pretty cool :p :3.