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Fanfiction ► :\Flu Attack at Castle Oblivion:/

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Vampire Fish
Jan 1, 2005
Fleet Street
This was a little parody I came up with when I was bored. Mainly it has all of the Org. members, cooped up in Castle Oblivion with the flu. Based on a GG episode, They are on the brink of killing each other, trying to prove that they are going to win the Organization's most renowned award. It'll be about 3 parts at most

Flu Attack at Castle Oblivion

It was a bright, sunny, and clear day at Castle Oblivion. All of the members were currently preparing for the Friend of the Organization Banquet, where one member of the Organization was chosen to receive the prestigious reward.

In the parlor, Roxas was currently sewing the hem of Marluxia’s trench coat. The problem was that Axel kept fidgeting, and Roxas was getting agitated, “Stand up straight!” The blonde cried in irritation. Marluxia then spoke up, “I am standing up straight!”

Roxas glared, “No, you’re not! You’re slouching; you’re trying to pretend that you are not tall. You do it all the time!” Marluxia rolled his eyes as he flipped his fluffy, pink hair. Roxas then added, “Ever since the mailman asked why ‘a woman would wear such high heels’.”

At that moment, Larxene came through the double doors, followed by Axel. The blonde woman was holding a silvery dress in her normally hostile hands, but Axel sighed as he sat down and drank his coffee. “Well guys, I did it! I finally succumbed to femininity and bought that dress I’ve been eying for a month!”

She held the garment up to her, so the others could get a good look at it. Roxas glanced at it before returning to his needlework, but Marluxia and Axel were letting their gazes linger a little too long.

“I thought you were going to wear the purple, silk one that you wore to last year’s banquet.” Marluxia noted as he finally managed to wrench his gaze away. Larxene smugly replied, “I changed my mind, I thought everyone would recognize it. It is such a stunning shade of amethyst!”

Axel muttered in to his coffee mug, “The only thing they’ll remember is the way you fall out of it…” Larxene looked scandalized as she screeched, “Axel!” The redhead merely shrugged and added, “If you asked them the color, half of them would say ‘flesh tone’.”

Larxene’s face flushed as she marched over towards the window to tear it open. “Forgive him Larxene. He’s just annoyed because he couldn’t find a date to the banquet.” Roxas informed her as he plucked one of the pins from his mouth, to stick in to the trench coat.

“I’m just being picky! The banquet dinner is a big deal; I don’t want to go with just anyone.” Axel grumbled as he drained the rest of his coffee from the mug. Larxene swished by and smiled, “You know, I don’t have a date either…”

Marluxia looked up with an inquired eyebrow, “Larxene can’t find a date?” He asked as if this was the bulletin of the century. Larxene looked up at Marluxia with a hint of resentment in her electric blue eyes, “Don’t be ridiculous! My only problem is that I can’t decide which of my many suitors I should flatter with an invitation.”

Axel and Roxas exchanged skeptical eye rolls before Larxene added, “After all it’s the social event of the season…” Zexion trudged in; his normal bed head hairstyle was just as tangled yet oddly attractive as ever. “I guess you’ll just have to break a couple hundred non existent hearts, Larxene.” He mumbled as he snagged a scone from the table.

Larxene solemnly nodded, “I know…I haven’t had to disappoint so many men since Gaston tore down the tavern…” All four of the men’s eyes widened as they exchanged suspicious gawks…

Suddenly, Demyx tromped in to the parlor and asked with a congested voice, “Does anyone know where the Aspirin is?” Zexion asked in a monotone without even looking up, “Buffered, time-release, or synthetic?”

Demyx looked confused at all of this medical jibber jabber and shrugged, “Time release I guess…” Zexion continued, still not looking up, “Capsule, tablet or liquid?” Demyx then blinked a few times before scratching his oddly styled hair with a shrug of, “Gee, I don’t know.”

Axel then told Demyx with a sigh, “Don’t take the one with the childproof cap. You’ll die before you can get the bottle open.” Roxas muttered something around the area of, “Damn straight.” The blonde was still working, so he tugged the thread through the needle.

Larxene then asked with an emotionless voice, “What’s up Demyx? You aren’t feeling well?” Demyx smiled and chirped, “Oh, just a little achy. That’s all.” Marluxia’s head shot up as he demanded, “Achy!? What kind of achy!? Headachy, stomach-achy, back-achy, what achy!?”

Axel then grumbled with a scowl, “Jeez, ‘Luxia relax! It’s probably just a cold. He’ll be all right…sadly.” Marluxia then looked over at Axel with a glare, “Yes, but I wont! I hear a story about someone catching a cold and I get one. I am very susceptible!”

Everyone stared at Marluxia in silence as he also put in, “I have low resistance. I have a tendency to be anemic, right, Roxas?” Roxas then agreed, “You are a hypochondriac.” Marluxia nodded, “That too.”

Demyx’s head rose as he emitted a cute, little sneeze, causing Zexion to reply, “Gesundheit.” Marluxia jumped about two feet in the air and clung to Roxas, “Stay away form me Demyx!” He ordered while pointing at the water wielder as if he were poisonous.

Roxas then closed his eyes in annoyance and asked, “Would you hold still!? I’ll never get this done by Saturday!” Axel too looked up and focused his emerald eyes on the nature wielder, “Yeah, let the poor kid do his work. Hey Roxas, if being in the Organization doesn’t work out, you can always be a seamstress.”

Axel chuckled at his own joke, Roxas too joined in before sticking Axel’s hand with a pin, “Very funny Hedgehog…” Marluxia went on ranting, “If I get near him I won’t need it on Saturday! I’ll be here in bed!”

Demyx smiled with a goofy grin as he placed a hand on Marluxia’s shoulder, “Aw, Maaar,” The pre Madonna recoiled, looking positively terrified of the sick teenager. Demyx then edged away as Marluxia’s scythe appeared in his hand, “Don’t worry, we’ll all be at that dinner. This is just an allergy.”

He sat down beside Larxene, who nodded in agreement as he continued, “Believe me, if I were coming down with something, I’d know it. I wouldn’t risk getting the rest of you sick.” Larxene then patted Demyx on the back, which caused the boy to sneeze right on top of Zexion’s scone. “You don’t have to worry about me. I never get sick.” Larxene told him, oblivious to Zexion staring down at his snotty scone.

“I take very good care of myself. I treat my body like a temple.” She smugly smiled as she leaned against the wall. As Roxas was leaving the room with the sewing kit in hand he nodded, “Yeah, open to everyone, day or night.”

Larxene’s angry gaze followed the blonde boy as he left the room, but soon locked on to Demyx, Marluxia and Axel who were sniggering in to their mugs.

And Zexion…he just sat there…poking at his mucus ridden scone.


3 Days Later…

On the couch of the Castle Oblivion library sat Axel, Demyx, Larxene, Marluxia and Zexion. Larxene sneezed in to a tissue, her face pale and sickly. Axel was holding the sides of his head, coughing as if he were about to hack himself unconscious. Demyx was sitting there, blowing his nose, and looking extremely under the weather.

Larxene rubbed her swollen eyes and groaned in pain, “Ohhh…” Axel’s head slowly looked up, “Take it next door Larxene…” He murmured with a scratchy voice. She then complained, “I feel hot!” Axel too joined in, “I feel cold!” as he rubbed his sides trying to create some heat.

Demyx then let his hands flop in to his lap and whining, “I feel guilty…” The three continued shivering, sweating and droning until Demyx added, “This is all my fault!” Marluxia then turned to Demyx and shook his head, “No, it’s my fault Demyx. The minute I found out you were contagious, I should have thrown you out on the street!” Marluxia growled as he glared at Demyx.

Demyx’s lower lip trembled and he whimpered, “I said I was sorry!” Larxene took the mirror from the end table and looked in to it with a groan, “Oh, I feel just terrible! My eyes are all puffy, my nose is red, and my glands are swollen.” She rubbed her throat before finishing, “Isn’t amazing how I can feel so bad and still look so good?”

Axel stared at her for a few moments with the look that said ‘you idiot’ until Roxas came in looking defeated, “I can’t believe it! Namine, the biggest slut I know, just turned down my invitation to the banquet!” He told the four sick Nobodies. Zexion questioned with a raspy voice, “If she’s such a big slut, why’d you ask her in the first place?”

Roxas informed him with a sigh, “Because she is the only girl I know who doesn’t wear a skirt that only goes up to her thighs! I hate that!” Axel looked up at his healthy best friend and shrugged pevertedly, “That never bothers me.”

Marluxia and Zexion silently nodded from his left.

The doorbell then chimed, causing Marluxia to look up, “Roxas, do you mind answering that?” The blonde fourteen year old shrugged, “Why not? Maybe I’ll get lucky.” As he walked towards the door he shook his head, “What am I talking about? If I was lucky, I’d be shacking up with Paris Hilton.”

He opened the door to allowing a grey man in a wheelchair to roll in, “Hello, I’m Dr. Finkelstein. I’m looking for an Axel…” Axel stood up and waved ever so slightly, “Nice to meet you, but we were expecting a ‘Sally’.”

Dr. Finkelstein wheeled up to the redhead and replied, “I’m afraid she couldn’t make it…little witch tried to slip me the deadly nightshade-I-I mean she’s having a baby.” Axel nodded, “Normally I’d be happy for her, but right now I couldn’t care less…”

He headed back over to the couch while asking, “What are you going to do for us?” The doctor scratched his brain, and caused Roxas’s left eye to twitch before responding, “Why don’t you tell me the type of symptoms you’ve been having…?”

He opened up his black briefcase as Demyx answered, “Well, I have a fever and my throat is sore and my tummy hurts,” The ghoulish doctor then began to feel Demyx’s throat as he continued, “And I keep having this recurring dream where I’m being chased by a giant Listerine bottle.” Dr. Finkelstein examined Demyx’s blue eyes as the congested Nobody finished, “And when I open my mouth the scream, all I can do is gargle!”

The doctor made a humming sound before holding a wooden stick against Demyx’s tongue to examine his throat. He then turned towards Axel, Larxene, Zexion and Marluxia before asking, “Are you experiencing the same symptoms?”

Axel bundled himself up and rolled his eyes as he replied, “Yes, except in my dream, I am being chased by a bottle of Viagra.” Larxene stared at the green eyed man with wide eyes until a fit of coughing made her look down.

“Let’s have a look at you…” The doctor addressed Larxene as he began to feel her glands, “This is the first time a male doctor has examined me…Feels kind of strange.” Dr. Finkelstein nodded in agreement, “I hear that a lot from women. So, if it will make you feel better, I used to be a woman.”

Larxene then yanked the wooden stick from her mouth and stared down at the doctor, looking shocked and scandalized. “I’m joking you Apathetic Princess…” He told her before grabbing his bag and heading over towards Axel.

Roxas stood up with his arms crossed, “All right, so what’s the verdict.” Dr. Finkelstein replied as he felt Axel’s glands, “Well, the flu is going around. I’m afraid you all caught it…”

The five sick Nobodies emitted pained groans as they heard the news. Roxas looked annoyed, “I told them that two days ago. Tell them something new for fifty dollars!” Zexion raised his head slowly, “How long is it going to last? 24 hours? 48 hours?”

The mad scientist replied, “We’re talking at least a week.” Larxene jumped slightly and cried, “A week!?” We have to go to a banquet Saturday night! Couldn’t you just give us a pill or something!?”

The man shook his head, “Sorry kids, you are just going to have to wait this one out.” At this news Demyx collapsed on top of Marluxia, “Mar, hold me!” He cried.

“GET OFF!” Marluxia growled as he shoved Demyx on to Zexion who glared as his
bagel was knocked to the floor. “Drink plenty of liquids, get rest and if you aren’t better by Monday, give me a call.” Dr. Finkelstein replied as he rode to the door.

Demyx whined as the doctor left the castle, “I can’t believe it! If modern science
can come up with cinnamon dental floss, why can’t they cure the flu!?” Roxas blew one of his spiky strands of hair from his cerulean eyes, “Modern science is overrated. Sometimes, home remedies can work much better.”

The sickly elementalists nodded as Roxas spoke up, “In Twilight Town, we’d go to Old Lady Cablarken. Whatever you had, she had a cure. She was most famous for these multicolored circles she used to treat ear infections. One day, she gave a batch to Rai, the town idiot. He misunderstood the directions and put it in his oven instead of his ears.”

Axel and Larxene exchanged glances as Demyx was gawking at Roxas, awaiting the end of the story. “I guess if you are an idiot with a hearing problem, you do things like that.” Axel grumbled as he sank deeper in to his red blanket.

“As it turns out, it wasn’t such a bad thing to do. The stuff tasted great and Rai and his partners Fuu and Seifer decided to market it.” Roxas took a bite of a cinnamon bun before adding, “At first it didn’t move so well. ‘Bite size fish with ear salve didn’t look too good in supermarkets. However, once Seifer changed the name to ‘Goldfish’, it moved like hotcakes.”

Axel pointed at Roxas with a grumble, “Rox’ you are making this up!” The blonde picked up his plate with a scowl at Axel, “So what? I’m a teenager; I’m supposed to be a no-good, snot-faced little liar…”

Axel collapsed against his pillow, leaving the others to stare at the door that Roxas just exited from…​
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Vampire Fish
Jan 1, 2005
Fleet Street
Well I was bored today, so I decided to write Part Two! ^_^

The Next Day…

Larxene was lying upon the couch in the library, bundled up securely in a wool blanket. Her electric blue eyes were closed, and her right hand was against her hot forehead. Axel then marched in to the room, but not dressed in a trench coat.

He was wearing a fur parka, a wool scarf, leather boots, and fluffy mittens…

He stood over Larxene, looming like an angry lion as he spoke out in a moody manner, “Larxene…where’s my heating pad?” The sick young blonde open one eye feebly before shrugging slightly with a grumble of, “How should I know…?”

Axel then picked up a long white cord, which was hanging over the arm of the couch. He stared down at her as he clutched the cord in his mitten before asking, “If this isn’t it, I’d like to know what other electrical appliance you’re using under that blanket…”

Larxene stared at him as he stared back at her. Aquamarine and sea-foam colored eyes glared each other down as Larxene finally replied, “Axel, you can’t have it. I need it. My chest is congested!”

Axel’s left eye twitched as his face began to grow red with anger, “And what about my chest!? It needs heat too!” Larxene promptly retorted with, “I don’t care about your chest, I only care about my chest!”

Axel then furiously threw the cord to the floor with a snarl of, “Well, you’re the only one who does…” Larxene’s nostrils flared, but she was too weak to make an attempt to gouge Axel’s eyes out.

Marluxia trudged in to the room, followed by Zexion whom was holding a muffin in his hand. Marluxia was adorned in a pink bathrobe, bunny slippers, and a hairnet…As Axel looked up to acknowledge them he had to do a double take upon Marluxia’s outfit.

“Raid the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy closet, did you Marluxia?” He murmured as he tugged at Larxene’s blanket, so he too could get underneath it. Marluxia could only glare at Axel with a stuffed nose, and his normally fluffy hair was knotty and unkempt.

“All right, Marluxia, try this on.” Roxas said as he walked in to the room holding a trench coat in his arms. Marluxia then sighed in anguish, “Forget it, Roxas, I don’t have the strength to stand up…”

Roxas stomped his foot, and his face was plastered with an adorable pout, “If you don’t try it on now, I can’t finish by Saturday.” Marluxia then raised his crusty face to the heavens and complained, “Who am I kidding?! I won’t be able to go to that banquet. None of us are!”

Roxas paused before asking, “Fine, can I have your date?” Axel shook his head at Roxas’s request to Marluxia, “Roxas, you don’t want to go with his date…You like girls, so go with a girl.”

Marluxia walloped Axel with a pillow before replying, “Yes, Roxas. You can have my date, my coat, and my dessert at the banquet! Just leave me alone with a thermometer in my mouth, and the one nostril I can breathe out of!”

At that second, Demyx came in to the Library…skipping and smiling, “Great news, guys! I found my musician’s medicine book! It has a cure for everything.” Roxas grabbed the muffin out of Zexion’s grasp and took a bite, “I hope it has a cure for crankiness, a lot of that is going around.”

As Roxas turned to leave Demyx opened his book and skimmed through the pages, “Cranky? Cranky…Would it be under anything else?” He questioned as he looked up at the others. Axel, Marluxia, Larxene and Zexion looked up in unison and said, “Try Axel.”, “Try Larxene.”, “Try Zexion”, “Try Flower-Boy…”

Demyx then frowned at them all and chirped, “Aw, come on guys. Let’s put on a happy face, and we’ll get better much faster.” The four exchanged annoyed glances as Demyx broke in to a story. “My Somebody’s cousin, Semyx, got his side burns caught it a paper shredder, and then-,”

“SHUT UP DEMYX!” All of them roared from under their blankets, mugs, and thermometers. Demyx pouted and shook his head as he drank something, “Well, excuse me. I didn’t realize it was ‘Gang up on Demyx’ day…”

Zexion looked up from his newspaper and informed him, “I have been cooped up listening to your retarded stories for three days now. You’re just lucky it isn’t ‘String Demyx Up From A Tree Day’!”

Before retreating back in to his mug, Demyx responded, “Well I am not going to let you four Gloomy Gusses rain on my parade. I’m just going to keep smiling…” Larxene peeked her head over the blanket she and Axel were sharing and asked, “Demyx, you are as sick as a dog, how can you be so disgustingly cheerful?!”

Demyx jumped from his chair, and caused Zexion to spill coffee all over himself. While the bed-headed Cloaked Schemer emitted a loud line of profanity, Demyx hurried over to Larxene and smiled, “It’s my musician’s medicine book. It has a great hot tonic recipe! Here, taste.”

Larxene put the hot mug to her lips and tipped it in the air, but a look of disgust was all that came across her face. “Demyx, this stuff should have a warning label!” She coughed as she thrust the mug back at the sick water wielder.

Demyx then smiled brightly and squeaked, “I know!” He then scurried back to his seat, stepping on top of Zexion’s newspaper as he went. Larxene then proceeded to blow her nose as if there was no tommarow, and that caused Axel to irritably look up, “Must you do that!?”

Demyx jumped to Larxene’s defense and replied, “She cant help it Axel. She needs to blow her nose…Or is that a banana?” The boy then threw back his head and laughed at his own dry joke.

Larxene’s face scrunched up in fury as she hissed, “You miserable-,” Marluxia then hit her with a fluffy pillow and grumbled, “Oh, would you two knock it off!? It’s time for Days of Our Lives.” He then headed towards the TV to turn on his favorite daytime soap opera.

“You can’t watch Days of Our Lives!” Axel snapped as he sat up, and Larxene seized more of the blanket. The blonde woman then asked Axel, “And why not?” The redheaded hedgehog then growled, “Because you watched it yesterday.”

Larxene then sat up and looked at Axel as if he only had one brain cell, “That is why we have to watch it today, Axel. To find out what happened! That’s why they always say, ‘Stay tuned for the continuing story of Days of Our Lives!”

Larxene put specific notice on the word ‘continuing’, but it did not ease her growing anger. She too, joined Marluxia at the TV, but was closely followed by a grumpy hedgehog. “Too bad, today, it’s my turn to choose, and we are not watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES!” Axel shouted as he thrust his crimson and white chakram in to the TV screen.

Larxene, promptly slapped Axel hard across the face, but the fiery man did not back down. “You are undoubtedly the bitchiest sick person I’ve ever met, not to mention the most unattractive.” He told her as he tossed his wool scarf over his shoulder.

Axel then stormed back to the couch and took custody of his heating pad, and pressed it firmly against his chest. “Aw, guys. Why do we have to watch TV anyway?” Demyx inquired. All of the members stared at him, with the exception of Zexion who was stomping in to the kitchen for a new muffin.

“We could play with Luxord’s cards, we can listen to my sitar, we can bake cookies.” Demyx cheerfully suggested. He then began to scold every one of them, “We can’t let this stupid flu get us down!”

Marluxia angirly pummeled the couch with his fists, “It’s bad enough that we have to miss the banquet! Must we also participate in a Girl Scout Gamboree!?” Demyx appeared taken aback by his comment, “Mar, I was only trying to be kind…courteous, helpful…”

“Well knock it off!” Axel snapped as Demyx ignited his fragile temper. “I’ve had it up to HERE with you’re damn cheerful attitude!” Axel swung his arm over his head, and knocked the chocolate chip muffin from Zexion’s hands to the floor.

“DAMMIT ALL!” Zexion raged and smacked Axel over the head in fury. Demyx’s brows furrowed as he whined back, “Oh, do you think it’s easy to be cheerful around the likes of you!?”

He then held up his piping hot mug with a cry of, “Do you know how many of these freaking hot tonics I have to drink, to keep on a happy face?! Well I’m not going to do it any more! I am not speaking to any of you!”

Axel then leapt to his feet with a roar of, “Me neither!” The other two members chorused, “Me neither, to either of you!” Zexion, however, was still fuming about his lost breakfast. The rest of them all yelled in unison, “FINE!”

As they marched towards the door, Roxas came in with a smile, “Great news! I got a date!” The members merely stuck up their noses and brushed past him silently. Roxas blinked as they left in silence, but that silence was broken by the slamming of five doors.

Roxas, stared after them with a frown, “Well, excuse me for trying to have a life!”


2 Days Later…

Demyx strode in to the kitchen with a frown, and he passed Axel who was drinking a glass of juice at the table. The musician pulled open the refrigerator door and peered inside before turning to Axel, “Do we have any orange juice left?”

Axel merely took the pitcher from the table and poured the orange juice in to his already half full glass, until it was almost overflowing. He proceeded to shake the pitcher, so that every drop was gone.

“No, we’re all out…”

Demyx slammed the refrigerator door with a look of pure fury upon his face, but Marluxia stomped in to the kitchen with a bloodthirsty expression. “All right, I want an answer and I want it now, which one of you has been dipping in to my Vick’s VapoRub!?”

Larxene also stormed in, looking sickly and dangerous as she roughly sat down across from Axel. Demyx, on the contrary strode up to Marluxia and looked him in the eye…of course he had to stand on his tip-toes to do that.

“I took it, and my chest was already completely coated. I did it out of spite, because you lost the pre-measured cup of my NyQuil!” Demyx hissed with malevolence. He then tromped away from Marluxia, whom was red in the face.

“Demyx, I took your stupid cup! You know why?” Axel growled at Demyx who shook his head in confusion, “Because I feel lousy, and being mean to you makes me feel better!” Axel told him with a steely emerald glare.

Demyx then cried out in betrayal, “Axel, you can go straight to H-E- double hockey sticks!” Axel paused before slowly asking, “Double hockey sticks?” Larxene sarcastically clutched where her heart would be and whimpered, “What language! My ears are burning!”

Axel then zoomed over to Demyx with a malicious grin, “Demyx, you know what you are? You are an A-1, first class, all-around nerd!” Demyx opened his mouth to retort, but all that happened was that his lower lip quivered and his eyes began to water.

Larxene’s eyes widened as she stepped forward, “Oh, Demyx, he didn’t mean that!” She told the crying musician. Axel blinked and cocked his head at her, “I didn’t?” Demyx’s tears slid down his cheeks as he resembled a lost, frightened child.

“This flu is driving us crazy!” Larxene screeched as she sat back down at the table with a frown. Marluxia nodded in defeat, “It’s gotten to all of us…Do you know that we have been at each other’s throats for the past two days?”

Demyx’s lip trembled as he walked over towards them and said in between sobs, “I’ve been the worst. I hope you can forgive me!” Axel sighed in annoyance and muttered, “I guess we have…”

Marluxia stood up with his fist raised in to the air, “Lets make a promise!” The other three stared at him, “You are starting to sound a lot like that boy in the jumpsuit, and that crack addicted duck…” Larxene eyed Marluxia carefully.

“I-I mean, let’s promise that we will help each other get over this flu!” Around the table, everyone agreed. Demyx then smiled sheepishly, “Would I be too much of a nerd if I asked for a group hug…?”

Larxene stepped backwards at this, but Marluxia dragged Axel forward with a nod of, “Of course not.” Demyx hugged each of them with a vice-like grip, and caused Axel to dive in to a coughing fit.

Roxas then came in, followed by Zexion who was filing some paper work. Roxas gawked at the three men hugging…well two, Axel was being dragged in to this. “What the hell are you doing!?” Roxas demanded as he continued staring at them.

Demyx looked up with a smile, “We’re having a group hug!” Roxas shook his head with disgust, “Well, knock it off. The neighbors will get the wrong idea…”​


Vampire Fish
Jan 1, 2005
Fleet Street
Gracias amigas y amigos. Don't worry, Kairi or Namine won't be Roxas's date.

this is either the 2nd to last part, or the third to last.

That night, due to Larxene’s out of whack powers, a lightning bolt hit Castle Oblivion. It rendered the spacious castle without heat…Castle Oblivion being a CASTLE, was becoming very drafty throughout the night.

At 2 am in the morning, Roxas was sleeping soundly in his bed, dreaming sweet dreams. About what is something you don’t want to know. All of a sudden, Axel came skidding in to his room, shivering and grumbling.

Seizing half of Roxas’s blanket, he crawled under the covers with his teeth chattering. Just as the redhead was finished getting comfortable Roxas mumbled, “Namine, if you wanna fool around, use a breath mint.”

Axel’s emerald eyes shot open, and he looked at Roxas suspiciously. Roxas then grumbled in response, “You’re gonna get pot all over me…” Axel then slapped his forehead and said, “Roxas, its me, Axel, go back to sleep.”

Roxas murmured a shot, “Oh…” The blonde angel was silent for a few seconds until his cerulean eyes opened in horror, “GET THE HELL OUTTA MY BED!” Axel then whimpered in distress, “Roxas, have a heart!” The fourteen year old snapped back, “I would gladly accept one, jackass!”

Axel continued his whining, “The heat went out! I’m freezing to death, and you are the only one with an electric blanket!” Roxas rolled his eyes in irritation before growling, “I’ll die with you in here! You’re like a heat sponge! You’ll take up all the heat, and in the morning I’ll wake up a frozen fish stick!”

Axel sighed at Roxas’s oh so clever simile before replying, “Don’t be stupid, and turn up the heat while you’re at it.” Roxas groggily picked up the control and responded, “It’s already on nine. On 10 you can cook a Hot Pocket!”

Axel growled back at the boy, “Good night, Roxas!” The two Nobodies were silent for about three minutes until Axel chuckled which caused Roxas to open one bleary blue eye, “You know, Roxas…This reminds me of the time the heat went out when you first moved in with us. I remember because you were still dragging around that sock puppet, Wendell.

I recall you woke up with your teeth chattering, and you tiptoed to my room, where Marluxia had to stay because Demyx trashed his room. You opened the door and whimpered, “Axel, Wendell is cold!” Roxas closed his eyes, a look of aggravation upon his face, but Axel still continued, “Axel, Wendell is-,” “Axel.” Roxas cut him off.

Axel asked, “Yes, Roxas?” Roxas then snarled, “Cut the crap, I’m not in the mood!” Axel shut up and closed his eyes again, but of course Larxene came stampeding in to the room. She dashed over to the side of the bed and clawed at the covers, “Oh Roxas, Axel, can I please share your electric blanket!?”

Both of the males answered in unison, “No.” Larxene then stamped her foot before crying, “Oh, come on! My bed’s never been so cold…especially on a Friday night!” Axel angrily snarled, “Oh all right, just hurry up!”

The electrical woman sprang in to the bed as if it were a lifeboat and emitted a, “Brrr!” before crawling under the covers beside Axel. She then sat bolt upright and asked, “Did you hear that sound?!”

Roxas then lifted his head up and replied, “Yeah, and as long as I’m in my own bed I’ll do what I want.” Axel emitted a yelp like a wounded wolf and edged away from Roxas, as Larxene gaped at the blonde boy, whom was still lying down and trying to fall asleep.

“I meant it sounded like the heat kicking on.” She informed them as she looked to the door. Roxas then sighed without opening his eyes, “Thank God. Get back to your own beds…” Before either Larxene or Axel could move, Marluxia and Demyx came running in to the room, “Guys!” Marluxia shivered as Demyx whimpered as he rubbed his sides. “What are you doing?” Axel questioned much to Roxas’s dismay.

“W-We were t-trying to get the heater to w-work. Right Mar?” Demyx told them with his teeth chattering. Marluxia growled back, “Yeah, and don’t call me that.” Larxene then announced, “Oh, Demyx you are a genius!” From her right both Axel and Roxas replied, “That’s something you don’t hear every day…”

The water manipulator continued, “It’s working okay now except for one little thing…I turned the air conditioner on and now it won’t go off!” The others emitted howls of displeasure, though Marluxia’s came out more little a girlish scream.

“Great! Now it’s going to be colder inside than it is outside!” Marluxia grumbled before kicking the wall in frustration. Demyx then hopped up and down on the spot, “I think there’s an icicle forming on the nose of my bunny slippers!”

Marluxia crawled in to the already crowded bed with a grunt of, “Move it Larxene!” Demyx then followed with a whimper of, “Move over Mar!” “I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT!” Marluxia roared from next to him as if his name had been sullied.

After much shoving and grumbling Demyx sighed, “There, that isn’t so bad.” Marluxia snapped back, “Get your bunny nose out of my butt!” They all fidgeted, so Roxas half shouted, “Let’s just get some sleep!”

“Goodnight, Roxas. Goodnight, Twiddle Dee, Goodnight, Twiddle Dum!” Axel replied. Demyx then sat up and asked, “Who am I, Axel?” The angry hedgehog roared, “TWIDDLE PAIN IN THE ASS!”

Demyx fell silent and silence set in for about a minute and thirty seconds until Demyx whined, “I’m not going to be able to sleep! I’m on the wrong side of the bed!” Marluxia poked his fluffy head over the covers and hissed, “Well I usually sleep on the left side, and I want to be on the left side!”

Roxas finally snapped and sat up, “What the hell is everyone so damn particular about!? In TwilightTown, five in a bed is a treat!” The other members stared at Roxas, horrified at the boy as he continued, “It means half the people in your house are on vacation! I had to sleep in the same bed as Hayner, Pence and Olette for two years!”

Roxas then added, “I was engaged to one for a very short period of time…but that’s another story.” Roxas shook his head before returning to his pillow. Of course the ever reliable Demyx chirped, “I wouldn’t mind hearing it!”

“Demyx, shut up! Everyone, stay where you are, and go to sleep!” Larxene growled. Once again, it was quiet for a record of three minutes before Demyx said, “Oh, darn I forgot something.”

“Go in your pajamas!” Marluxia snapped in frustration. Demyx giggled and shook his head, “No, not that. I forgot to say my prayers.” The young man got out of the bed and began to kneel down. Axel groaned in infuriation, “Demyx, God wouldn’t mind if you missed one night! He’s very busy these days…most of his free time is spent talking to George Bush!”

Demyx, regardless of his bunkmates crappy attitudes began, “Hello, God…it’s me Demyx. Sorry to get in touch so late, I hope I didn’t wake you!” Larxene whined at his behavior, “Oh, God…”

Demyx replied, “One at a time, Larxene…”

Axel, and Marluxia exchanged furious looks, bloodlust radiating in their eyes. “Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think you are still doing a great job. Course, there are some things I don’t understand…like povert, why the heck we can’t have hearts…and how a Thermos keeps things both hot and cold.”

Marluxia began to pull his hair out of his head in anger, resisting the urge to shove his scythe up Demyx’s ass. “However, you work your wonders in mysterious ways…A couple of years ago on a night like this, I would have frozen to death! Now, I have Larxene, Marluxia, Axel and Roxas to keep me warm…Take care of them God, if anything happened to them I would-,”

Demyx, thanks for the lovely prayer…”

Demyx’s blue eyes widened in astonishment as the deep voice added, “Now, shut up and get in to bed!” Demyx hastily nodded, “Amen!” He then scurried like a frightened mouse in to the bed and remained as silent as a clam.

Larxene, however, whispered in Axel’s ear, “Nice work, Axel.” The redhead opened one sea foam eye before shrugging, “…Wasn’t me…” Larxene’s eyes slowly opened, and they darted around the room curiously before she muttered in horror, “Sweet Jesus, am I in trouble…”

She then held up her hands and began in fear, “Now I lay me down to sleep…etc. etc.”


Saturday Morning

Axel and Larxene sat out on the balcony, rubbing their tired eyes and grumbling in exhaustion. Roxas, Demyx and Marluxia soon came out also looking tired. Roxas for some reason looked the most well rested as he sat down and began pouring syrup on his pancakes.

“…With all of us cramped in to that bed, I had to sleep in positions I never thought possible…” Axel grumbled as he rubbed his sore arms. The others chuckled at his statement, and Roxas, Demyx and Marluxia nodded with slight smiles, “Me too…”

They looked over at Larxene who was chuckling…but not saying, ‘me too.’… They all smiled at her, awaiting those two words, but they never came.

Zexion then marched through the sliding glass door and looked down at all the exhausted Nobodies, “…Have a little bedbug trouble?”

Roxas nodded, “Yeah…four.” He promptly glared at Axel, Marluxia, Demyx and Larxene. Zexion then began ticking things off his fingers, “Luxord, Saix, Xigbar, Vexen, and Xaldin caught your flu. So now, everyone is sick with the exception of Roxas.

Luxord says to shut up, his nose is so swollen you can’t even see his mustache. Xigbar is trying to listen to his ‘soothing’ country music and wants you all to know that if he is disturbed he will fill you with bullet holes. Vexen warns that if he doesn’t get quiet, he will slip poison in to your sodas. Xaldin and Saix are trying to sleep and if they are disturbed they will come in to your rooms at night and murder you all in your sleep.”

The others exchanged suspicious glances, “I’m locking my door tonight…” Axel muttered, and Roxas nodded, “I’m keeping my keyblades under my pillow…”



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