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Jul 16, 2015
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Okay I tried searching for this first and couldn't find it. Sorry if it's out there. Flick Rush. I'm Rank 7, working on uh... one of the 3 star difficulty ones. It was semi-easy up to this point. I get to the final round and can't seem to beat it. What are you supposed to do? I keep trying to select multiple cards to get my number way up but they always seem to break it before I can get the number high enough. It's too dang fast! :p

I'm using Ryu Dragon, Skelterwild and Tyranto Rex.

Edits: It's the TinPin Cup.

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Sep 8, 2016
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Here's a tip.
You're aware DE have an "hidden" attack they get if you block the enemy's one? Here's how it works:
- Use a DE like Ryu Dragon or Chef Kyroo (I'd say Chef is better because he has Cura when things get dicey but you can use the Dragon if you want)

- Block, meaning you slide the cards downwards (3ds version) or you select them with Square, I think (ps4 version). The block is like the attack, it has the value of the card and you can stack them up to raise that value. Make sure you block when the enemy is about to attack, or you're just wasting cards.

- If your block value was bigger than the enemy's attack value, you will have blocked the attack AND your block will be turned into Megaflare. Then, if you use Megaflare as an attack and you succeed, not only you'll inflict a considerable amount of damage, you'll damage the other two DE in reserve too. Megaflare damages every enemy for a long time (even if they're switching out).

- If you're good at it, you can literally win every Cup with just one DE and this strat (hence why Cura can be useful, your DE will definitely get damage if he fights 1 on 3), and get the star rank easily. It takes a bit of time to master it, and sometimes the card RNG is still awful, but it's doable.