Flesh-Eating Zombies + Pokemon World + Dead Island Inspiration = Craycray Awesomeness


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Mar 31, 2008
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I haven't worked out all the kinks or even got a rough draft, but along with some other ideas rolling around in my head and put in WIP documents in Microsoft Word, this idea just randomly popped into my head. I'm not at all sure how to tie it all together, but perhaps someone would like to collaborate with me and help flesh this idea out. Or hell, even a few people with ideas of their own so I can go from there.

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May 10, 2006
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Like I said on skype, I'm all for it.

If people are undead maybe they are people who now are infected with some strain of the pokerus virus, making them amazingly more potent like what would happen to a pokemon as this virus affects pokemon and now is afflicting humans, easily it could have caused mutations to produce "zombie effects" on humans .or even make them "poison, dark or ghost" human/zombies...

Maybe some agency was trying to create an experimental drug to enhance pokemon using the pokerus virus. The drug mutated further and ended up enhancing pokemon somewhat but changing into an affliction that affects people thus turning them into zombies.

That's what I thought of for now :3


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Oct 15, 2011
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On the note of it being something like pokerus, it could be like the Rage Virus like in 28 Days/Weeks Later. Not only do Pokemon reach their max potential faster and easier, but the pain they feel is dampened or completely absent. The new strand of pokerus might make them extremely hostile, making the pokemon like a perfect fighting machine that doesn't hold back and doesn't give up. This would sound perfect for either an underground to-the-death pokemon fighting organization, with secret broadcasts and bets and such, or an agency interested in fighting with pokemon for control again (like how the two kingdoms fought in the Lucario movie).

Or we could get even more similar to 28D/WL and have it be a strand of pokerus that scientists were trying to tamper with, but turns out to unlock the ancient potential of the illness that was tampered and bred exactly for full-out war, except maybe worse. This strand may become advanced and turns into the 'self-aware' kind of virus, wanting victims for food and to spread the disease (but usually not both at the same time).

Welcome to the world of better, faster, stronger and super-powered pokemon 'zombies'.

(as a note: the fact of whether the pokemon are still alive or reanimated is still completely up in the air, I just took some movie inspiration and ran with it)

(another note: anyone else liking the idea of a pokemon world ravaged by war and THEN being inflicted with zombies? I think the end of the war would be quite an interesting starting point for an RP like this, people relieved and letting their guard down while their pokemon get restless.)