First Response to Apathy (For the 18-30s gen)



All's End
Dec 15, 2005
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First Response to Apathy

The only sound that prevails is none at all
Everything is silent, even the bell is quiet

For when did we forsake everything in emotion
become motionless and passive to those with devotion

I see emptiness in your eyes as the guise is buried deep
within a web of lies is a silence of lambs and sheep

Care less I could not because your life to mean is null
Call me impartial, removed, these words just erode around my skull

Nothing gets in, I am steel, a monument that contests suffering
I know struggles and feel nothing as I've several years of buffering

Every one can attempt to change me of this unrelenting face
But even if everything around me perished, this guise remains in place

For I am as devoid as they come and stunned by the mark of death
Eons of agony has left me bereft of all but my eased continuous breath

But who am I really?

I am society today, the youth insensitive and removed from regret, guilt, and remorse.
I am a problem thats ever spiraling out of control should we resume upon this course.

For it marks the end when I can no longer tell my brother apart from a total stranger
Whether my skin is pale, amber, or purple, each life has a meaning beyond anger

Ask not for peace, but for understanding, compassion and empathy
War not amongst ourselves, but in-state a war against apathy

Author's Notes: This is something we've largely discussed practically every year in the number of Psych Courses i've had to take through my schooling. Something thats always kind of bothered me, is a sub-culture of apathy thats essentially emerged in our generation. I'm not an expert and don't claim to be one, but making observations from first-hand experience sort of gave the attention to this thought...some solid ground. I projected and searched for the muse, and eventually this is what I came up with.

This is pretty much for the older and younger millennials, as it refers to us as essentially one group.


Break the Spell
May 18, 2007
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It's definitely seems to be a prevailing theme of our generation. And from a poetic standpoint, it seems to lend itself to both literal comparisons to and metaphors of technology and honed stoicism in equal measure.