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Fanfiction ► First Fanfic. "Through Riku's Eyes"

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Apr 10, 2006
In my dreams
First Fanfic, yay! This fanfic, almost starts where Kairi&sora 4ever's fanfic left off. I really liked hers and was really sad for it to end, so I started one of my own. But instead of the point of view of Soars, I have it through Rikus point of view. I made a new character, her name is Destiny, just so you know and it starts in the Disney castle. Please tell me what you think!
Through Rikus Eyes
Chaper 1: For what was to come​

Why was he so lucky! He thinks his so great with his true love, Kairi! Kissing, cuddling and holding hands, it makes me want to hurl! I wish I was as lucky as Sora. Someone to hold, to help when their down, to kiss…Yeah that’s what I want!

Riku opened his eyes to face a royal mouse looking very anger and put out.
“You’re doing it again! Do you want to help save the universe or not?”
Riku lowered his head and whispered “Yes I do want to help, King Mickey.”
“Well, then pay attention. It doesn’t help when you start daydreaming. Where was I…Oh yes I remember now! There have been many reports of whole worlds being destroyed and strange black hooded men bring destruction where every they are-”
“Towns on fire, mayors murdered. I know, I know. What do you want me to do? Why aren’t you having Sora help you?” Riku said in a nasty voice, as he turned his head to stare at the wall.
“I was getting to that when you interrupted me! As you may or may not know, Xemnas has gone missing completely. I want you to get close with his daughter. She might be the key to unlocking this mystery.”
“Xemnas has a daughter!”
“Yes, he needed an heir, to one day take over the Organization. I was hoping you could help me, since it wouldn’t work for Sora, because he’s helping me some other way.”
“How old is she? What’s her name?” Riku mind was racing with thoughts.
“Her name is Destiny, and she’s about your age. Why do you ask?” But Riku didn’t hear the last part of what King Mickey was saying, he had started to get lost in his thoughts. Mickey shook and his head and sighed, leaving a note for Riku as he left the room.

I wonder if she’s pretty. I could show Sora he isn’t the only one to be able to fall in love! But she’s Xemnas’ daughter! You hate him with all your gut! But what if…
This went on for a half an hour, debating whether he should help King Mickey or not. In the end Riku decided that he would help on the account of wanting to help light triumph over darkness and wanting to meet this Destiny.

When Riku came to his senses, he realized that the Study was empty.
Why did this keep happening to me? I’m suppose to be a warrior! I’m suppose to be strong and hard and not get caught up in some stupid daydream! I’ve never daydreamed in my life! I should probably talk to Sora or even Mickey to figure out what’s wrong with me!
As Riku was thinking all this, he randomly found the note that King Mickey had left.

Dear Riku,
I’m very sorry about leaving you in the Study, but I had some important business to take care of. And I thought we had finished our little talk. I will arrange for you to meet Destiny tomorrow, so we can try to figure at what has been going on lately.
~King Mickey
P.S. I will help you to figure at what’s been going on with you lately.

At dinner time, the king was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was saying that Mickey often skipped dinner and worked in his Study. Riku wanted to figure at what was wrong with him as quickly as possible. But it would be extremely rude to disturb Mickey when he is in his Study. For once the happy couple stayed for dessert. After everyone was done with dinner and heading for the door. Sora took Riku aside and whispered.
“I think we should talk, how about tonight in the Gardens at midnight?”
“That sounds fine.” I wonder what he wants to talk about. I hope it’s nothing about him and Kairi that would be too much! These were the thoughts racing through Riku’s head when he was waiting for Sora out in the Gardens. Riku had never seen the true beauty of the Gardens till now. With the moonlight, and the flowers all in bloom making everything so quiet and peaceful, Riku thought it to be the most beautiful thing he had ever seen! Couple minutes later, Riku could hear footsteps on the gravel walkway just to the right of him.
“Hey Sora, what took you so long?”
“Sorry, I didn’t want to worry Kairi with me sneaking out of the bedroom. So I just waited till she was fast asleep and then left.”
“That’s a pretty risky move to just talk with me.”
“Well, what I have to tell you is pretty important. And If I have to take risky steps to talk with you then I will! Let’s go sit down over there, because what I have to tell you is very long.” So Riku and Sora headed over to the well mowed lawn and sat down.
Sora begun his tale explaining what King Mickey told him about his destiny as Keyblade Master, the first day they had arrived here in Disney Castle. The he went on to talk about his dream about Kairi’s parents and how Ansem wanted to use her to put darkness over Hollow Bastion.
“Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Your done right?”
“Yeah I’m done.” Sora dropped his head in his heads.
“I guess if were strong enough to tell me all that, I should tell you some stuff.”
Riku told Sora about his talk with the king, and his mission to find out what is happening through Destiny. Riku didn’t tell about his reoccurring daydreaming, which puzzled Riku.
“Wow! Do you think Destiny knows anything?”
“I don’t know.” Whispered Riku
They both sat in silence for a little while, both lost in their thoughts. Finally after what seemed like hours to Riku, Sora spoke up.
“It’s weird that it has only been a couple of days and we have so much to talk about.”
“Yeah. We should… You know talk more often… Because this has been really good for me to tell someone what’s been happening lately. Do you feel the same?”
“Yeah, I think your right. I think I haven’t been the greatest friend lately.”
“I know how hard it was for you being without Kairi. I could feel how lonely you were without her.”
Again the silence creped back in between Sora and Riku, as the first rays of the sun hit the castle walls. Sora got up and stretched,
“I better get going before Kairi wakes up. See ya.” Sora paused, then raised his hand turned to go and went running off. I guess I should get going, got to go meet Destiny today. As this thought raced through Riku’s mind, he felt a little panicked for what was to come.


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Apr 10, 2006
In my dreams
thanks so much! I was so worried that everyone would hate it!

Please tell me what you think people! Writing chapter 2 as we're speasking right now!

Here is the second chapter for you to read!

Chaper 2: At First Sight
When Riku finally got to his room, he was so exusted from listening and talking all night long that he fell onto his bed not brothering with taking off his clothes and fell asleep instantly.
“Quack Quack!! Q-u-a-c-k!!”
What was that? Riku thought he heard a duck talking to him.
“Quack! Wake up Riku! I have an important message from the King!!” Riku felt his bed bouncing up and down. Riku opened his eyes, got up and stretched trying to take as long as possible to irritate Donald. When Riku was done having his little fun, he turned to face the duck called Donald, a puff of feathers who had a nasty temper, watching him arms crossed and tapping his foot.
“Here!” Donald handed Riku the message with to much force almost hitting Riku in the face. Riku thanked Donald for all giving him the letter, even if he had tried to hit him. Satisfied with delivering the message, Donald turned tail and waddled out of the room while murmuring words under his breath.
“Stupid brat! I can’t believe the King trusts him!”
Riku chuckled to himself and opened the message.

Dear Riku,
Meet me in my Study at 10:00am. We need to talk about what’s been happening to you. And I have arranged for you to meet Destiny in the Gardens at 1:00.
~King Mickey

When Riku was done with the message he looked at the clock to see it was 9:50! Riku raced out of his room without much of a look in the mirror. When he finally arrived at the Study he was panting and looked like a mess.
“I’m so sorry I’m late!”
King Mickey put down the paper he was reading and looked Riku up and down.
“That’s okay, Riku I knew you would be late Donald told me. But I didn’t think you wouldn’t fix yourself up a little.” Riku turned to face a gold mirror on the wall to the right of him He was shocked to see what he looked his reflection was.
“Oh no!” Riku whined. What use to be his hair was now a big ball, his lip was bleeding from it being so dry, around his mouth was dried spit as he was drooling last night and he held an expression of just waking up on his face.
“Here” Mickey handed Riku a comb and a washcloth. “I figured you would be tired after talking with Sora last night. So I had the brooms bring some stuff up, just in case you ended up like that.” He said with a smile.
“Thanks.” Riku said as he took the comb and washcloth and using them to make him look a lot better. “Wait how did you know me and Sora were talking last night?”
“Remember I am the King, and Sora came in today and told me. But let’s leave that for some other day. Riku, I think why you’re daydreaming more often lately is because your best friends are in their own little world and you have no one to express your feelings to. I am not saying to get new friends and get rid of Kairi and Sora but to keep them close and stand up and say ‘Hey, I need to talk with someone right now!’ They’re your friends they’ll understand. But you should look for someone else other than Sora and Kairi because now that they are in love and everything they will want to spend more time together. Do you get it?”
Riku thought for a second and then said, “Yeah, I think I get it?” But who else can I talk too?”
“You’ll figure it out soon enough.” Mickey said with a twinkle in his eye. He then absently-mindedly looked at the clock. “Oh, look at the time we should head over to the Dining Room for lunch! You can just set that stuff over on my desk, the brooms will clean up.”
Riku went over and put the comb and washcloth on the Kings desk. Riku turned to catch up with the King but something caught his eye. It was a letter in Sora’s handwriting. Riku went down to pick it up, till he heard the King calling for him to hurry up. So he just left it there and went to rejoin the King.

“Riku, can you please pass the butter?”
Riku opened his eyes and looked around the dining table, to see everyone was staring at him except Sora and King Mickey.
“Sure thing Kairi!” When he lifted the butter dish his hands were shaking so much that the butter knife fell off the dish and dropped to the floor. Riku mumbled something about being sorry, but Kairi raised her hand and went to pick the knife up off the ground.
“It’s okay I have my own knife.” And then she smiled one of her brightest smiles, Riku in turn could only muster up a small sad smile.
“Are you okay? You haven’t been yourself lately.” She said with a worried look on her face.
“Yeah I’m fine I haven’t been able to sleep much at night.” Riku heard a little “hmph” from Donald.
“That must be it.” Kairi said with a disbelieving look on her face and then turned to Sora and joined in the conversation. Riku saw the King looking at the Grandfather clock to his right. He then turned to face Riku motioning with his head that Riku should be getting going. Riku stood up and excused himself from the table. Back in the King’s Study, Riku was waiting for the King to show up. I wonder if the King knows anything about Destiny that made him think she knows anything about the new dark figure roaming around. I wonder if she’s pretty. Upon thinking this he tried to push the thought away. She’s Xemnas’ daughter! Your getting close to her to give the King information, remember!! Absenting he looked at the nearest clock to see that he was almost late to meet Destiny!
“Oh man, I don’t want to be late meeting her for the first time!” His heart was pounding nervous about meeting this mystery woman. But Riku didn’t want to look horrible in meeting her, so he jogged to the Gardens. When he arrived he saw King Mickey showing a young woman around the Gardens.
“And over here is the entrance to the shipyard where Chip and Dale fix up our Gummi ships to travel in.”
“These Gardens are just beautiful, King Mickey! I wished I was able to own such an amazing garden!”
Riku stopped dead in his tracks. Her voice was like honey to his ears. So beautiful and elegant! He wished he could see the face that belonged to that beautiful voice! He took a step foreword; after what seem liked a minute he realized that his foot had not touched the ground. He then saw the ground growing bigger and bigger. Riku pushed his hands to break his fall, but it was too late.
“Unff!” Mickey and Destiny turned around to see Riku flat on the ground.
“Riku, are you alright?” King Mickey said as he went over to help Riku get up off the ground.
“Thanks I’m fine, no harm done!” Riku raised his eyes slowly up to meet those of Destiny’s. When he saw who belonged to that sweet voice, his jaw dropped. She was like a goddess, more perfect in everyway then any person he had ever seen in his life. Her hair shined of the rich, dark earth, her eyes like the calmest lake on a clear day. Her skin kissed by the sun’s ray’s made her glow and her lips the color of the darkest red. Riku had an overwhelming urge to lean in close and smell her rich overpowering scent and hold her close to his body and kiss-
“Riku are you okay?” King Mickey said having a worried look on his face.
“Yeah I’m fine. Just hit the ground a little harder then I had planned.” Destiny smiled, revealing her perfect set of teeth.
“Hi, I’m Destiny. It’s nice to me you…Riku I’m guessing.” She held out her hand and they shook, which was almost too much for Riku to handle. Turning bright red, he tried to say something witty and bright but all that came out was some grunting noises. Destiny tilted her head to the side and then laughed. Riku not knowing what to do joined in her laugh. When they were done, Riku cleared his throat.
“Um, nice to meet you Destiny,” Feeling stupid he added, “What do you think of the Castle?” Destiny laughed her perfect little laugh, making Riku want to melt into the earth.
“I’m sorry but I must leave you two, have a very important meeting to go to.”
“That’s okay we can handle talking to each other.” Destiny replied with a hint of a smile on her mouth. She then turned to face Riku, as Mickey started walking away with a smile on his face.
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May 3, 2006
im going to report this to K&S shes my good friend and i know she'd be pissed if she saw this b/c she didnt give you the right to continue her fic...i think i might go to the mods actually...unless you got authorization from her..which you didnt. and for you to even compare this with the greatness that is K&S's is laughable


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May 3, 2006
if you dont close this down i might have to report it to a mod b/c this is a sense is plagerism


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Dec 15, 2004
Hey AxelLover!

If you really want to continue this fic, just send Kairi the message asking if you can. If she says yes, then just forward that to me so I can reopen this thread!

If she says no, then I guess you cant continue it, it's considered plagerism then! =o

Make sure to work on your own new and original fic, your a good writer, keep up your work!

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