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Fanfiction ► First Fan-Fic whoa that was freaky...

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Mar 20, 2005
Waiting 4 Sora so I can keep him!
I made a fan-fic of my role-play charachter. Its My first one so here it is...

Whoa that was freaky....

Character: Loretta
Race: African-American
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Appearance: Long Black Hair that's usually tied up in a
braided ponytail, Bright Brown eyes, wears a denim mini skirt
and cropped jean jacket over a dark green dancers leotard
with gray wristbands tightly wrapped up both her arms, she
always has on black boots and wears a gold heart necklace
carved with the word Faith.

Weapon: Tidus's stick.

Abilities: Swift, Spinning Top, Boomerang, Toss,
Panic,Hormone Attack, and, Yuffies back Flip.

Background Info:
Loretta came from off the other side of
destiny islands, a regular moody 15 year old that loved to take
dance, hang with friends, and just chill out. One night as she
was coming late from one of her dance classes there was a
meteor shower, as she stopped to admire the beautiful sight,
she noticed a great deal of darkness coming from the other
side of the island. As Loretta went to find out what it was, she
couldn't believe her eyes! Creatures were coming out of the
ground.. several people were out too. One seemed like a girl
she couldn't quite make out, it was so dark, and then the other
two were guys one, a bleached blonde and another brunette,
but that's all she could see of them. The creatures were what
she was worried about. The "shadows" started to circle
around Loretta, but then she spotted a stick that seemed to
be carelessly 'ed thrown to the ground. Loretta jumped over to
the stick and just started swinging it like crazy but it was no
use they just kept on multiplying but then she noticed that the
brown haired kid was swinging something too! And it was
making them disappear! She made her way over to him
dodging and jumping but when she got over to him it was
another surprising sight! A gigantic shadow beast was the
thing making all the shadows! No sooner than she saw it,
everything just kinda Got sucked up into a black hole! Not only
that but the stick she was holding started to take on a bright
This was all too weird for Loretta, who passed out from shock.
When Loretta awoke she found herself in a mini house. She
was in Traverse Town. She was still in her dance uniform, but
had weird gray wristbands wrapped around her arms, she also
still had the stick she picked up last night...
"Whoa," Loretta thought. "That was way too freaky, I can't wait
to tell...."Just then Loretta realized she was not at home! (a bit
slower than most of us) she had just realized what had
happened! As she reflected on what happened, she looked
around and decided to see exactly where she was. Loretta
almost stepped out the door when she glanced over at the
stick she picked up last night, she rembered the strange glow
it took on right before she fainted. " I might need this." she
thought as she picked it up.
When she went out the door she heard voices...
She stood behind a close wall and listened.
"The refugees are tripling in count..."
" We just took in another one this morning...."
The voices trailed off, and the people walked away.
But just when Loretta thought she could come out hiding she
heard two more. Different ones this time.
"Now, where's that key?..." said one voice.
" Maybe Leon knows!" said another.
Those voices trailed off too.
"Finally," she thought. "Now maybe I can find out what's going
on!" Loretta walked around traverse town seeing people and
stores, the thought of stores made her realize that she had no
munny. The only munny she had was the some that she had
gotten earlier in the day. That reminded her of her mom... She
had to get out of this place! What if she never saw her mom
again?! Loretta was so wrapped up in the thought of that she
didn't realize she was walking straight into a wall! BAM! Loretta
hit the wall with a thud....
"Owwwww...." Loretta rubbed her head as she tried and stand up.
"Are you alright?" asked a voice.
"Uh- yea I think so" "Owww" Loretta moaned in pain again.
"Here, this will help" The voice gave Loretta a potion. Loretta
gulped it down and felt much better. As she got to her feet she
saw the person she was talking to.
" Hey, thanks." "Who are you?" Loretta asked.
"Hello, my name is Aerith. " You must be one of the refugees."
"Refugees?" Loretta was puzzled.
" Yea, you know. Your home was taken by the darkness right?"
Aerith explained about the darkness and what probably
happened to Loretta's home and the creatures she saw.
"So, those creatures were the heartless?"
"Yep, and that boy you saw was probably the legendary Key
Blade Master." "Me and my friends have been searching for
the wielder of the key-blade."
"Wow..." "But what about this?" Loretta pulled out the stick
she picked up.
"That is your weapon?...." Aerith looked at it.
" Yea, well it was the only thing around. But it was glowing
before I passed out."
"Glowing?" Aerith looked at the cardboard stick once again
and noticed a symbol on it.
"Hmmmm... Follow me." Aerith walked up the steps and
showed Loretta and all the way around to the 2nd district.
"This is a safe haven, Me, Leon and Yuffie keep it that way, but
in the 2nd district there are many heartless. If what I think is
true then you have nothing to fear..."
"Okay, you lost me there! what do you mean nothing to fear?
There are darkness creatures coming out of the
ground,worlds disappearing, and dark forces going around
trying to destroy our only hope and you say I have nothing to
fear?! Are you crazy?!" Loretta didn't get it, but before she could say another word Aerith had run deep into the 2nd district.
"I'm going to kick myself for this in the morning..." Loretta
started to run and catch up with Aerith, but that girl was fast!
Loretta stopped to catch her breath but when she did
heartless appeared all over surrounding her.
Lorreta looked around. Aerith was gone. Where did she go?!
Loretta had no munny, no potions, and no time to think. The
Creatures were ganging up on her, so again she tried swinging
the stick like crazy (Panic) , and you know what? It worked! The
creatures suddenly burst within several swings of her new
stick. With a couple of swings from her stick, a few jumps and
dodging, the creatures were gone and munny and health
points surrounded the floor. Loretta collected the munny and
health and went all around exploring and finding more
heartless! Even though this was getting kinda fun Loretta got
soon annoyed with the heartless and was getting impatient
with her new friend Aerith. Where had she'd disappeared to?
Why does her stick work now but wouldn't back on her island?
Loretta had so many questions but it looked like they
weren't going to be answered anytime soon, so after alot of
searching and looking Loretta gave up and went back to district 1.
Back in District 1, Loretta heard more voices, this time it was
the sound of Leon and Yuffie.
Yuffie: "I see you found it, nice going Leon"
Leon: "But still..."Still, things look worse. Alot worse..."
Loretta glanced around the corner, Yuffie and Leon were
gone. "They must be talking about the key!" Exclaimed
Loretta. Just as she went to turn around, there Aerith stood
behind her.
"Where have you been?! I was searching all over for you?!!"
" I'm sorry, I went to talk to these funny looking characters"
" Ohhh..." Loretta was still a bit mad but there were so many
questions still burning inside her there was no room for anger.
"What characters?" Loretta asked.
" One was a duck and another was a goof, they were sent by a
king to find the "Key"."
Loretta wanted to find out more but she knew that there'd be
no way for Aerith to answer all her questions so she just went
to the items shop and bought some potions and hi-potions.
She left out with a pocket full of potions, and then went to the
accessory shop all the while thinking "courtesy of the
heartless" When Loretta came out of the stores Aerith again
was gone. This time she wasn't about to go looking all over for
her, Aerith would have to find her! Loretta went to the 2nd
district, and found a door that opened to a 3rd district! It was
strange because when she got there the steps were blocked
off and there was all this crashing and banging going on.
Loretta waited for a while, until finally the walls came tumbling
down. Along with them was a big purple "Guard Armor"
Loretta quickly ducked behind the stair wall and waited, as she
peeked over the wall she actually got a clear view of the key
blade master. Brown hair, as she saw on the island, big yellow
shoes, white shirt, with red shorts. "kind of young to be a
master isn't he?" Loretta thought. "He is kinda cute though..."
"A little old for him don't you think?"
"Aghhh!!!" Loretta jumped! She didn't realize there was somebody standing
behind her or that she was thinking out loud.
"Who are you??"
"Hi, I'm Yuffie!" My, bad. I didn't mean to scare you."
"I wasn't scared!!" Loretta quickly stated.
"Rigghttt, I see you've met the key-blade wielder."
"I haven't quite met him yet but..."Before she could say
another word Yuffie was calling him over.
"Hey Sora, come over here..."
" No, no!" Loretta didn't know why she was so hesitant at
meeting him, after all he was just a kid. Then again, she was
just a teenager. Whatever it was keeping her from meeting him
it made Loretta run speedily through the district doors and
straight into Leon, who almost went to slice her with his
"Oh, its just a refuge" "You really should be more careful and
watch where you're going!" Leon sighed.
"Sorry" Loretta Brushed herself off and stood up.
"Sorry doesn't excuse yourself! Don't you know that there are
dangers lurking out here?! You just can't go running to any
where you want!
After all she had went through Loretta was cranky, tired and
mad and this guy she hadn't even met was trying to tell her
what to do?!
"Excuse me! But you don't even know me! You can't tell me
what to do! and another thing maybe you shouldn't stand in
the middle of the walkway when people wanna come through!"
Leon glared at her and Loretta stared straight into his eyes.
Leon turned his back, "I'm not going to stand here and argue
with a refuge..." He started to walk away. Loretta was sooo
mad she didn't know what to do, and being called "just a
refuge" didn't help! She didn't know what came over her but
something caused her to throw the stick she'd been carrying
to destroy the heartless at Leon...
The Stick hit Leon with a loud thud. The stick came back to
her and that's when Loretta learned boomerang. Loretta
couldn't believe what she'd just done! Loretta had never been
much of a fighter (ya know against people) and here she just
hit some strong big strong guy with a very strong stick!
"Okay, you wanna fight? You'll get a fight." Leon pulled out his
blade turned around and went to launch at Loretta. She
moved just in time but the 2nd time he went to launch at her
he didn't miss, Loretta wasn't much of a fighter but she just
started to do what she thought, which didn't work. Within
minutes he had Loretta on the ground. Loretta was worn out
hurting inside and out. Leon hovered above her. With the way
he was looking Loretta thought for sure he'd get rid of her right
then and there but his expression softened he helped her to
her feet. And then he left in silence.
Loretta heard Aerith, Yuffie, Sora and the others coming so
she quickly hid in an alley near her mini house. She went on
into her Mini house and started to sob. "I Miss my parents, I
want to go home!, to many things are happening to soon!"
She cried to herself on the bed until about an hour later when she
heard the door creak, she lifted up to find that Yuffie was
delivering blankets and fresh supplies to all the refugees
room. Loretta hated to be seen like this and started to blush at
thought of herself crying like a baby.
"Don't worry, everything will be alright. Our fate is in good
hands." Yuffie handed her a tissue.
"I'm so sorry, I don't usually cry like this." "So, where's the
key-blade master?"
" He left with Donald and Goofy a while back." " Leon told
Me what happened between you and him"
"What started it any ways?"
"I don't know, he said something and I got mad and threw my
stick at him..."
This didn't sound right to Loretta who started to laugh, and
then Yuffie suddenly got what Loretta was laughing at and she
started to crack-up too. Then the both of them were laughing
really hard. This made Loretta feel much better! (It's amazing
how laughing can make a diffrence.)
When they got through laughing Yuffie invited her to their secret
waterway. Thats where they practice magic, defense moves
and battle moves. Thats also where Yuffie taught Loretta
"Yuffies Backflip" with Yuffie being a female ninja she taught
Loretta a lot of self-defense move too!
Loretta was in the middle of a lesson with Yuffie when Leon
stopped by.
"What's she doing here?" "This is a SeCrEt place."
"Well, last time I checked this was a free world." Loretta would
not take sass from Leon and she will sass back.
"I don't why your trying to teach her anything anyways Yuffie, If
I can beat her once I can beat her again.
" I don't know Leon, she's getting much better with every
lesson I teach her" Yuffie replied.
Loretta smiled a big smirk at this remark.
"Whatever. I just came to report Sora just came back from the
tournaments held at the stadium, He won a great deal of them!"
Leon turned to go back through the exit.
"Aren't you gonna stay for a while?" Yuffie asked.
" No, I'm gonna go for a walk, Aerith got a vacant room
together in one of the districts. I might go help get some of the
furniture and things together."
"Oh, Later then," Yuffie waved to him.
He took one look at Yuffie then me and said "Yea, later."
"He's got quite an attitude." replied Loretta, after he left.
"He's not the only one..."
"What's that's supposed to mean?!"
Yuffie started to laugh.
"Leon means well, he's pretty cool once you get to know him."
Yuffie and Loretta started back to practicing, Yuffie in her battle
stance and Loretta in hers and right before they started
fighting Yuffie said " I think he likes you." They started into
battle and it wasn't till much later on she realized what she
meant, this made Loretta feel like she was going to throw up
every time she thought about that! (Yuk!) Fortunately Yuffie was just playing'.
Within a few weeks things started looking up! Sora started
defeating more, and more of the dark forces. A step closer to
finding his friends. A Step closer to getting her island back!
During his visit back to Traverse Town he unlocked an
entrance to Merlin's house and that allowed Loretta learn and
Practice magic. She eventually got used to Leon, they still
exchanged insults but no one ever took them seriously
anymore. Cid opened up Gummi shop this allowed her to build
a gummi ship if she wanted. Her Mini house wasn't that bad,
she had always wanted her own place, although she did miss
her folks back home, but the only thing everyone could do
was hope. Sora had came back again a few weeks later coming from Neverland... He learned to fly! Kari was there too! That was the girl Loretta saw, when she was on the island that fateful night. She couldn't wait to meet her!
A couple days later Sora had go to Hollow Bastion, he defeated all the dark forces except for a man named Ansem, he still had to defeat him, although with a woman named "Maleificent" gone, all the princesses were released including Soras friend Kairi.
Kari was in the vacant house Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith put together. Loretta couldn't wait to meet her so, she got into her outfit, Grabbed her weapon and headed out. It was still pretty early nobody was barely up yet. So Loretta was surprised to hear people out! The first voices she heard were the familiar ones from Yuffie, Leon, and Aerith.
"We can't just up and leave! What about all our friends? What about Traverse Town? -This sounded like Yuffie.
" This is our chance to go and try and get things back to normal." -Leon
"What about Loretta?" -Aerith
"What about her?" -Leon
"Well, we can't just leave here!" -Aerith
"No way, she can't come with us!" -Leon
Now Loretta stepped out. "Can't go where?"
They were kinda surprised to see Loretta out. "Uhhh..."
Loretta knew something was up, nothing ever comes good after uhhh.
"Whats going on guys?"
"Loretta, we decided to build a gummi ship, we're going to Hollow Bastion to try and get things back to normal there!" Leon was the only one who spoke, and after that silence seemed to go on forever.....
"Well, why can't I go?" asked Loretta.
"Leon, feels its too dangerous for you to come, and I may agree with him, there will be alot more heartless there many more than your used to, many more stronger ones too."
Loretta couldn't believe what she was hearing! The only friends she had ever since her island was taken were going to leave her!
"Aerith, you believe I'm strong enough to go right?"
" I'm sorry, but this is going to be a tough and hard journey for all of us, we just can't risk it."
After Aerith spoke more silence. Loretta couldn't say anymore, she felt like she was going to burst into tears right then, but she knew they were right. So Loretta just turned around and walked away, then she started to run, faster and faster she wanted to try and run away from everything. Loretta stopped to catch her breath and started to walk again, by this time she was in the 2nd district. Heartless were beginning to surround her but Loretta didn't feel like fighting although she knew he had to, so Loretta swung and fought until they were gone. Then Loretta noticed a little mini house with a light on, she knew it was Kari's. She decided to knock on the door, that's what she originally came out to do anyway was to meet Kari.
Loretta knocked on the door,
Loretta waited.
"Yes?, Oh hello. Have we met before?"
"Um no, I'm just here to hi, my friends told me that you were new and just moved in."
"Oh, I think i've seen you before but i'm not sure."
"Well maybe, I used to live on Destiny Islands too, except I stayed on the other side."
"Oh, I see."
Kari invited Loretta in and they talked some more, Loretta told Kari about her interests and family and friends, While Kari talked about her adventures with Sora and Riku, they also talked a little about where Kari used to stay but they didn't talk much about Hollow Bastion, because Loretta wanted to try and forget about not being able to go. And she did for a little while until.....
" Hey, I've seen that before!"Kari pointed to Loretta's weapon.
"Oh this, I found it on the island where you guys played.
Kari was quiet as she remember 'd Tidus, and all the other things about her island.
Loretta realized saying that was kind of insensitive, she knew that everyone was very homesick.
"I'm sorry" Loretta started to apologize but then Kari interrupted, "Don't be." "Just take care of it, please." kari gave a smile.
"I will, don't worry." Loretta knew that she'd take EXTRA good care of her weapon.
"I wish I knew if Sora would be alright, when you go over to Hollow Bastion would you keep an eye on him?"
Loretta started to tell her that she wasn't going to Hollow Bastion with Yuffie and them but she didn't have the heart to disappoint her. So Loretta just nodded.
"Well, its getting late, i'd better be getting home soon, the heartless multiply like crazy at night so i'd better get out of the 2nd district."
"Okay, feel free to stop by anytime. When we're here and when we get back to destiny islands." Kari waved goody-bye and Loretta waved back and after she closed the door, Loretta knew what she had to do. Loretta had to goto Hollow Bastion with Leon Yuffie and Aerith! But did she have time to get ready? She didn't care. Loretta scurried through the districts collecting potions, ethers, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and camping sets. But by the time she was ready Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith had left. Loretta didn't believe it! They actually left without her! Loretta sat down on the steps, she had come this far she wasn't about to give up now! There must be some way to get there, after all she gave her word to Kari. She had no idea how to build a gummi ship, or how to get to Hollow Bastion! Just then Sora, Donald, and Goofy came through the gate doors. Loretta quickly hid and watched the from a-far. They talked to Cid and then Cid left...Then about an hour later he came back again. Loretta was in the woogles shop and watched Sora and Cid talk again from they're window. Loretta watched they're mouth moves. She could read lips really well and discovered that Cid had gaven them a gummi block that allowed them to go back to hollow bastion and other places too. It also allowed them to go into warps! Loretta knew that this was her chance to go! It was now or never so Loretta went down the ladder from the woogles shop and out the accessory shop doors. She hid behind a little wall and waited for Sora and the others to go out the gate doors and when they did Loretta went out them too.....
Later that day- Loretta was on their gummi ship hidden by some cargo. They must have used warp to get back to Hollow Bastion cause they were there in a flash! Sora led the way with the other 2, and an unknown 3rd walking behind him. Up the water-fall, through a teleporter, by the time they were just at the entrance, Loretta was tired. but Sora showed no signs of exhaustion, in fact he didn't even break a sweat! Strange, Loretta thought she'd get caught but for some reason he never turned around, never looked back... When they did get up to the entrance Loretta realized what Yuffie said was true! there were ALOT more heartless than back in Traverse Town. Loretta didn't have to fight many because Sora had taken care of most of them by the time she trailed behind him. Although there was the occasion when a heartless would try and sneak up to Loretta, but she gave them one hit (so that she wouldn't get caught) and that usually temporally stunned them which gave Loretta enough time to hurriedly get a little closer to Goofy and Donald.
Sora Donald and Goofy had defeated just about all the heartless in the hall where the library is but they didn't stop at the library. Loretta was tired and needed a rest so she did stop at the library and lucky enough, Aerith was there! She felt she had never been so glad to see someone in her life! Loretta made her way around the book cases, and snuk up to her and said surprise!
Aerith jumped, and Loretta laughed so much she lost her breath.
"What in the World are you doing here?!"
"I made it here by myself!"
"I'm not strong enough huh?" Loretta mocked them for a minute and then went on and explained.
" I went to Kari's house and we talked for a while and she told me to keep an eye on Sora and that's what I was doing I got ready to go, snuck on their gummi ship, and came here!"
Aerith was in shock by her friends strength and determination.
She felt this was no longer the friend she met because she had ran into a wall, this was a strong willed, and determined young lady.
"Wow, you climbed all those steps, and walked that long walked in silence, without getting caught?"
"Yep!" Loretta felt proud that her friend was impressed, but she knew that she had to keep her promise to Kari, so Aerith let Loretta go as she went to try and catch up with Sora. Bad- Idea! Loretta was far behind Sora and didn't know her way around the long and confusing castle. Loretta was eventually lost and the heartless were steadily coming back. Loretta was in big trouble no way she could handle so many heartless by herself! And even if she could she could never find her way out! The heartless were coming closer and not just a circle of them but a whole pack. Loretta pulled out her weapon as she tried to fight her way out. It was no use they just kept coming more and more, Loretta got ready, this was it! She was going to lose her heart! "No,..." Loretta said it softly. "No" she said it again a little louder this time."No!" She yelled it this time. Then Once more she Screamed it, NOOOOO!!!! And that's when Loretta learned Hormone Attack. Her necklace and weapon had the same inscription on it F-A-I-T-H. (Loretta never notice that before.) Both Inscriptions started to glow and the whole room she was in Filled with light destroying the heartless as her screams filled the castle. Sora heard her, Yuffie heard her, Leon and Aerith heard her scream. Sora wasn't that far ahead of her, so he turned around and ran down the hall took the balcony jumped and found Loretta laying on the ground, Loretta was weak because that was her most powerful attack. Goofy & Sora came and picked her up but Loretta doesn't remeber anything after that.
When Loretta woke up she was surrounded. Yuffie, Aerith, Leon and the princesses that were protecting the key-hole. were gathered in a circle. When Loretta opened her eyes there were alot of relived sighs. The relief in everybody's faces soon turned into anger.
"What were you thinking?!! Sneaking up here by yourself?!"
Yuffie seemed more mad than anyone.
"You could've lost your heart easily!"
"Do you have any idea how worried we were?!"
Loretta hated hearing lectures but she knew Yuffie was right.
" I told you so." was all that Leon said, Loretta knew he was relived that Loretta wasn't hurt, she could hear it in his voice but she didn't say anything. The Lecturing went on for about an hour, she heard it from Yuffie more than once, then from the princesses. All Loretta could say was that she was sorry, but somehow she knew it wouldn't be enough so she didn't say it. But she did mange to ask "Where's Sora?"
" He went on to close the portal..." Yuffie was still mad, she had an attitude in her voice but Loretta didn't blame her.
" Your lucky he came along and found you!"
This was too much for Loretta, she had to say something...
"I had everything under control.." Even though she knew she didn't. " I got rid of the heartless didn't I?"
Yuffie didn't say anything for a long time after that. Then finally she said "Just don't ever scare me like that again okay?"
"Okay." Loretta agreed
All was forgiven over time a few hugs and laughs and it was like nothing even happened. Loretta was feeling much better after a couple hours rest. She felt like it was a big fuss over nothing. Then they started to clean up Hollow Bastion little by little, when Loretta realized she still had a job to do she still had to full-fill her promise to Kari and thank Sora, she was dreading the announcement of this to her friends but she knew it had to be done. They were all in the same spot cleaning and wiping and carrying different things away when Loretta said " I have to go..."
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Loretta.
"What are you talking about?" Yuffie said this then dipped a sponge in some water.
"I can't stay. I have to Keep an eye on Sora, I promised Kari."
There was a deep silence for what seemed like a long time when Aerith spoke- up.
"I know. You have to go." Now everyone looked at Aerith.
"You have the light of faith and we can't ask you to keep it here. You have to keep it with Sora until his journey is over."
That's when Loretta knew what Aerith meant in the beginning when she said you have "nothing to fear."
The others didn't understand yet they did understand.
Its hard to explain, just no one tried to stop her, they knew she had to go, somehow they knew.
" Thank you Aerith." She gave Aerith a hug, then Yuffie, and then even Leon. Then she said good-bye. And went off into the portal of darkness. It was different than what Sora saw when he went in there, instead of seeing behemoth and the key-hole it went straight into the mock island. Ansem was there but when she fell into the mock island he didn't even turn around.
Loretta didn't know what to do, she was searching for Sora not Ansem. And wasn't he the most dangerous one of them all?
Loretta stepped closer to him...
"he-he-helloo..." Loretta tapped him on the shoulder. No Response.
Loretta turned him around anddd.... ROAR!
"Loretta wake-up!" It was her dance instructor telling her to get up!
" Its getting late Loretta, its time for you to be heading home."
"Woah, what a crazy dream!"
Loretta Packed up her things and got ready to go home.
As she was walking out of the dance studio and walking down the street Loretta noticed there was a meteor shower, as she stopped to admire the beautiful sight, she noticed a great deal of darkness coming from the other side of the island.....


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