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Final Fantasy XI & XIV: A Realm Reborn Complete guides


Terra 713

New member
Jun 7, 2014
Hi guys! I wanted to ask if there was anyone that could please suggest me where can I find good complete guides (from beginner to total completion) to Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that are kept updated with new patches and expansions (and will for example likely produce a guide for Heavensword for example) and have a good "reputation" around the web.
I'm willing also to spend wathever sum of money for complete guides if you know a good (though unofficial) author through the Internet that publishes them.
I've searched for something like this on my own but I didn't find something that sutisfied me like, for example, the Final Fantasy VII Versus Books Ultimate Guide which was fantastic (just to make you have an idea of the kind of thing which I'm searching for:))

I would buy the official ones (for example the one that was recently announced for A Realm Reborn that covers everything util patch 2.5) if they weren't only in Japanese just like the Ultimanias *sigh

Thank you very much for all your suggestions!