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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy funny chapters

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The Dream

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Apr 5, 2008
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Basicaly this will have all the main characters from FFI to FFX. They live in a house in the forest and have funny episodes. They have personalities that I have created. I'll try and make it as funny as I can ok. CAUTION: SWEARING AND SENCES THAT MAY CONTAIN NUDITY WILL BE SHOWN......NO NOT THAT SICK STUFF YOU SICKO'S!


The sun rose, flowers smelt like, well flowers and the birds chirped like brats on a sugar rush.

A small house in the woods was silent, until...BANG!.

"OH YEAH! TAKE THAT BIRD BRAIN" yelled a brown haired man.

Everyone else in the house woke screaming, even warrior of light.

"WHAT THE FUCK SQUALL!" yelled Terra opening her door, wearing only her silk dress and holding a moogle soft toy.

"AW MAN SQUALL!" yelled onion knight opening the door wearing buzz lightyear PJ's.

"WHERE'S BLINKY?" yelled warrior of light coming out of his room with an empty bear cage while wearing tight pants.

"SQUALL YOU SHOT WARRIOR OF LIGHTS BIRD!" yelled Zidane running out in his underwear.

"ZIDANE GET SOME CLOTHES ON!" yelled Tidus runnign to Terra and covering her eyes.

"OI! I WAS TALKING TO GLOBEZ ON FACEBOOK!" yelled Cecil running out with a 'I lub Golbez' T-shirt.

"BANG!" mimiced Bartz comming out of his room wearing only his shorts.

"Y-Y-YOU SCARED ME!!!" cried Cloud bursting into tears whe he opened his door holding a teddy bear and Zack action figure.

“YOU MADE ME CUT MY ROSES!” cried firing holding clippers.

They stormed down the hall way with their weapons and broke down Squalls door. Stood near the window looking twitchy eyed.

“Isn’t there such a thing a privacy?” Squall asked.

Everyone looked at him like a don. Sharpening their weapons and glaring at Squall. They closed the door and moved closer to Squall.

“Heh, why’d you close the door? Why are you looking at me like that? Who’s making breakfast?......OH SHIT!” Squall yelled and jumped out the window.

Terra grabbed him and pulled him in. They surrounded him and kept silent.

“Three, Two, One, GET HIM!” yelled Tidus.

Everyone sat in the dining table eating fried eggs and bacon. They didn’t change after they beat Squall up then stitched him up, then beat him up again then healed him up again. Squall was sitting on his chair being fed by Terra.

“So uh..... want to get a new pet?” asked Cecil.

“YES!!!!” Everyone but Squall yelled.

“Ggeeyyyyeeesss” yelled squall with food in his mouth.

Srry if this seemed short and not too funny. But the next one will be a hit for sure.


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Sep 17, 2007
Just... Keep in mind random =/= funny. Subtle humour, while not everyone might pick up on it, is the best.
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