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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Fate (Remake)

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Jun 14, 2009
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Fate

On a world covered in a poisonous mist known as the Miasma. It can only be repelled by giant crystals. However these crystals must be powered by the water of life, given by Myrrh trees. The five tribes of Clavat, Yuke, Lilty, Selkie and Moogle band together in villages centered around the crystals. They have sent Crystal Caravans to retrieved the myrrh using the crystal chalice.

The villages have not just suffered at the hand of the monsters lurking in the mist, but the Cult of the Red Moon had broken the people's will with an iron fist. After one thousand years, a caravan went to war with them… and won. The Tipa Caravan.

This however is not their story. This is the Story of the Tipa Caravan that came after them, and the three Keyblade wielders that would follow them.

Prologue : My Name is Nina Zari Hawkeye!

In the village of Tipa, it was that time of year again. The time had come for a new crystal caravan to be sent out into the world to claim the water of life. Normally Tipa would have a strong caravan ready for action, however a wicked man had wormed his way into the village, and slowly did away with them, one by one. Now after many Tipa villagers had barley come back to life, a new team had been chosen. Dawn had not yet shown it's face

Our first member is in the less unfortunate part of the Lilty district. Inside a small hut, a young, small lilty woman was dressed in a short, black dress, which was covered in a white apron. She was fidgeting with her light green hair. Her black eyes glanced at a brown sack in her right hand.

She put it aside and opened a door. In the room, the woman found two girls sleeping in a warm bed. She smiled, and looked at the two children. A sleeping messy red haired lilty girl and a long blue haired selkie girl.

"Nina, oh Nina! Time to wake up sleepy head." The woman's child-like voice said in a sing song tone.

She noticed Nina's pointed ears started to twitch.

"Ten-Ten, sweetheart, wake up." The woman requested.

"M-Momma, I don't wanna get up." Ten-Ten whimpered.

The Selkie girl known as Nina's green eyes were now wide open.

"GAH! I'm up, Tabby, I'm up!" Nina yelled, forcing Ten-Ten out of the bed.

The lilty girl opened her eyes, as her taller sister jumped out of the bed.

"I'm late, I'm late, I can't be late!" Nina gasped. The girl was picking up her clothes that were scattered across the floor. The lilties smiled at the child who was two feet taller than they were.

"Nina, silly, you're not late. The Caravan won't leave for two hours." She said."Now come on you two, breakfast is ready."

Tabby dragged Ten-Ten and Nina out of their room. Both were dressed in white night gowns and rubbing the sleepy tight out of their eyes. Nina and Ten-Ten were now sitting on a small rug, looking at a few plates of eggs, bread and fruit.

Tabby smiled as a lilty man walked into the room.

"Tim Tabby, I was gonna call you." She said.

The man gave Tabby a kiss as he sat down. He shared Ten-Ten's red hair, however his was in a buzz cut style, and much to his wife's dismay a goatee was on his chin. He wore a simple black shirt and matching pants. His grey eyes met Nina's while Ten-Ten's black eyes were glazing at their food. Tabby sat down.

"Morning girls." Tim grunted.

"Morning Tim." Nina said grinning.

"Morning Papa!" Ten-Ten spoke in the utmost cheerful tone.

"Okay everyone… This is gonna be our last meal together before Nina joins the Crystal Caravan to bring back Myrrh for our crystal. So I want us all to pray." Tabby spoke.

The three lilties and selkie joined hands. Nina gazed at the right wall, looking at a cross nailed to the wall.

"Dear Lord, Holy Father in Heaven, please protect our caravan. Keep them safe and out of the monsters sight and guide them to the water of life. Let Ibluis be struck down for his lies, and have Nina bring back our lost Sash. Amen." Tabby prayed.

"I really wish you wouldn't have added the Ibluis thing, Honey." Tim had warned his wife.

"Oh hush, none of his cronies are out right now." Tabby stated.

"Thanks for the prayer, Tabby. I'm sure Dad would have loved it." Nina stated, while eating.

"If your Father were alive that prayer would have taken all day." Tim muttered, causing the selkie girl to growl an annoyed sound.

"Okay, lets not fight." Tabby said. "Tim, didn't you have something for her?" Tabby asked.

The man who had finished eating, stood up. He went to their bedroom and came back with a long black case. Nina's eyes widened a bit.

"Tim… is that... from you black smith shop?" The girl asked.

He handed her the case.

"Well you are going to be on the caravan, so you're going to need a weapon. Normally I would be against a woman needing something like this, however I don't want to lose another family member." Tim stated.

Nina examined the case, and opened it up to see a black colored sword. The blade itself was more of a cold, black and gray color. She gave it a closer look, finding writing craved onto it. While the blade looked like a katana, there was a cross craved into the handle. Nina picked it up, and to her confusion: it was as light as a feather.

"Tim… this is from your black smith shop." Nina stated.

"Poppa, is that Uncle's sword?" Ten-Ten asked, gazing at Nina's blade.

"No, but it is my best recreation of the blasted thing. Nina, I know a sword is more of a clavat weapon, so if you wanted more of a selkie-" The lilty started to say

"I love it!" Nina interrupted, putting the sword back in the case then, she hugged and picked up the small man.

"Glad you like it, now put me down." He ordered.

Smiling, Nina put her caretaker down. Tabby had then came up to her with the bag she had hold of earlier. She and her daughter both opened the bag up, revealing a thick book to the selkie girl.

Nina slowly took it, feeling the paper with her fingers. She opened it, scanning nothing but empty pages.

Ten-Ten poked her, as she looked up, her best friend had given her a quill.

"Is this… my own chronicle?" Nina asked.

The two nodded.

"I know how much you and Ten-Ten love to come up with stories. So I got some extra gill and got you it. The quill is also magic, no ink." Tabby explained.

"I LOVE YOU ALL!" Nina shouted, grabbing the three lilites into a bear hug.

After a half hour, Nina was fully dressed. She wore a light blue fur top and a matching short fur skirt. She had finished tying her sandals in place and with her new sword tied behind her back she was ready. She had given them one last hug before she had to leave.

"I promise I'll find him. I'll bring Sash back home, and I'll find so much gill, that it'll pay Dad's debt off ten times over!' Nina promised.

Ten-Ten looked at Nina right in the windows of her soul.

"I know you can do it." Ten-Ten said, as the girl left home to start her journey.

End of Chapter.
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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 1: Freedom at Last.

Nina was walking out of the Lilty distract with her head held up high. In spite of the many scowls and dirty looks she was given by the older lilties, who were grounded in the myth that all selkies were liars and thieves. That didn't get her down today as she ignored them all. She did however, smile back at the lilty children who waved and smiled at her. As she walked, the blue haired girl was lost in her own thoughts.

"Okay, I'll be meeting a lilty, a yuke and a clavat. I hope they're friendly. And hey, maybe I could make a friend or two? I could be a hero for getting the Myrrh and not be a total loner." She thought.

"Okay, now how am I going to look for Sash? It's been years since I've seen him… that lying monster Iblus said he killed himself when… Dad… past... on... NOT THAT I'D BUY THAT! Calm down, Nina, you'll be out of the village soon. Maybe if I keep my eyes peeled I'll find a blue haired clavat boy with a crystal in his eye." Nina thought to herself.

Not looking where she was going, she was knocked back hard. Nina looked down to find someone. The girl looked down and found a boy. He was a short blond haired lilty boy. His blue eyes shot daggers at Nina, having slightly damaged his black spiked armor. The boy pulled out a long spear and held it to the girl's neck.

"Begone from me selkie peasant! I would kill you on the spot for shaming my armor with your filthy touch, but I'd be late to join the caravan!" The armored lilty boasted.

Nina scowled at him. She recognized the little brat.

"Lee-Roy Jenkins, how did your spoiled little noble brat get to join the caravan? " Nina asked.

"Great, not only do I have to watch my back, but I gotta babysit your pampered ass." Nina smirking, seeing the enraged look his face.

Feeling like a blood vessel was about to pop out, Lee-Roy gritted his teeth and shook his fist in anger.

"What the hell are you babbling on about? You dare insult me, then speak nonsense!" He fumed, as his body was trembling in anger.

Nina smiled, grinning once again.

"I'm in the caravan as well. Why else would I have a sword on my back?" The girl stated, her right arm turning as her thumb pointed to her back.

Lee-Roy looked at her in confusion, then he gave a slight smirk, causing Nina's brow to arch.

"What's so funny?" Nina asked, slightly annoyed.

"You stupid selkie peasant, they wouldn't let your kind onto the caravan, and a woman's place is in the kitchen or making babies." Lee-Roy stated, as if he were teaching a child a lesson.

The girl, with fire in her eyes, gritted her teeth, and clashed both of her fists together. However, rather than punching the boy right in the face she just kept on walking. Soon she had made it past iron the Lilty's gate. Nina looked to find Lee-Roy was behind her, still she moved on. After putting some force into it she opened the gate, and walked into the the center area of Tipa. Her sandals covered her feet from the dirt road. Nina looked around to finding mostly Clavats, and a few Yukes dressed in crimson red robes, their heads bowed. They were between the swarms of black armored husks in the shape of men.

Nina gave a slight shiver as she looked at the empty suit of armor. Nina then turned her head and kept on moving. She had heard horror stories of selkies vanishing after being caught looking at them.

"Great… just stay out of their sight and you won't be put in the church with that… monster. You'll be free." Nina thought to herself.

She kept to herself, only to steal a small glance at the massive, multi-floored, dreadful looking gothic Temple. It is, or was The Church of Tipa. Now it was under the the Iron grip of High Minister Ibluis Cormwell, and he was the last person Nina wanted to run into. She blended in with clavats as she moved onward. She wasn't looking at all the shops and farming areas that Clavats were known for. No, she was only looking at the gate. The gateway to adventure. The gateway to finding her long lost brother, and freedom.

"GAH!" She heard someone cry out.

The girl looked down, finding out she had stepped on someone by mistake. She looked at what appeared to be a short, cloaked boy wear a black mask with two yellow eyes. She picked him up, feeling two tiny wings on the back of his jacket, and dusted him off.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" Nina apologized.

The masked boy's body language seemed tense, he was blocking his body with his arms, which Nina could see were heavily bandaged. She put her hand on him in a gentle like fashion making him relax.

"No harm done, right?" I'm Nina, look I'm really sorry. I just need to get to the crystal caravan." She said, bowing before she started to run, seeing Lee-Roy get a head of her.

"Wait!" The boy squeaked, causing Nina to stop.

"I'm... I'm… apart of the caravan too." He stuttered

Nina grabbed his hand.

"Then why didn't you say so before, come on!" She cried out.

She ran even faster to the gate with her new friend, who was trying to keep up. She could see Lee-Roy waiting for them at the end of the gate, along with what looked like a grown clavat man with long shaggy black hair. He wore a green tunic and matching pants. He had a rather creepy smile, but was holding onto something. A large, sliver, round a curlier like cup. On top of that said cut was a handle and a tiny blue crystal that was floating near the center of. Nina and the masked boy were looking at the crystal chalice.

"Well now, you two must be the Yuke and Selkie members of the new caravan. I'm Lanydx, I'm head of the caravan this year." The clavat man stated.

Nina smiled, and bowed her head.

"Hello Lanydx, I'm Nina, it's nice to meet you. Now can we get going?" She asked.

The clavat smiled and touched her shoulder.

"Well it's nice to meet someone so friendly, and yes, we were about to move out. Lee-Roy wanted me to leave without you two, but I chose to wait. Lanydx stated.

Nina scowled at the lilty boy, who just shrugged it off not caring The four of them were about to step out of the village. Nina could feel her foot step out of the village's barrier limit, when she heard a voice. A voice that everyone feared.

"Leaving so soon?" The voice asked.

Nina didn't need to turn around. She knew who it was. It was the voice that would hunt her nightmares. The voice that would scorn her people.

"High Minister Ibluis, what brings you here to us lowly sinners?" Lanydx asked.

Nina then slowly turned her head around, feeling the masked boy holding to her arm in sheer terror. She didn't blame him.

The tall feathered being was cloaked in a crimson red robe. At the center of its robe was a iron cross. The yuke's steel helmet looked like a demon shogun with large fangs. His eyeless hole looked as if they were judging them all. The only thing that in Nina's mind could make him look any more evil, would be if he replaced his small yuke wings with large dragon ones.

"Oh I am merely here to give a prayer for your caravan's safe return. The last few have... sadly, the last few sets of caravans were eaten alive by beasts. Then again, they must have angered God." He muttered.

"Oh you mean the God my Dad preached for, or your bullshit fake God?" Nina thought.

"Oh how nice, thank you." Lanydx merely said.

"Be sure and take care of the these children, it would be such a shame to lose them... especially this young... woman here." Ibluis stated, pointing his talons at Nina who was giving him the nastiest scowl she could muster.

"Oh you mean like all the other selkie you have sent your metal freaks on. Those weren't such a shame to lose?" Nina barked.

"You insolent little sow, how dare you!" He yelled, as he was about to strike the girl.

However, the boy was the one who took the hit, and not Nina. He was sent into the dirt, and they could hear a loud yelp coming from him. Nina quickly grabbed a hold of him, dusting the boy off. Nina was tempted to pull out her sword, but also kinda shocked that someone she just met would do that for her.

Lanydx quickly grabbed the two and ran off.

"Sorry High Minister, but we must be off!" He said

As they left the village, and went into the world covered in Miasma. The man turned back.

"Well the promise day shall come… Granted I'll be short a few souls… but I have my whipping boy to take out my anger on." He muttered to himself, as he made way back the church.

The man didn't know that he was being watched by two figures of darkness with yellow eyes.

Nina looked around seeing large trees and wild grassland. She felt a sense of wonder and dread as she gazed at the miasma like mist that covered them all. The only thing keep them all from dying was magic barrier made by the chalice's crystal. As they walked Nina looked at the boy in the blue hood. She went to him.

"Um hey," She started to say, seeing the boy jump.

"I-I just wanted to say, you... Er, I mean you didn't need to take that swipe for me… What I mean is… thank you. Also just to ask, why, why did you do it? Not many people help selkies." Nina said.

The boy in the hood only looked at her.

"You... were... nice." He stated.

End of Chapter 1.

Okay everyone, the caravan has started. Anyways, read, review and post what you people think.
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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 2: Captain Zero Auron.

The Tipa Caravan had made some pretty good tracks in spite of only walking for a few hours, since they had left Tipa in search of Myrrh. Nina was sitting down on a log, since they had stopped to rest. She was busy writing in her chronicle with her magic ink quill.

"Day 1, of Year 1."

Hello, my name Nina Zuri Hawkeye. I'm fourteen years old, and I'm a selkie girl. My favorite play producer is Mel Brooks. I live with Tabby, Tim and Ten-Ten Cid; my adoptive aunt, uncle and best friend. They are a nice bunch of lilties. Anyways, I'm on a quest not only to get the water of life for our village's crystal, but I'm also looking for my long lost brother: Sash Haruno.

Also, if you're wondering why I have so many different last names in my family it's because, I'm adopted. Now while I'm positive I can find him… my fellow caravaners worry me. One of them is creepy... I can't explain why… maybe because he doesn't open his eyes. The other one is a prick. The last... I can't get to talk to me. He doesn't talk to anyone... Son of a-" Nina stopped writing.

She looked to find Lee-Roy, who was throwing some stones at her. He gave her a smug smirk. She moved out of the way to another tree. Nina sadly was no longer in the mood to write, so she put the book and quill back into her bag. As she closed the bag, she found the boy in the blue hood, who was looking at the birds.

Nina got a little closer, and patted him on the back.

"Hi." She said, as the boy turned his head. He looked at her, and in a flash, he jumped a good foot away from her in fear.

The boy's body shook like a terrorized rabbit.

"Hey, don't be sacred, it's just me! Oh wait… I never gave you my name. I'm Nina." She said, while grabbing his hand and shaking it.

She couldn't see the confused look on his face as she nervously repeated the arm and hand movement.

"It's nice to meet you, so what's your name?" Nina asked curiously.

He was just looking at her, or the small yellow eyes on the mask was looking at her.

"Um… my… name?" The hooded boy stuttered.

Nina nodded her head.

"That's right, what's your name?" She asked again.

Nina looked at the person's body language, he tensed up, and shook.

"I… I'm… sorry... I.. don't… know it." He muttered, as he put his free, shaking arm to his face.

Nina gave him a confused look then put his arm down.

"How… can you not know your name?" Nina asked. "I mean everyone has a name."

"Maybe he's a dumbass." Lee-Roy loudly insulted.

Nina gave the lilty a dirty look.

"Oh go get eaten by a monster, you little troll!" She snapped.


Nina turned her head to find the hooded boy was now at the near end of the barrier.

"Oh no, did I scare him away? Or maybe he's shy." Nina thought to herself.

She then realized that the clavat known as Lanydx was casting a shadow, his cold hands were placed on her shoulders.

"Hey, you all relaxed?" He asked, still with his eyes closed.

"Er... Yes… Sir." Nina said a bit creep out.

"Good, then we need to get going." He said.

The man walked away with the chalice. They could see the barrier moving and walked the way he went. They walked west, down a long and twisting dirt road. The miasma blew across the clouds and trees. They watched it shimmer and reflect off the barrier. They walked past a few tall, trees. Nina looked to find a few striped apples growing from them. Nina licked her lips, a tad hungry. The girl found a few stones and threw them at two apples, she watched as they broke off from the tree. Before the barrier had moved away, she had grabbed a hold of them, and keeping pace with the others, Nina dusted them off and ran with them.

Lanydx turned his head.

"Nina, don't fall behind or you might fall in the miasma and slowly die." He warned her in a cheerful tone, causing Nina to gulp.

She then walked to where her shy friend was.

"Hey, I got you an apple." Nina said handing one to him.

The boy just looked at it, then at her.

"Go on, it's good food. " She said, while taking a bite out of her apple. It was crisp and crunchy, a good apple indeed.

"See?" She asked, smiling again.

As they walked, he slowly, and with a shaky hand took the fruit.

"T-Thank... you… very… much… Nina." He whispered, while stuttering.

He just stared at the fruit.

"Why… Why… are you... so... nice to me?" The boy questioned.

Nina only smiled.

"Well, between you and me, you're kinda the only person I want to talk to in this caravan. What I mean is, I want to be your friend." She said sweetly.

He just looked at Nina, his body was in complete shock.

"You what?" The hooded boy asked, unsure if he heard her right.

She smiled again, and held the boy's free bandaged hand.

"I want to be your friend." Nina repeated herself.

The selkie girl was now seeing him shake a lot more.

"Are… you… sure?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Nina stated, as she was covered in a hug by him.

He then quickly got off her, trying to keep a quick pace.

"I'll-I'll-I'll-I'll try and be a good one." He muttered.

"Oh God, he is a dumbass, if he wants you for a friend." Lee-Roy snark'd. He was only mocking her because of his boredom and frustration with all the walking. He had been yelling at Lanydx all day. Nina had been blocking him out.

Nina threw what was left of her apple at the rich lilty boy.

"I'm sure you will, now eat your apple." Nina teased.

The boy did as he was told. Nina watch as she walked seeing him open a part of the mask like it was a drawer. He showed Nina half of his lower face as he slowly ate the apple. Nina was a tad freaked out by the painful looking scar that she could make out.

Rather then ask him about it they just kept the same pace, staying with Lee-Roy and Landyx.

After another thirty minutes of walking, they were reaching a scarred up patch of land near a small river. They could see tiny chunks of bones. Lee-Roy poked at them with his lance.

"I wish I had gotten a hold of a map." Nina muttered.

"Mister Lanydx, Sir, where are we going exactly?" Nina asked as she walked.

"And why do we have to keep walking everywhere? I thought the crystal caravan would have had… ya know... A freaking caravan!" Lee-Roy complained.

The boy in the hood just kept his distance, seeing the man's face slightly twitch in an irritated manner. Lee-Roy had been asking him that since they left.

"Oh… I'll tell you where I'm taking you. Your grave." He said with a smile, which was growing larger and larger.

"Our what?" Lee-Roy asked, assuming he hadn't heard that right. He was then kicked down to the ground. The armor's weight was keeping him pinned down.

In the blink of an eye the man's wrist popped out two blades.

"Why?" Nina asked, confused and terrified.

"Sorry kid, I really am, but The High Minister can't allow Tipa to have a full crystal." He said with a cruel smile.

Nina drew out her sword to defend herself, she was able to deflect the strike, but the blade flew out of her hands. Lanydx started to show some fang as he kicked the girl down, and slashed her cheek. He was about to stab her in the stomach, however Nina was covered by the hooded boy's body. What the three didn't see coming was that Lanydx was pushed back a purple force of magic. Nina ran to her sword, and grabbed a hold of it.

Lanydx was lunging at the boy, who was dodging every thrust in a panic.

"No, no, no! He's going to put me back, he's going to kill Nina, and that Lee-Roy guy! No, I can't let him... I won't let him!" He thought as he kept dodging for his life.

Nina ran with her sword, ready to attack. She lunged at the man who blocked and parried her, never having to use a sword to attack before. The man kept cutting into both Nina's and the boy's flesh as he kept covering her with his coat and body.

The clavat was about to lunge at their throats, when out of nowhere a large claymore type sword impaled itself in the clavat's stomach. He coughed blood, his face was white as a sheet, feeling death was near. He slowly turned around to find a male yuke. The clavat shook in fear at the almost horned devil looking yuke, as he noticed the red jacket with a blue star on the right shoulder.

"You… You can't be… him?!" The man gasped, feeling the utter hatred in the his attacker's eye holes.

"This was for one of my men whose life you took, and all the Tipa caravaners you slaughtered here." This man coldly stated, as his feathered hand swiftly removed the sword from his stomach, and in the blink of an eye, the clavat's head was rolling around in the dirt.

"Hey what the hell's going on?!" Lee-Roy yelled.

Nina, with her hooded friend's help, lifted Lee-Roy as he looked to find their psychopathic leader's body on the floor. He along with the others looked in horror at the removed head and body.

The three then turned to the yuke, who had placed his sword into the ground, while he was taking a swig of a large jug of a substance that Nina didn't want to know.

He scanned the three of them, then put the jug down.

"I'm guessing you greenhorns are the Tipa Caravan?" He asked.

"Yes." Nina stated, while quite sacred.

He then gave the girl a look over, it took him a while, but he recognized her.

"Mina, L's little Mina? Is that you? My lord, you're almost a young woman!" The man said, as he put his feathered hand on her shoulder.

Nina stared at the yuke, a tad confused.

"Sir... my name is Nina, and have we met?" She asked.

The Yuke gave himself a smack on the back of the head.

"Oh, sorry about that, I had a feeling you wouldn't remember me, it has been years since I've last seen you. Anyway, you can call me Captain Zero Auron, and I'll be leading your caravan from now on." He stated.

End of Chapter 2.

Post, read and review. Thanks and enjoy.
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Oct 20, 2009
dancing on sunshine and gingersnaps
Whoa, didn't expect Landyx to go try and kill them. I just thought he was kind of creepy. I do hope the boy with no name's okay after that beating he took. And I am curious to learn who this L is. I'm gonna take a guess and say he's Nina (or rather Mina's) real father.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Yeah the crazy ones are always the ones you turn your back on. Don't worry he will be fine. Now that your half right on, that's all I'm saying.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 3. Fuzz the Moogle at River Belle path.

The yuke took at look at his new batch of caravaners and spotted a few injuries. Most were on the clavat in yuke's robes. He took a swig of his jug filled with rum, and summoned the magic he needed for a cure spell. Soon his hands were covered in green magic.

"Hey kid, come over here. You're injured, I'll heal you." he slurred.

The hooded boy turned away from the man. Nina, however, looked at him with awe.

"Is that magic?" She asked.

"Yes," was all Zero said as he healed the cuts on her face.

The masked boy looked at it curiously.

"See, it'll help you out, don't worry." Nina said, reassuring him, the boy covered in wounds.

"What kind of yuke doesn't know magic? That just proves you're an idiot." Lee-Roy muttered.

"What, this kid? He's not a yuke, he's a clavat." Zero stated.

"Huh?" Both Nina and Lee-Roy asked

The yuke touched the boy's side and it started to heal. The yuke made a note that underneath the jacket, most of the clavat's body was covered in bandages.

After the healing, he looked at the three. "Alright, now who here has any combat experience?" He asked.

"Other than what we had to go through? Not really." Nina admitted.

They could hear the yuke grumble the word "unbelievable" underneath his breath.

"Very well, show me your weapons." He ordered.

"Why?" Lee-Roy asked suspiciously, as he held on to his lance.

"Simple, I need to make sure it won't break on you." Zero stated.

Nina was the first to show him her sword. He regarded the copy, including the magic writing on it.

"Jesus Christ in us. Even if he doesn't understand Yukish, he still got it right, nice work Tim." The red coat muttered to himself.

He handed the sword back into Nina's hands.

"It's a fine sword, Tim should take pride in this." He stated, causing the girl to smile.

"Now how about you boy?" Zero asked the masked boy.

He started to panic, checking every part of his body.

"You didn't bring one, did you?" Zero asked, as he took a swig of his rum.

The boy slowly nodded his head. The Yuke then pulled the two wrist blades off of the corpse's body, and slid them on to the boy's bandaged hands. The boy flicked his wrists to see the blades pop out.

"Did you just steal them from that dead body?" Nina asked, feeling a tad disturbed at how uncaring he was for the deceased.

"Dirt bag won't be needing them." Zero muttered, as he waved off the selkie girl's concerns.

The yuke then turned to them, and uttered, "Alright you three, I'll be leading your caravan. I will do my best to keep you all alive, however you must make sure to keep yourselves, and each other alive. You will follow me, my rules, and laws... Or I will send you straight home right now!" He warned, while pointing his large sword at all of them.

"Any questions?" The Yuke asked the three, as they nodded their heads

"Good." Was all the Captain said.

He dug into another coat pocket, unfolded what the others thought was a map, which Nina was rather happy about. He walked over to the three, tilting back and forth, almost like he was was off-balance. He pointed at the lower land mass they were on, then at a river which was marked by a circle.

"Now… Now, the first Myrrh Tree in the area is in River Belle Path. It's due west from here, so we will be running to it, to get you there." He explained.

"Wait... we're running?!" Lee-Roy asked ready to complain.

"Do I hear whining?" Zero asked, looking at Lee-Roy while his eye holes were bright red, shutting him up.

Zero took the chalice and they all kept following him. Sadly they were hardly keeping up with him. Lee-Roy had it the worst thanks to the suit of armor he wore. The boy was cursing, and swearing like a sailor. Nina wasn't used to running this long without a break, only focusing on the yuke in the lead and unable to look at where she was going. The hooded boy was doing no better. He was struggling to stay away from the edge of the barrier. Still he kept on going, and after about a half hour of sprinting they made it. They had stopped on a dusty old trail by the river, near an old and broken down spiked wooden gate.

All three were catching their breath as the yuke took another sip of his jug. Nina had stuck her hands in the river, cupping them as she drank from the river. Lee-Roy dunked his whole face in, while the hooded boy just looked at the water.

"Hey, Hoodie are you going to drink?" She asked.

The yellow eyed black mask turned to her.

"Hoodie?" He asked, not sure what she meant.

Nina smiled.

"Well yeah, since you won't tell me your real name. I thought of a nickname for you. Like it?" She asked.

The clavat now known as Hoodie gave a small smile behind his mask and nodded his head. He didn't notice Lee-Roy was behind him. The lilty shoved the boy into the river.

"AHAHAHA, idiot, doesn't even know how to swim." He laughed, as he watched Hoodie flail about like a fish trying to get out of the water.

Nina grabbed a hold of him, and pulled the boy out before he was forced into the miasma.

"You okay?" She asked.

He nodded his head. She then turned to Lee-Roy with a dirty scowl and drew her sword to attack the lilty boy. He defended himself with his lance.

"You could have killed him!" She yelled, trying to swing at him.

"Oh boo hoo, weakling is gonna get killed anyway." He sneered blocking her attacks

"Oh please, you could barely run!" Nina snapped as they crossed weapons, while trying to cut him up.

Zero looked at the two fighting.

"Nina, your stance is off, spread out your legs. Lee-Roy, your lance is meant to keep distance." He coughed. Then he turned to the wet Hoodie.

"As for you, your wrist blades, are good for close combat, so you need to get very close, and stab the target in the right spot." He said.

The clavat nodded his head. The two then turned back to the fight as Nina's sword glowed brightly. The magic cravings on it were activating. She fired a blast from it, Lee-Roy barely dodging out of the way. The blast did cut a bit of the gate in half, causing the wood to tumble down. While everyone was looking at this, Zero had quickly fashioned a red magic seal in Yukeish. He placed it on the boy's right hand, causing him to scream.

"What the heck?" Both Nina and Lee-Roy thought, seeing him twitch, and jerk, while Nina was looking at her sword.

"What was that?" Nina asked.

"Oh your sword has a magic blast effect. Anyway now that you two are pumped up… Lets kill us some monsters." Zero said cheerfully, causing the three to have sweat drops form on their backs.

Going past the gate the barrier helped them look around. The river was still flowing in front of them all. Nina spotted a few short looking, green lizard skinned, pointy eared beings, which were carrying wooden clubs. There were five of them and they were pounding on an iron cage with something white and fuzzy trapped inside.

'What are those things?" Lee-Roy asked, gripping his lance.

"Those are goblins, little villains of puke. They are however very stupid." Zero told all of them.

Hoodie and Nina could hear someone crying out.

"Help, someone save me, kupo!" The puff ball screamed in the cage.

The selkie girl and oddly enough, the masked clavat ran toward the goblins, sword and blades ready for a fight. Zero followed them with the chalice. Nina could see the words on her sword light up again. It charged up, and Nina waved her sword. She shot out the beam and cut one of the five goblin's in half, miasma mist shooting out of the monster rather than blood. Nina was amazed and a bit creep out at how well the thing worked. The four other goblins ran toward the caravan, screeching while waving their clubs around. No one could hear what the elder yuke was saying.

"The Lord thy name, keep thy enemies at bay." He whispered and unknown to the other two... he stirred something in the clavat, and unleashed the beast.

As the dumb brutes became enraged, Nina quickly cut one of their arms off. She'd wanted its neck, but had missed. She then started to cut out the torso, kicking it as the goblin tried to bite her. She panicked as a second one came after her, but that goblin was met with a blade in it's throat.

Hoodie caught the goblins, Nina and Lee-Roy off guard. He slit the neck, detaching the head from the body. The goblin was about to bash both Nina and Hoodie's heads in when Lee-Roy jabbed his lance into its chest. Then Hoodie's hands glowed purple, and the goblin felt a force crushing it's head. The gravity was killing it, and after being lifted into the air. The goblin's head exploded. Everyone was rather horrified while Zero was oddly very pleased. The boy put away the blades, seeing they weren't needed.

"Hey! Hey! Anyone here?!" The voice in the cage moaned.

Everyone quickly dismissed what had happened as the selkie and clavat ran to the cage. Inside was a moogle. He was a little white fluff ball, with a red pom pom sticking out of his head. His arms were holding on to the cage bars as his little purple bat wings helped him float.

"A moogle." Nina thought.

Hoodie's hand glowed purple again, and the cage was split open, freeing the moogle. It soared into the air and landed in Hoodie's arms.

"Thank you, kupo!" He said hugging him. He then did the same for Nina.

"Hey, your welcome." Nina said happily, as she hugged the moogle back.

"What the hell is this thing?" Lee-Roy asked.

Nina then gave him a smug look.

"He is a moogle. A cute little puff ball, who can actually move around in the miasma. They mostly deliver mail from village to village, or just do whatever they want." Nina said.

She then turned to the moogle.

"So what's your name?" Nina asked.

"Fuzz, kupo!" He said happily.

"Nice to meet you, Fuzz. I'm Hoodie, she's Nina, and the other two are Lee-Roy and Zero." Hoodie said to the moogle.

"Did he just talk without stuttering?" Both Nina and Lee-Roy asked.

The moogle then looked at the selkie girl.

"Have any of you kupos seen a moogle woman with glasses?" He asked hopefully.

"No, I'm sorry, why?" Nina said, seeing the frown appear on the small moogle's face.

"Well… I... I got separated from my mom… and I've been trying to find her." Fuzz stated. Nina could understand what he was feeling.

"Well we haven't seen her, powder puff, so piss off, we got a Myrrh Tree to get to." Lee-Roy spat out.

Nina was about to hit him over the head with the blunt end of her sword, however it was the clavat boy that dealt out the pain with a punch to the face.

"That was for trying to kill me!" He said. Everyone wondered when exactly he'd grown a spine.

"Why don't you come with us?" He asked, addressing the Moogle.

"Come again, kid?" Zero asked.

"That's a great idea! Mr. Zero, we should have Fuzz come along, I mean, he could help us out, and we could help him." Nina said.

"How so?" Zero bluntly asked, while drinking his rum.

Nina had to think for a bit. She then looked at the chalice. Then at Zero's sword.

"He could carry the chalice! Mr. Zero, you could use your time better to cast spells and use your sword. " Nina said out loud.

Zero smiled underneath his helmet. He dropped the chalice for the moogle to fetch. Fuzz grabbed and lifted it, fluttering about with his wings.

"You'll be in charge of keeping up with us and making sure the chalice stays with us. Think you can handle it?" He asked.

Fuzz gave him a salute.

"I won't let you down, kupo, Sir!" He stated boldly.

"Good boy, you'll do fine. Welcome aboard, Fuzz the Moogle, " He said. Nina and Hoodie smiled triumphantly.

"Fine, do whatever you want! Just don't get in my way!" Lee-Roy yelled, as he got to his feet.

The little puff ball flew next to Nina and Hoodie.

"So…can… we be friends?" Hoodie asked the moogle.

The moogle smiled at him.

"Sure! Can we make sand castles?" The Moogle asked.

"I don't know how, but sure." The clavat admitted, while laughing.

"You two are getting along fine and dandy." Nina commented, while they walked.

The hooded clavat started to shiver and shake again.

"Yeah… well… um… er." He started to mumble.

"Back to square one." Nina thought, as she frowned.

Zero healed the lilty boy's black eye.

"Hey Lee-Roy, make sure to keep your eyes open. The path has monsters that love to prey on lilties." He warned.

Lee-Roy gave a flash of fright and anger.

"S-Shut up! You're just trying to scare me! Well, I'm not like the selkie peasant or that little freak!" He yelled.

"Whatever. Oi, you lot in the back, just keep going forward, and then we will turn right!" Zero ordered.

They all nodded their heads and kept on going the way Zero had told them to go. The caravan walked alongside the river, past the trees and green fields along the sand banks. The lilty boy happened to notice a brown chest. A chest meant loot.

"Mine, Mine, Mine!" He yelled, as he ran toward it. Zero then saw something the rest didn't.

"Lee-Roy, no stop!" He yelled in a slur.

Sadly it was too late, and the minute he got to the chest, he was ambushed by a new monster along with three goblins that were hiding underneath the sand. The new one was a red floating ball with a demonic smile on its face and some fire atop of its head. Lee-Roy jabbed his lance at one of the goblins chests. He landed a hit, however the other goblins were ganging up on him. Zero, Nina and Hoodie ran to help their fellow team member.

"Blizzard!" Zero yelled, shooting a beam of ice that froze the red ball solid.

Nina blocked an attack from one of the goblins, which gave Lee-Roy the chance to stab and jab at the other monsters. To his surprise, the chest was now glowing purple and floating into the air, landing on the heads of the two other goblins. He turned to find Hoodie waving cheerfully at them. The lilty was about to open the chest when Zero yanked him up in the air.

"A word to the wise, if you see a chest out in the open... it's likely booby trapped." He said to the rich lilty boy.

Lee-Roy kicked the yuke, so he would drop him and quickly opened the chest, only to be blasted into a tree on the very edge of the barrier. Nina laughed as Hoodie and Fuzz went to pick him up, while Zero dusted himself off and smacked the smoked lilty's forehead.

An hour later and the lot were a ways down the path. Lee-Roy was fishing with his lance, jabbing at the water, swearing and cussing every time he missed. Fuzz and Hoodie were making a sand castle and enjoying each other's company.

"Now kupo, we should make a wall." Fuzz said.

"I dunno, the pointy thing could be higher." Hoodie thought out loud, having so much fun.

Zero was giving Nina a quick lesson in magic. In his feathered hands were seven colored orbs.

"Now this is magi. This is how most people use magic. We have Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Cure, Clear, Water and Gravity. " He said.

"Wow, they look so pretty and cool." Nina said giggling like a school girl.

"Now Gravity is a rare one. You have to fuse both a fire magi and a blizzard magi together, and that is a whole new thing in it of itself." He explained.

"You mean like the kind Hoodie has been using?" Nina asked.

Zero was amused at how she caught on so quickly.

"Did you give him one? My little brother could do that without one cause he was… a... a" Nina said as she was trying to remember.

"A Crystal Bearer, I know. Don't worry I'm sure he's still alive somewhere. I have people who can help out. Right now, we need to get you four ready for the boss." Zero said holding her hand.

"The boss?" Nina asked, sounding worried.

"Yeah, some monster guards the Myrrh trees, and they are pretty damn hard to, hic, to kill. Still I think we have a shot." He assured her.

Suddenly they heard a loud roar coming for them.

"Damn, it's moved this year!" Zero thought as everyone got their weapons ready.

Hoodie, however, heard a voice in his head he didn't want to hear ever again.

"I know you got out, Crystal Bearer. I don't know how you escaped your punishment, boy. But you had better make sure this thing kills you, or I might do something worse! FAR WORSE, MY BOY, RUN AWAY MONSTER!" He heard Ibluis roar.

End of Chapter 3.
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A world that never was
I can't tell if this is a remake or a sequel to Renegades of Funk.

Regardless, you're telling a pretty interesting story, and I appreciate that the individual chapters aren't too long--I find this makes it much easier to read on a computer screen. However, some grammar and spelling mistakes (or not even mistakes, just awkward phrasing) take away from the experience of reading. I would suggest reading over an individual chapter yourself, carefully, to try to catch any mistakes or strange wording you might have left in your first drafts. You can also ask someone to proofread the chapters, or even beta read upcoming chapters, to help with this. That way, your story comes through more clearly, and readers can enjoy it without being confused or distracted by small errors.
Oct 20, 2009
dancing on sunshine and gingersnaps
Good to see hoodie grow a back bone, and get a name. He's quite the little badass in my book. I kind of wish Lee-Roy would stop being so stuck up. But I have a feeling he'll either change, or die. Hopefully we'll learn about Hoodie's backstory, and what Iblus meant.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Well it's a remake or a reboot.

also glad you like it SoL. Don't worry Nina will set him right. Mostly.,,

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 4: The Boss battle and the aftermath.

It was now mid-day in Tipa Village. A young Ten-Ten Cid was now wearing a short black dress with a white apron like her mother was. Huffing away and hard at work from scrubbing the floors of the manor of the Jenkins clan clean. Tipa's only Lilty noble family. She blew two of her dreadlocks out of her eyes, since her arms were busy with some wet cloths and a sponge. After what felt like an eternity, she dropped the rag, and left for the door. Nina was on her mind, as well as her plan.

She passed by the expensive looking living room and hallway, most of it marble white, the walls covered with paintings, statues and lush furniture that none of the servants ever dared to touch. She found the door, and had to reach up for the doorknob, since she was small even by lilty standards.

"I wish things could just move around like at home!" Ten-Ten grumbled, as she grabbed it, twisting the doorknob, which she and most of the maids thought might be made of gold.

As she was about to gain her freedom, she was yelled at.

"You, maid girl! Where do you think you’re going?!" Yelled a harsh and commanding woman's voice. Ten-Ten and everyone else in the manor knew that voice well. Ten-Ten kept thinking to herself not to turn back around and look, but her body disobeyed her.

She turned her head to find an older lilty woman standing there, her bleach blond hair short and tied in a bun. Her face was powdered and pale, and the only bit of color she had was her ice blue eyes and her rouge red lips. She wore a matching white long dress with a ruby necklace across her neck. She was Lara Jenkins, the lady of the house.

"Well, I'm waiting!" She yelled, while tapping her foot, making the young girl sweat bullets.

"Well, you see ma'am… I'm done with my work for now." She whimpered.

"Then why aren't you going to the head maid to work on something else?" The woman asked, thinking she was just trying to get out of work.

"Well, I need to go to the church and pray for my friend in the caravan!" Ten-Ten cried out.

That surprised the noble woman.

"Come again?" She asked.

"Well Ma'am, my best friend Nina, is the selkie in the caravan, and a lot of the time people don't come back. So Ma'am, please let me go and pray for her safety. I'm just so worried about her!" Ten-Ten said, as tears started to form in her eyes.

The noble woman's face softened, giving a sad frown.

"I see… I know how you feel child. Lee-Roy is in the caravan as well, in spite of my wishes. Go, pray for your friend… maybe God shall be merciful even if she is a selkie. Just pray for your young master as well." She ordered.

Ten-Ten jumped up and down, while bowing her head.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Ten-Ten squealed

The lilty girl ran as fast as she could out the gate.

"Wow Nina was right, I should be an actor… Then again... I should pray for Nina, and master Lee-Roy… even if he is a big meanie face." Ten-Ten said out loud.

As she walked from the manor and farther into the lilty district, a white cat pounced on her, knocking her down. Ten-Ten looked up to find several large metallic suits of armor towering over her, making her shake in fear and panic. The eye holes glowed red as one was about to grab her. The cat hissed at them and bit Ten-Ten, prompting the girl to move. The hollow suits were reached for her again, only to be sliced in half by a large scythe.

"Nina, please be safe." Ten-Ten thought


In front of everyone was a large blue crab with six horns on its head. It roared and hissed while Nina drew her sword. Clicking the two massive claws it took a swipe at them. The girl ducked and rolled, making the crab miss.

Zero started to shoot a few fireballs at the monster, making it back off, however its claw whacked him into a tree, smashing his rum jug. Hoodie grabbed the older yuke and brought him back to his senses. This time he shot a Blizzard spell, freezing the legs. Fuzz was flying around dodging the crab's horns and claws.

The moogle didn't see this but a horn was about to impale his fluff ball body until Lee-Roy snapped it with his lance.

"Thank you, kupo!" Fuzz exclaimed, as he flew a bit farther away from the crab.

But Lee-Roy was about to be attacked by a smaller crab from behind. When the lilty boy turned around he found Hoodie holding it in place with one hand, allowing him to stab it with his lance, killing it. He gave a small nod of respect to the clavat, although Hoodie's spell couldn't last and the two boys were flicked into the sand by the other crab.

The moogle felt something grab on to his leg, a smaller crab coming out of the sand. Hoodie crushed the crab with his gravity power, only to be struck by a bolt of lightning magic it had cast.

Nina looked at the broken horn Lee-Roy had cut off, and the other ones on the crab’s head. Getting an idea, she grabbed the horn.

"Zero, Hoodie, Lee-Roy… I need you guys to keep that thing busy, while I-AH!" She yelled, as she was nearly struck by thunder.

From out of the sand, more and more of the crabs popped out. Zero and Lee-Roy were swiping them with lance and sword in hand. Zero was rather angry at the loss of his favorite rum jug.

"At this rate the greenhorns will run out of energy… Better wrap this up quick…" Zero thought.

Zero started to make a few hand signs.

"Release Auron Seal, level one unlocked." He said out loud

Behind Hoodie's mask his eyes turned red. On his hands two red glowing seals appeared.

"Crystal Bearer Magic increased ten-fold. All power shall be used to terminate all enemy forces." He said in a hollow voice.

The boy hovered in midair, ripping nearby trees out of the ground with his power and thrusting them at the crab, smacking it into a nearby waterfall. It righted itself quickly and rushed at the crystal bearer, but Hoodie swiftly summoned a wall of sand from the ground, as well as tiny fists that attacked the crab and restrained the claws, preventing them from firing lightning. Lee-Roy and Fuzz stood there with their mouths wide open with awe.

Nina however was climbing the monster's back, the horn held between her teeth.

"Okay I'll just cut off its other horns and stab it in the eye, and then the brain." She thought.

The girl was now on top of its head, and her eyes widened at seeing Hoodie holding the claws back, nearly breaking them.

"This… can't be real? It's… it's like something out of my books." She thought.

However seeing the crab charge up for another lighting attack brought her back. Nina pulled out her sword and sliced the other five horns, cutting off the crab’s magic. She then took the horn and stabbed it in each eye, leaving the beast totally blind.

Finally Nina took her sword, flipped around and thrust it right between the crab's now dead eyes. It screamed and roared in pain, flailing around in a last ditch effort, and shook Nina right off of its head. Hoodie, under the seal, then used his power to crush every vital organ inside of the monster’s body. But the crab thrashed about in pain, striking Hoodie with its claw. The impact cracked his mask, making it split in half, and the force of the attack sent him flying outside of the barrier, now at the mercy of the poisonous mist. Zero jumped and grabbed a hold of Nina as the monster fell.

"Did we win?" Nina asked, feeling light headed.

Zero made her look up to see the damage, mainly the sword wound, and every other wound that made the crab bleed out miasma. They all knew that the beast was done. Fuzz however dropped the chalice and flew at his top speed out of the barrier. Nina saw this, jumped off of Zero, and grabbed the chalice and giving chase. The lilty boy and the elder followed her.

Fuzz found the clavat boy, however he was covered in a crystal barrier of his own. Nina caught up to the moogle and boy, but she stopped dead in her tracks and dropped the chalice in shock at what she saw. Neither of them could speak. Hoodie's hood was off his head, showing very short dark blue hair. The boy tried to cover the glowing blue crystal that served as his right eye. The other was dark brown. Both eyes screamed utter fear and horror. The boy's face was a mix of sickly white paleness and deep cut red scars. Two were large lines down from his eyelids to the bottoms of his cheeks. Another was a large X shaped scar across his eyes. His forehead was covered with a nasty looking burn.

"Sash?" Nina whispered.

The mention of the name made the boy's eyes widen. His mind started to take him back.

"Sash, you need to protect your sister. Find Nina and run! Run Sash… RUN!" Were the last words of his father.

"Sash, SASH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? TEN-TEN'S NOT BREATHING!" His Aunt Tabby screamed in horror.

"YOU STOPPED HER HEART, YOU MONSTER!" Tim roared in furry.

"Sash?" A younger looking Nina asked.

"You are mine now, boy! No one will help you! Not God, not the drunken Auron, not that damn selkie woman Shi-Ki. NO ONE! You killed your father, your Ten-Ten, and so many others. However your greatest sin is being born, and now you shall be punished until the day you die." Ibluis said, about to strike him with a whip.

"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!" The Crystal Bearer screamed. In frantic unstable panic, he used every ounce of his power to get him as far away from the caravan as possible.

"Sash wait, no!" Nina pleaded. Sadly it was too late. He was gone.

"Oh shit! He's headed for a Miasma stream." Zero said out loud.

As soon as she heard that, Nina started to run after him. However Zero grabbed a hold of her.

"Let me go, Zero, I've got to find him!" She yelled in protest.

Zero looked at her.

"First we get the Myrth then, we will go and find him." He ordered.

They made their way to the tree, but all Nina and Fuzz could think of was one word.


End of Chapter 4.
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Chapter 5: Light in the Miasma Stream

Nina was impatient, which was understandable. She had just found out her long lost little brother was not only in the caravan, but had undergone a psychotic breakdown and ran into what Zero called a Miasma stream. Normally this would mean death for anyone other than a moogle, someone with a crystal chalice, or a crystal bearer. Thankfully he was of the latter, but that did little to calm her nerves.

Zero Auron had taken them and the chalice past the large waterfall. Fuzz, Lee-Roy and Nina gazed at the glowing green tree whose leaves looked like gigantic emeralds to the rich lilty boy. The yuke slowly placed the chalice down near the trunk of the tree.

"Is that a Myrrh Tree, Kupo?" Fuzz asked.

"Yes, don't worry it'll be quick." Was all Zero said.

The tiny crystal on top of the sliver cup glowed brightly and soon the whole waterfall illuminated in a green glow. The moogle started to hum a song as the tree gave out a drop of the water of life, which expanded, and filled the chalice one third of the way. The tree shot out a wave of magic, which gave everyone a happy feeling as the glow died down.

Zero sighed while he took the chalice, being very careful not to drop it. He gave it back to the tiny moogle as Nina snapped out of her stupor.

"Okay great, now let’s go!" She said pulling out her sword as she was about to charge outside.

Zero started to run ahead of her knowing where she needed to be. Lee-Roy was slowing down, which annoyed Nina greatly.

"Hurry the hell up, Lee-Roy!" Nina growled.

"Why? It's just a stupid crystal bearer. Big whoop if he dies." He shrugged.

Fuzz had never seen a beating happen so fast. Lee-Roy was now on the floor with a bloody nose, and a large black bruise on his face. Lee-Roy was about to get up, when the selkie girl grabbed him by the collar of his armor. The lilty boy was now face to face with Nina and she was angry.

"Listen to me, you spoiled, double decker pile of pig droppings! That "stupid crystal bearer" is my little brother! My family and I have been looking for him since Ibluis took over the church! I will not lose him because of you! If he dies cause you wanna be a jackass, I will slaughter you with my sword and bare hands, while making your remains so little that there is nothing for buzzards to pick at!"" She ranted, while knocking him back on the ground with a head butt.

"Do I make myself clear, Lee-Roy?" She asked. The boy quickly nodded his head as they started to pick up the pace.

He then looked at Zero who only scoffed at the boy's pain.

"Kid, you earned that beating. Oh and if she hadn't done it, I would have, and you wouldn't want that.”

"Nina is scary!" Fuzz thought, shivering as he flew.

As they ran a group of goblins were about ambush them. Nina pulled out her sword and started to unleash hell on all of them.

"Get out of my way!" She screamed, catching the monsters off guard.

"…It seems the girl has gotten her temper from her mother Donna. Lucy would be proud." Zero thought, as he pulled out his sword, wanting to take out some anger of his own for the jug of rum he had lost.

Sash had to stop and breathe. He was near what looked like a dying forest of twisted oak trees around a black and purplish swirling tunnel. The boy dropped to the ground, grabbing his head in pain. He opened his eyes, to find the two wrist blades he had been given transformed, into tightening iron shackles. His eyes were playing tricks on him. He panicked and with a thrust from his power the blades flew off of him, as well as the gloves he wore on his hands.

The gravity of the situation hit the Crystal Bearer hard, and he turned his tightly bandaged hands into fists, as he slowly started to walk toward the vortex.

"Gotta run, gotta protect Nina. Can't hurt her like Ten-Ten, or Dad, or all those people." He spoke out loud.

"Oh no, my little monster, you’re not going to be running anywhere any time soon." A voice in his head hissed.

"Master… Ibluis?" Sash whimpered. The boy's body felt like he was about to be lit on fire. It wouldn't have been the first time.

"You dared to leave your cage, and now my demon… you shall be brought back." The voice in his head stated.

Sash turned around finding a figure covered in black smoke, reminding him of his tormentor. That figure transformed into a large gathering of black demons with antennas on their heads, grabbing hold of the crystal bearer with their claws. Their red eyes showed the hunger for his heart. In panic he pushed them off of him. The boy ran into the stream, his head pounding, his body shaking with blood starting to drip from his old wounds and memories that he wished were gone flashing into his mind.

"Kill the monster! Burn him, Oh God, the thing ripped out their throats! Run Sash! Sash! You killed my daughter, you demon! Because of you the selkies are set back to square one! Why didn't you die instead of the minister you freak! The crystal bearer has spilled yuke blood it must die!" The voices in the boy's head yelled and cursed at him.

Sash looked to find the dark beings had followed him and their numbers had grown. Sash kept pushing them away as his chest started to hurt again. He hadn't noticed that one of them had ripped open an old wound of his. The boy started to cough blood as he was lifted off the ground, making a wall for himself. He did this all around where he stood and fell down to the ground, hugging his knees, scared, bleeding and trying everything to fix himself.

"Maybe I should just let myself die. I'm sorry, Dad, but... I'll be protecting Nina like you said." He thought to himself.

"I’m sorry, Fuzz, you shouldn't be friends with a monster." He muttered to himself.

"Yes child, die and sleep forever. I have been waiting for you to go. Now do God's will and die like a good monster." Ibluis's voice whispered into his ear. Sash could have sworn the man was right next to him.

Nina and the others had run right alongside the stream. The moogle handed the chalice back to Zero as he spotted his friend's wrist blades. Fuzz then flew into the stream, however he screamed, trying to fly back as the demonic looking shadows were trying to eat him. Zero, Nina, and by force, Lee-Roy ran to his aid. Nina swung her blade, shooting a beam of light and making the shadow vanish. The moogle quickly flew to his friend, as Zero cast a large lightning spell, getting rid of the many hell spawn.

"Kupo needs help, those thing are all over him!" Fuzz said.

That caused Nina to spring into the stream, however her head started to hurt, filling with images of her as a small child looking at a burning house. However, she shook her head and pressed on. As those shadows kept on going after the girl, they were met with the end of a lance, or by two swords. Nina made it to the large wall and pounded on it.

"Sash, Sash, I’m here! It’s Nina!" The blue haired girl cried, as she started to chip away at a earthen blockade.

That woke Sash up, and in a panic, he pushed nearly everyone out of the chalice's barrier.

"No Nina, leave me! I'll only kill you too, just like when I killed Dad, and Ten-Ten." He pleaded. Images of their father's dead body on the floor outside the church flashed into his mind.

"He… killed your dad?" Lee-Roy asked. Fuzz wanted to speak up as well but the words wouldn't come out.

"Oh God, Ibluis must have been screwing with his head far more than I realized." Zero thought.

Nina looked confused and angry at the same time.

"Sash, please let me help you! Wait, what do you mean, you killed Ten-Ten?" She asked.

"…I killed her a week after I killed Dad." Sash said.

"Sash, no! Ten-Ten is alive! You never came home, when Tim asked you to find Dad." Nina said, as she quickly jumped to his barrier. She stabbed a few monsters that were in the way. Zero, Fuzz and Lee-Roy were busying taking care of the other unknown monsters that were coming out of the woodwork

"Shouldn't we help them?" Fuzz asked.

"We are, and yes, Lee-Roy as soon as Nina gets the kid, we can get the hell out of here." Zero said, while freezing a few of the shadows in place.

"What?" The crystal bearer asked. His head and chest started to pound.

"GGGGAAAAHHH!" He cried out in pain, as his barrier started to shift and change. All the while, the ground started to rip apart and float in the air.

"Sash, let me help, just get rid of the wall, please." Nina begged.

"I'll just kill you too." Sash repeated.

"No you won't! You wouldn't do that to anyone, and I'll prove it!" Nina said, finally slashing the wall in two.

She was about to grab Sash when the shadowy figure of Ibluis formed between the two.

"That fucking demon in a dead yuke's body!" Zero screamed, ready to cast a spell to blow him to bits.

"No you won't, you'll both just die, like the wicked should." He said, as the minister's shadow was about to cut her up with his claw. Sash however pushed his body up, and hugged the girl, making himself a clavat shield. Nina's blade shot out a beam of light that not only destroyed the Ibluis shadow, that was screaming in agony, but the other shadow demons as well.

Fuzz flew to them now that his friend's barrier was gone and the two were sitting on the ground. Nina was hugging her brother tightly, both of them smiling with tears streaming down their cheeks. Fuzz smiled as the two spoke silently to each other.

"Nina, I’m sorry." Sash mumbled, before passing out.

"You don't need to be sorry. Your my brother and I love you." Nina said, hugging him before closing her eyes.

Zero was busy healing the boy's wounds when he noticed a blue and orange key shaped sword in Nina’s hands along with her standard blade.

"What the hell is this?" Zero wondered, picking it up. It vanished from his hands and back to Nina's.

"Can we go now?!" Lee-Roy asked.

"Yeah, just help me carry these two." Zero muttered, finishing most of the healing he needed to do.

As the Tipa Caravan exited the Miasma stream, they didn't notice a hooded figure with yellow eyes watching them.

"So… his daughter is a wielder as well. She may be of use to us after Ibluis performs the ritual. Still I had better continue finding the summoner child before Sora and his friends find this world." The voice muttered before vanishing into the dark.

End of Chapter 5.
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I'm digging Nina as the main character of this story, and its quite a refreshing read. I'm in agreement with Hidden, how the shorter chapters are easier to read compared to the other one you wrote last year. Plus, Nina having a brother is really exciting. It feels like a whole new story entirely, and I still adore Fuzz. Zero is still a badass and Ibluis is still a bastard. I hope we see more brother and sister moments with Nina and Sash now. Also, I liked the name Sash had gotten in previous chapters 'Hoodie'.
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Chapter 6 pt 1: Woodstock.

Zero's mood was slightly improving, The caravan had gotten out of the miasma stream. Fuzz was once again carrying the chalice, while Zero was holding onto the knocked out Nina and Sash. Lee-Roy huffed and puffed having to fight quite a few of those new shadow monsters.

"I could let that freak, and peasant die… but I won't…" He thought to himself.

"Hey kupos, I see something!" Fuzz said with joy.

The moogle spotted a large yellow chocobo near a caravan cart. He quickly flew to it, checking if any monsters where around. The lilty wanted to follow the moogle, however the thought of dying from lack of breathable air, held him back.

Fuzz flew to find an old working caravan. He spotted the yellow, large ride able bird. As Fuzz was about to get closer and take a closer look at everything. His mind thought back to when he was with his mother. The moogle woman with multi-colored scarf around her neck, and a pair of thick reading glasses on her noise looked at the smaller Fuzz. He was looking at the large plate of food that was in the middle of the road. As he flew to the food, what came out of a static flicker was a tall, slender, scaly sharp green humanoid lizard monster. It's yellow eyes gazed at Fuzz who was shaking in terror. The beast roared, showing it's razor sharp teeth.

"Hey Moogle!" Lee-Roy yelled, snapping Fuzz back into the present.

"Huh?" Fuzz asked.

"Fuzz, tell me what to do you see?" Zero ordered.

Fuzz looked into the Caravan, praying to God it didn't have a monster in it. He looked to find food, a few large jugs of water, a bag of gill, a small crystal and some clothes.

The moogle left the caravan and looked at the bird again, who was sadly looking at its feet.

I found a caravan cart, and stuff! Stuff we can use!" Fuzz shouted to Zero.

That really was improving Zero's mood.

"Good! That's good work, Fuzz. Anything else?" He asked.

Fuzz looked at the chocobo again.

"Um yeah... A big bird thing!" Fuzz said.

"Oh a chocobo, that's good. I was worried we were screwed." Zero muttered. Lee-Roy's ears perked up when he heard the word Chocobo.

"What kind of chocobo? Moogle, what type of chocobo is it? What's it's gender, how many feathers does it have on it's head? He yelled to Fuzz, who was a tad bombarded with the questions.

"What does it matter?" Zero asked.

"IT MATTERS!" Lee-Roy shouted at the top of his lungs.

The roar made Nina slowly wake up from her slumber.

"Oh way to go, Lee-Roy, your hissy fit over unimportant details woke Nina up. I'll give you cookie when we get into a town." Zero said in a condescending tone, which made the boy growl.

The yuke helped the young selkie girl up from the ground. She smiled at him, and lifted herself using his head. The girl's eyes widened.

"Where's Sash? Is he okay? Where's Fuzz? Nina started to ask. However in her free hand, what came to her in flash was that of a familiar key shaped sword.

"NOW WHAT IN THE HECK IS THIS?!" Nina yelled as she dropped it, only for it to appear in her hand once more.

"Well your little brother is resting, however your yelling might have woken him up. " The adult of the caravan noted, seeing Sash's body start to twitch. He then turned to Nina once more. "As for the other question, our moogle friend has found us some goods, and a chocobo." Zero explained.

Nina blinked upon hearing this, and she started to pick up her brother and walked with Lee-Roy and Fuzz. Nina and Zero, could see a slight step in Lee-Roy as they made way to their moogle and the new bird. As they came back to their moogle, Zero put down the chalice. Lee-Roy was all over the feathered beast, checking it's wings, beak, talons and legs.

"You are amazing, strong, healthy, soft feathers, and a tough beak." Lee-Roy said out loud to himself. The bird chirped hearing his praise. Which gave him questionable looks from Fuzz, Nina and Zero. Sash was too busy looking at the chocobo to care.

"Well it seems our rich brat has a soft spot for chocobos," Nina said with a slight smirk.

"Yeah I like chocobos what of it?! Wanna make fun of me?" He hissed.

"No, I think it's kinda sweet. Shows me that your not soulless." Nina said while patting Lee-Roy's head, which made him growl.

The selkie girl then turned to the bird. She then went into the abandoned caravan and started to look for food. Zero, Fuzz and Sash were looking at the bird, well Zero was looking at its legs.

"Hey Lee-Roy, what does our new friend eat?" Nina yelled from the caravan.

"Greens, and what are you doing to him, you drunk?!" Lee-Roy ask he saw Zero was about to cast a spell.

"Kid, I'm setting your little pet free." Zero said. He shot out the magic he needed.

"Dispel!" The yuke yelled. The bird's legs were now mobile as a light slightly blinded Fuzz and Lee-Roy.

"I found some food, whoa! What happened here?" Nina asked, as the large bird went to her and ate the food she had in her hand.

"Birdie had a stop spell on its legs. He couldn't move."

"Kewl!" The large bird chirped in a happy tone, enjoying the meal.

"Glad your better and full." Nina laughed, smiling and now petting the bird.. Lee-Roy was going to make a remark about her soiling the chocobo's feathers with her touch. However, seeing a still out of it Sash slowly get into the caravan along with Fuzz, made him think twice.

Zero jumped onto the caravan's seat, while allowing Nina and Lee-Roy to get in. After he pulled on the bird's reins, telling him where to go. Zero made up his mind on where he, or rather they needed to be.

"I'll give them some time to rest, then we train. Its been a few days since I met up with Eva and Taumu. They should be here with the rest in Marr's Pass. Hopefully they haven't run into an Alfitaria solders. I don't need them giving Ibluis any backup." Zero thought to himself.

As he kept his eyes on the road he noticed the bird was whimpering. The yuke looked at what the bird was looking at. He found the bodies of two yukes, and a little woman frozen solid in black ice. There was a selkie man's dead body bound to the floor. Zero noticed there was a message: Traitor to the cause was written in blood. Zero gazed turned to anger, as the bird shed tears. He wanted to go to them, but Zero wouldn't let them. Zero gave the bird some pats and whispered.

"Those were yours, huh? You have my sympathy, I know the feeling." Zero muttered, never enjoying loss.

He checked to see if the kids were looking around. He didn't like the idea of shielding them from reality, but seeing them fight off monsters, a miasma stream and whatever those shadow things were. Zero thought it best to spare them a little bit.

"Solidus's handy work, but what's he doing out in Tipa's neck of the woods? Last I heard, he and his "Selkie Revolution" were out all the way in Leuda." Zero thought to himself as he kept on driving.

Nina came up to him.

"Zero, Sir, um Captain, where are we going?" Nina asked.

The yuke slowly looked at her. Now fully sober, he got a closer look at her. Her face and body remind her of Doctor Hawkeye, but her eyes had three way mix of L, Tabby, and her own creative nature.

"Don't worry about that for right now. Tend to your brother, rest, eat, drink. Make sure everyone get their fill, alright?" Zero ordered, whiled dodging the question all tighter.

"Okay, but first tell me where we are going." Nina said again, now a bit annoyed.

"Are you tired?" Zero asked her trying to throw her off.

"You're dodging my question. Stop it." Nina stated getting slightly irritated, by being treated like a child.

"Have a cookie for the smart cookie, if we have any." Zero joked. The girl was less than amused.

"Fine, I'm taking you lot somewhere important, and to train. After that we will be going to Marr's Pass, a trading Lilty, Clavat village to meet some "friends" of mine to help with the Myrrh collecting. Happy?" Zero asked in an annoyed growl.

"Very, thank you." Nina said, smiling while going back into the caravan.

Zero shook his head, as he kept the bird going where he needed to be. Nina wondered where she put her bag. It was right next to Fuzz and Lee-Roy who were eating a loaf of bread and some fruit. Sash only gave her a weak smile as he sat next to Fuzz. The selkie sat next to her little brother and her moogle friend. Nina found two water jugs and gave it to the clavat/selkie Crystal Bearer, and Fuzz.

"Drink up guys." Nina said cheerfully.

"Thanks Nina, kupo." Fuzz cheered as he started to drink.

"T-Thank you, Nina." Sash muttered.

"Your welcome, Sash." Nina said smiling.

Sash smiled and slowly took the drink. Nina then helped him open it and showed him how to drink. Nina found a third one, and gave it to Lee-Roy. He eyed it with suspicion.

"What's this for peasant?" Lee-Roy muttered.

"Figured you wanted it, we have been running around all day." Nina offered.

The noble boy quickly took the water jug, and took a sip.

"Thank you." Lee-Roy muttered.

"What was that?" Nina asked, not sure if what she heard was correct.

"I SAID THANK YOU! Unlike you, I was raised with edict, even if it's wasted on someone like you!" Lee-Roy huffed.

"Hey, I might not have had fifty classes on how to hold a spoon, but I'll have you know, my mother, our Uncle Tim, our Aunt Tabby and our Dad raised Sash and myself with manners." Nina snapped.

"Well you got him to say thank you... So a win for us." Fuzz noted.

After twenty minutes, Nina was writing in her chronicle, while she did a doodle of Lee-Roy falling off a cliff. She chuckled at this.

"So what are we gonna name the chocobo?" Sash asked.

That got Fuzz, Lee-Roy and Nina thinking.

"Oh, Oh, Oh lets name him Swift!" Fuzz said.

"That's a dumb idea. A chocobo this great should have grand name."

"How about Vani?" Nina said.

"Swift?" Lee-Roy said, but it didn't feel right.

"Avon!" Fuzz asked, still Nina and Lee-Roy didn't think it fit.

"Flash?" Sash put his two gill in.

Nina smiled but shook her head.

"Nice try, Sash, but they all seem too... simple. It's a nice try." Nina said, trying to break it to him gently.

The crystal bearer understood and he went back to thinking. Fuzz was looking around the caravan, trying to think of a name. He looked to find a bit of writing in the some of the wood.

"Kupos... I got it!" Fuzz shouted out.

"Huh?" The three others asked.

"I got a good name for the chocobo!" The Moogle declared.

"Oh really? Great, tell us!" Nina said, slightly chipper tone.

"I doubt you it's anything good but go on." The lilty rudely muttered.

Fuzz scowled at him. The crystal bearer however smiled.

"Don't worry, Fuzz, no one who's important will make fun of you." Sash stated with a grin on his face.

The moogle laughed as the lilty boy had this dumbfound look on his face.

"Did he just insult me backhandedly?!" Lee-Roy thought.

"How about Woodstock!" Fuzz declared.

"I like it!" Nina said. Sash nodded his head, agreeing with her.

Lee-Roy thought about it. He was going to say something nasty, but he thought against it.

"Let's see what our chocobo thinks." He muttered.

Soon all four greenhorns went outside and told the bird all the names they thought of. The bird said no in his own way to all of them but Woodstock. So with most of them happy, he was named Woodstock. Nina then helped Sash back into his seat.

“Hey Nina… can I have some water?” He asked.

Nina looked at the face of her crystal bearer brother, and smiled. The girl pulled out some of the water and gave it to him, so he could drink.

“Thank you.” He muttered, as Nina patted Sash on the head.

“ Your welcome… Hey!” The selkie girl cried as Sash was trying to use his powers to give Nina some bread. The girl quickly caught it.

“Hey now, you need to rest up.’ Nina warned.

“Sorry.” Sash muttered.

“No, no it's fine… its just I don’t want you to tire yourself. Um can we just talk? I have so many questions to ask…I mean if your feeling up to it...” Nina blabbed, before taking a bite out of the loaf of bread.

“Okay.” Sash said with a smile.

“Oh great, I was hoping I could sleep, now they are gonna chat away.” Lee-Roy muttered to himself. He then ripped a bit of Fuzz’s fur and put it between his ears.

“HEY!” Fuzz yelled, as he started to kick and punch the noble lilty.

The brother and sister looked at their friend and... friend/enemy fight it out. Zero’s head and one of his arms turned to them, and with an annoyed look in his eyes. With the snap of his fingers Fuzz and Lee-Roy were under the effect of the sleep spell. Zero then focused his eyes back on the road.

The clavat crystal bearer looked at his now sleeping friends, and then at his older sister. A few good memories started to come back to his head, he started to lay down again.

“Sash… are you ready to hear some questions?” Nina asked, as she finished her bread.

He slowly nodded his head, making her smile. He gave her a small one, liking her own.

“Okay… I just want you to know, for all time, whatever Ibluis told you, is a lie! Ten-Ten is fine. I had breakfast with her this morning. Okay?” Nina stated, trying to put an end with what she heard Sash said in the miasma stream.

“But...” Sash muttered having his doubts.

Nina then pulled something out of her bag. After throwing some of her clothes around, an extra skirt landed on Sash’s face. The selkie girl smiled, finding a picture, and quickly got her clothes out of his face. Nina then showed Sash a hand drawn picture of her, Tabby, Tim and Ten-Ten from a few months ago.

“WHA... WHAT?!’Sash nearly screamed in disbelief.

“Is that proof for you or what?” Nina said smiling.

Sash looked at the picture again, his body started to shake.

“She… She… She’s been alive… all this time?” He asked, tears starting to form in his eyes.

Nina then hugged her unstable brother, now feeling rather bad.

“Sash, I didn’t mean to make you upset.” She said worried.

The boy shook his head with a smile on his face. It was the first time he had done that in a long time.

“No, No, I’m not upset… I’m... I’m so happy. I thought... I thought after all this time, that I had killed Ten-Ten. Master Ibluis lied to me… and that must mean Dad’s okay too, right!?” Sash asked getting his hopes up.

“Well… um… your half right. Ibluis is a liar, but… Dad… is dead.” Nina muttered, as she kinda dashed a bit of his hopes.

“Oh… Well. Wait… Wait can we see her when we get home?” Sash asked Nina, acting like a child asking his parent for ice cream.

Nina smiled at this and ruffled his hair a bit.

“Sure... after we bash his face in! Or we could could lock him up wherever you’ve been.” Nina declared.

“Oh well then… then we would have to go under the church… but you can do that... I don’t want to.” Sash muttered, shivering a bit.

Nina then heard what Sash just said. It took her a few minutes for her brain to register that bit of information, then it hit her.

“YOU WERE UNDERNEATH THE CHURCH!?” Nina screamed, making Zero’s eyes widen as he looked back.

“How the hell did I not see that coming?” Zero thought to himself. He then pulled out a pair sea shells out of a pocket. He put one on the mouth piece of his helmet and the other by the end of his ear.

“Eva, love bug, it’s John. I’ve got the Tipa Caravan and the first drop of Mrryth. How many of the boys and girls are still active after the Lizard men fight?” Zero asked.

“Five hundred, that’s all?! No, no bunny bunch I'm not yelling… just meet me at Marr’s Pass... and tell Taimu not to light anyone on fire. I-I love you too. Bye.” Zero spoke into the shell.

End of Chapter 6. pt. 1
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Lee-Roy is so dang cute around Chocobos. I like the name Fuzz gave their new chocobo too. It's quite fitting. I feel a little bad for Sash being locked away under a church, but I'm happy he's no longer in despair after learning the truth about Ten-Ten. Zero is still one of my favorite characters to read about. I suppose Fuzz would be in second then. This was a good chapter overall, which I thoroughly enjoyed because you give each character enough screen time that it doesn't feel overwhelming at all. Only a few people are able to do that. I'm so ecstatic to see Eva gets a small cameo in this chapter too. I look forward to reading more of their adventures together.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Renegades of Fate

Chapter 6. pt 2: To save a soul.

Nina’s eyes opened wide, feeling the caravan come to a stop. She quickly lifted herself up, the selkie girl looked down to find Fuzz tumbling off her chest and sleeping away. He even had a small sleep bubble coming out of his nose.

“Well… at least he didn’t drool on me. How long was I out?” Nina thought. The girl looked around the caravan to find Lee-Roy down on to the floor, snoring. Sash however was tossing and turning.

The selkie girl used her pen to pop the bubble, waking the moogle up. He slowly started to flutter, looking down at everyone.

Fuzz looked around to find everyone. They all heard a large roar coming from outside the caravan, along with squawks from Woodstock, and cursing from Zero. The two boys were wide awake from this, however Fuzz buried his face into Nina’s chest trying to hide.

“What was that?!” Three out of the four young caravaners yelled out.

“Lizard men!” Fuzz whimpered, he was shaking and shivering in front of the selkie girl.

“Let’s look at this, but carefully.” Nina said, while grabbing a hold of her sword, and the other key sword found itself into her hand.

Lee-Roy and Sash nodded at this, as the lilty picked up his lance.

Fuzz shook his head.

“I don’t wanna go out! Please don’t make me!” The moogle begged.

They heard another roar coming from outside.

“Okay Fuzz, stay inside.” Nina ordered, while scratching his ears.

“We’ll be back, Fuzz.” Sash promised. as the three left the caravan cart.

Lee-Roy noticed that Woodstock was going insane. The other two could see why. Zero stood alone, his sword pulled out, as he was firing blizzard spells around the caravan. Zero blocked, and parried the attack from an axe wielded by a bi-pedal green spiked lizard monster, its yellow soulless eyes gazing at the yuke, it’s blood soaked claws shaking while holding on the handle. The other two in its pack were circling around the caravan, tails wagging like dogs, and their long tongues licking their razor sharp teeth.

“Zero, we’re here to help!” Nina cried out, as she jumped out ready for a fight. Sash followed his sister, his eyes glowing red as the seals were reactivated. Zero however, parried the axe, and split open the stomach of the first lizard men. He haggard away slowly while the other two were circling in.

“No stay back! You three aren’t ready for this!” He yelled, while shooting out more ice spells, freezing one of the hungry monster’s legs. He quickly stabbed it between the eyes, killing it. He was about to take care of the other two when another got in his way. Nina and Lee-Roy, pulled out their weapons, while Sash was ready with his power. One lizard man was about to rush into Woodstook, and bite into him.

“Stay the hell away from my chocobo!” Lee-Roy screamed, as he jabbed his lance into the arm of the monster. He screamed in pain as Sash pushed it back with his power.

The foul beast’s pack retaliated by rushing Lee-Roy into the edge of the chalice’s barrier. They ripped at his torso, removing the armor as their claws ripped into his flesh. He screamed in agony as the beasts hit a few vital spots. Nina lashed at the lizard men with her two blades, jabbing them in their backs.

However this simply annoyed the two monsters, as they turned away from the injured Lee-Roy and focused on attacking Nina. Nina was barley able to hold of one of the monster’s claws with her swords, as they were slowly being pulled away from her. The second one was about to claw at her exposed midriff, Sash quickly pushed her out of the way, while pushing two lizard men away from the barrier.

Nina ran to Lee-Roy. His eyes were were rolling to the top of his head as he was bleeding out. Nina slowly scooped up the injured lilty. The Lizard men both charged at Nina and Sash once again. Without thinking, Nina impaled one of the lizard men’s throats to the the tip of its head, miasma was springing out, as it dropped to the ground.

The living lizard man clawed at Nina and Sash Nina was able to barley dodge it, her brother wasn’t so lucky. The attack caused blood to flow, thanks to a reopened scar on his arm. He quickly wrapped his jacket’s sleeve around it to stop the bleeding. Zero had managed to cut off it’s tail, however it didn’t stop it from jumping on to the top of caravan. It ripped a hole and dragged out a screaming Fuzz. The monster quickly jumped off and ran into the mist. Nina and Sash quickly ran after the monster before Zero could stop them. He then turned to Lee-Roy who was very close to dying. The yuke growled, and swore in his mind, as he came to the lilty’s side. His feathered hands started to glow green.

“Cure, damn you!” Zero growled, really not liking the odds of this. Two of his rookies were after a high level monster, and he was horrible at healing.

“Damn Eva…I need you.” Zero mumbled.

Sash and Nina ran after the rogue lizard man. They knew they were going the right way by Fuzz’s screams of terror.

“Fuzz, we’ll save you!” Sash promised, as they kept on going.

Nina used her sword’s light beam, slashing at the monster. However it dodge it, while cutting a tree in half. Sash then used his power to throw a rock at the monster, however with a free claw it crushed the rock. The beast jumped up to another tree getting higher and higher. Fuzz did everything he could to get away, only for the monster to tighten it’s grip on the moogle. The monster landed on a tree branch, and opened its jaws, as it wrapped his slimy tongue around Fuzz. He was slowly about to be eaten, all Fuzz could do was cry, wanting his mother.

That is until the monster started to float in the air. The moogle was dropped on the branch. The monster was grabbing out to its throat, looking like it was gasping for air. Fuzz looked to find Sash, floating in the air, his eyes boiling with anger. Nina was giving the beast the same look while holding on to Sash. Nina then jumped off, and jabbed both her swords into the monsters heart spewing miasma gas from it’s body. Sash then turn his hand into a fist, crushing the lizard’s neck as the head dropped from its body. The moogle flew to them, and was embraced by a group hug. Nina was padding the moogle’s on its back.

“Thank you, kupos.” He cried out, tears were still coming out of his eyes.

“Oh course, who else am I gonna make sand castles with?” Sash said, with a small laugh. This caused Fuzz to cry a bit more, however they were tears of joy.

“Hey, hey don’t worry, Fuzz. We’re okay.” Nina cooed, as she kept hugging him.

“Nina... we have more!” Sash muttered, while tugging on her arm, seeming more monsters appear form the miasma. Nina looked away from Fuzz as she looked to find that they were surrounded by those small shadow monsters from the miasma stream.

Nina pulled out her two swords again.

“Sash, get behind my back, Fuzz, hover between us.” Nina ordered.

Sash quickly did as he was told. The selkie and clavat/selkie got ready as their new foes lunged at them like wild animals. Some sank into the ground while a few more clawed at them. Nina was using her her new key sword on some these freaks, and it was really doing the trick as they vanished into smoke. The crystal bearer was trying to keep his energy up, with the barrier and pushing the enemies away. A few more round of this and the monsters had been banished to the shadows. The siblings were painting, and tired from the fighting.

“Sash... We need to get back to Captain Zero.” Nina panted, as she laid down on the ground. Her two swords being used as support.

“Okay.” Sash muttered, as he was pulled up by Fuzz, along with Nina.

The two limped around to where Woodstock and everyone else.

“Pitiful, it seems the Keyblade will chose anyone with a beating heart these days.” A deep and sinister voice muttered.

Nina looked to find a phantom in a black coat. The only thing she could make out of it from the hood were glowing yellow eyes. She blinked and the figure vanished.

“Guys, did you see or hear anything?” Nina asked.

“No.” Both boys answered.

They kept going, Nina shrugged it off.

The Captain was still healing Lee-Roy’s wounds. He was making progress, just not the kind he liked. Eva would have had this done much faster… even without the other healers. It didn’t help that Woodstock was pestering him with his pecks.

“Do you mind!?” Zero hissed at the bird, making him slowly back away. The yuke then turned back to healing as he cast Cure on Lee-Roy. Slowly his wounds were starting to heal and scar. The boy’s head started to toss and turn. Lee-Roy then started to cough blood.

“Oh no, no, no!” Zero muttered, as he kept trying to heal him faster.

“HEY ZERO! WOODSTOCK!” Nina cried out, seeing the the chalice’s glow.

The three made it to the barrier as Sash dropped down to his knees, holding onto his arm in pain. Fuzz helped him back up, his fur was rubbing his own head.

“If you three want a healing, you’ll have to wait till he’s done.” Zero said, point his feathered thumb at Lee-Roy. They nodded their heads understanding.

“In fact... Nina… come here!” He ordered.

The selkie girl came to the yuke. He handed her three green magi in her hands.

“I need you to heal Lee-Roy with me.” The captain explained.

Nina looked at the coughing, barely alive lilty and went to his side along with Zero. The moogle and crystal bearer patted the chocobo.

“Okay... what do I do?” Nina asked, unsure of herself.

“Say Cure or think it... and focus on what the magic needs to do, and where it needs to go. You need to focus, or you’ll waste magic and energy.” Zero explained.

Nina focused the healing magic with her mind, thinking of the small lilty boy she really didn’t care for. Still her morals wouldn’t allow this jerk to die. She pushed hard as the magic continued to do it’s work.

Deep within the mind of Lee-Roy, he looked around to find a desert. He turned to find a tan breaded man with long dark hair, clad in a white robe. His eyes full of passion, and love, and fire. The lilty felt unsure of himself, and frightened.

“Who… who are you?” He asked, almost trembling in the sand.

“I am the King of Kings, and you deny me, my son.” The being spoke.

“I’ve never denied you!” Lee-Roy argued.

“Every time you deny the needs of those who have less, you deny me. Every time you speak hate to those you foolishly think inferior, you deny me.” The being spoke.

Lee-Roy pondered this and then his mind gave him an idea.

“You… mean… the poor, and the other tribes?” He asked, hoping that wasn’t the case.

Much to his dread, the being nodded his head sadly.

“If you deny them, and deny me, then you will find your self alone in the end… to a place of your own agony where I can not follow you my son.” The King of Kings spoke.

Lee-Roy suddenly felt cold… he turned to find a yellow eye snake hissing at him, gazing at him like he was lunch. Another snake popped out of the sand, This one had glowing red eyes.

“Fear not, Lee-Roy, for Nina, and Zero are healing you. You shall not die. And Sash, with Fuzz are easing your Woodstock’s pain.” The man noted with a smile.

Lee-Roy looked perplexed, and baffled.

“Why would they try to heal me… I’ve done nothing to earn that.“ He muttered, hating to admit this to himself.

“They do so out of love for their fellow tribesmen, and I had Nina’s father teach them. I notice you seem lonely... and maybe you might want Nina, Sash, Fuzz and Zero as friends? Or would you rather be alone?” The King of Kings asked.

In spite of being in a place so hot, Lee-Roy still felt so cold, his mind putting him back in his empty room. The lavish mahogany doors of his mother and father’s rooms closed shut to him, almost on a daily basis. The hole in his heart, growing and growing.

“I don’t want to be alone… I don’t want to be alone!” He cried out.

The vipers then attempted to strike at him, however, the were cut in half, by a sword, and the other was crushed. He looked to see in front of him were Nina, Sash, and Woodstock and Fuzz.

“You're not alone.” The crystal bearer assured him in a shaky voice.

“That’s right… you got us.” Nina said with a smile.

Lee-Roy felt horrible. The things he wanted weren’t money or respect, they were right in front of him, and he abused them horribly. He even shivered at the time he smacked away the small red haired lilty maid who offered him kindness.

“I’ve been such a bastard… please…forgive me… please... forgive me!” Lee-Roy mumbled.

“What was that, I couldn’t hear that?” A new voice said. He looked to find the smiling maid girl.

“You... girl... what is your name," He asked the dream.

“I'm Ten-Ten.” She simply stated, with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Ten-Ten…everyone…. please FORGIVE ME!” He yelled.

The boy’s eyes opened wide to find a stunned Nina looked at him. Nina had set him on a small bed made out of hay.

“Um… your forgiven?” Nina said in confusion.

“I'm sorry, selkie girl, I'm sorry for insulting you, for making things difficult when you needed to find your brother, for being an out right prick… please… please forgive me.” He nearly begged.

Nina was taken aback by this out burst. What had come over him? She didn’t know what to say. It was like a bad character getting development. Part of her wanted to be smug... However seeing the noble in such a weak state, and nearly crying... She couldn’t do it.

“Um... it’s okay… I forgive you… but my name’s Nina, not selkie girl. Got it?” Nina asked.

The boy nodded.

“Nina... Okay... I got it.” He assured her.

Lee-Roy felt very weak, his eyes looked around to find a dark nearly pitch black room. The only light was coming from the chalice as Fuzz and Sash were doing something, he just couldn’t see what.

“How long was I out? Sel-Nina?” Lee-Roy asked, while correcting himself.

“Well it’s night time... so quiet a while. I prayed for Woodstock’s sake to God that you’d make it. He’d have missed you.” Nina joked

“Oh… well… thank you for healing me, and not leaving me to die.” Lee-Roy said bashfully.

“Well ya, even if you're a jerk, I'm not gonna abandon you. I don’t abandon anyone.” Nina stated.

“I’ll try my best to be less of a jerk as we on this trip... and maybe…you and that weirdo brother and moogle… could... join me for tea or whatever… you peasants like tea right?” Lee-Roy asked, really trying.

Nina frowned but allowed a slight grin.

“Sure, tea is fine.” She said humoring him. It was better than him insulting everyone.

“Just be sure to bathe, I don’t want you smelling up the place-ow!: Lee-Roy yelled, as Nina slapped him.

“I have you know Tabby makes me bathe twice a day, you little creep!” She huffed.

“Sorry... Sorry… I'm still not used to this whole nice thing... It’ll take me time.” He muttered.

“Fine… just remember to think before you speak.” Nina huffed.

The lilty looked like he was giving it some thought when he opened his mouth again.

“Where are we?” He asked.

“Mother Base.” They all heard Zero said, as they looked to their leader, who was carrying a few sets of matching jackets.

“It’s time I tell you what’s been going on.” Zero stated.

End of Chapter 6. pt. 2
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ooh, what could Mother Base be? I really like this more grown up Sash. I feel like he's not nearly the scared boy he was when, Nina had found him and was confident in his abilities to fight for his friends. Nina seeing a mysterious figure with two golden eyes was fascinating to see. I'm not sure what to make of it but, I hope that gets elaborated more on in the future. If Lee-Roy wasn't on the verge of death with Zero attending his wounds, I would of been amused by Woodstock annoying the heck out of Zero. I'm really excited and curious to see where this story goes and what will unfold for all of them. I think this was the quickest I've seen of Lee-Roy amending his ways from before. A good chapter overall. Can't wait to read more.

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Well I feel like I rushed Lee-Roy's changed and I messed up on the editing in a few places I'm glad you enjoy it.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Renegades of Fate

Chapter 7: We are Renegades, after all.

Nightfall came over Tipa village. The torches were unlit, as the many villagers scattered to their homes in fear of being spotted by the opposing husks of armor. The only light sources were the dimming Tipa Crystal and the church. Deep within the vast, dark, cold, and oppressive church was the head Minster Ibluis pointed at a small pedestal, that moved and turned into a stair way. He watched two husk knights drag a screaming selkie child into the red glow lighted basement. The pedestal closed the opening.

“ Are you having a midnight snack, or are you trying replace your broken toy?” The old minister heard another voice.

He turned to find a small, short pink haired clavat or selkie looking young girl. She wore a long gothic style dress. His glowing red eyes matched her own, while the girl gave Ibluis a toothy grin.

“Lunica… Get out of my sight, you little pest!” The minister growled.

“Aw, someone’s grouchy. I thought you’d be happy? The moon will be full in a few weeks, hate and mistrust between the four tribes here has been worse than it’s ever been. The villagers are brainwashed. You’ve burnt almost every Bible… and the two kids of the big bad L monster are dead. Oh wait no that last part is wrong.” The child known as Lunica said in a mocking tone.

“What?” Ibluis asked

“Oh yes, the lizard men didn’t do such a great job. Zero came back, and saved the caravan again… And he’s been mighty pissed at you. Then again, with what you’ve done, I don’t blame him.”The girl muttered, while checking her finger nails.

“That accursed yuke! I knew I should have killed the drunk and his crystal bearer wife myself! The crystal bearer is out of my grasp… My husks can’t find the Cids... No my revenge can’t be ruined! Master Xehanort promised me the Order of the Crimson Moon rule would be restored.” Ibluis cursed.

“Well, you had better do something fast, otherwise not only will you have to deal with Zero, his army and Minister L’s kids, but….The Keyblade wielders are also on their way.” Lunica warned in a hush whisper.

“…You jest!” Ibluis growled.

“No jest, and one of them is a Princess of Heart who knows how to use Holy… Oh, and if I remember that’s very bad for demons. Have fun!” The girl exited, while waving in a puff of smoke with a big bright smile on her face.

This left the elderly yuke alone in his church. His body twisted and turned until it dropped to the floor like it was a cheap suit…only to expose something…horrifying screaming an inhuman roar of pure hate.

Nina and Sash were both tapped on the shoulder by Fuzz, as Zero handed Fuzz, Nina and Sash their own jackets. Lee-Roy looked rather annoyed, as Zero was left to light a few torches.

“What, they get jackets, but I don’t? That’s favoritism!" Lee-Roy asked slightly insulted.

“You haven’t done much to not have Nina, or Sash to not be his favorite. If he even has one, kupo.” Fuzz remarked, while the moogle quickly slipped his wings, and arms in the jacket. The fuzzy moogle felt rather comfortable.

“You’ll get your’s when you're fully recovered.” Zero muttered, he thought that it was better than to hear the kid mouthing off. He’d smack him later, but it showed the yuke that he wasn’t dead, or mentality damaged. He hadn’t the tools, or a room set up here to handle such a delicate matter. He was far from his newer base that had all the tools that Eva could use to take care of it.

Nina’s eyes were trying to adjust to the light, as Zero made the room brighter. Brushing off the yuke’s feathers on to the floor from her gift. It looked identical to the one Zero wore, however unlike Fuzz, and Zero, her’s and Sash had no wing holes. The selkie girl looked around to find some large stone, wooden, and marble statutes of people. Some yukes, some clavats, some selkies, some lilties, and even a few moogles. They were around the walls, and between the door. Other then that, and the torches, and a few maps pinned to the walls, the room was kinda barren.

“You said this place was Mother Base, and I'm guessing this an army base, since you’re a captain.” Nina deducted, while putting her own jacket, it was a bit big for her, but she was a rather skinny girl. Missing a meal, once a week would do that. She wouldn’t hold that against Tabby or Tim. Sash however, was even worse than her. His mummified torso and waist was even slimmer.

Zero turned to them all.

“Smart girl.” The older yuke said, with a slight headache. He wanted a drink, and he felt like he was going to need one for the talk he was about to give. He quickly sat down, and in a way telling them to sit down.

“I’m the Captain, and Co-Founder of the Renegades of Fate. A Crystal Caravan for Hire.” Zero started to explain. This caused Nina, Lee-Roy and Fuzz’s eyebrows to raise with interest.

The larger villages like Tipa, Shella, Fum, Alfitaria, Marr’s Pass, and even Leunda, can supply their own caravans for myrrh collections. However the smaller ones, have less advantages than the larger villages.” Zero said, like he was teaching a class.

Nina, Sash, Fuzz and Lee-Roy kept listening.

That’s where we come in. The RoF acts as a caravan for the smaller villages, guardians of their boarders from monster attacks, and we even train their caravans to get stronger.” Zero stated.

“How do you make money off of this service, and is that why you came to Tipa, cause we were weak?” Lee-Roy asked, slightly disgusted that they were being pity.

“Well, Lee-Roy, The RoF get it's funding from lost treasure that went missing from history, and we make a pretty gill killing corrupt rulers and nobles who enslave their subjects. It’s our way of giving back to the community, and we make a nice profit on the side.” Zero bluntly put it.

Lee-Roy suddenly feared for his life, since his father had a nasty way of collecting debt, while Nina gave a low cackle that worried both Fuzz and her brother. Zero thought in theory, she would enjoy that.

“So why did you come to help the Tipa Caravan, kupo? Not that I'm complaining, they’d be dead, and I’d have been a monster’s lunch.” Fuzz asked. Nina and Lee-Roy was also curious.

“Well as Lee-Roy said earlier, the Tipa Caravan has been... Less then stellar since, Sash and Nina’s father’s died, and my wife and I were banished.” The yuke gave a reason, which made Nina wonder why they were banished. Knowing Ibluis, he had the village in his pocket and it was something petty.

Zero went on. "Oh sure they got the water of life, however… only that smiling psychopath ever came back. So I figured I’d come back home and give it a hand, and something else.” Zero muttered, with a small spark in his eye.

“What was that, something you were going to give Tipa?” Nina asked. Then something hit her.

“Your… you're planing on killing Ibluis!” Nina gasped. Lee-Roy, and Sash looked at Zero. Fuzz looked confused, while Zero covered face gave a large smile.

“Oh yes, and I want the Tipa Caravan to join the RoF to take Tipa back. Fuzz you can join too, I know moogles have it out for demons.” Zero tempted.

“What?!” The Tipa Caravan asked.

Zero stopped talking, and thought.

“Nina, sweetheart… did your dad ever read you his note? Or did Tabby ever keep a copy of those notes?” Zero asked.

“Well… Tabby and Tim’s house was… set on fire, and we had to get another house… cause everything was gone…including all of Dad’s old stuff, and Tabby hasn’t been able to write any of it down.” Nina huffed sadly.

“Perfect.” Zero groaned. “Okay, Fuzz you might be a bit ticked, and the rest of you might piss yourself, but Ibluis… is in fact a demon, actually he’s the last demon of the Order of the Crimson Moon.”

The four stood quiet, gazing at their leader. Fuzz however was fuming mad.

“You're lying… selkie girl... err Nina tell him to stop lying!” Lee-Roy yelled in a panic.

“He’s not lying.” Sash said in a quiet voice. He quickly put the hood over his head.

“What Sash?” Nina asked.

“He’s… not... lying!!! I’ve seen what he really looks like. When... When I tired to get out.” The crystal bearer stuttered out, while he started to shake, and rock back and forth.

Nina tightly held her brother, to calm him down. Since his near break down made things worse for Lee-Roy. The moogle was fuming mad.

“So... is it still trying to do what the Order of the Crimson Moon was doing?” Fuzz asked.

“If you mean using the crystal at its weakest point to steal the souls of the whole village, then yes.” Zero confirmed the moogle boy’s fear, while adding onto Nina and Lee-Roy’s fears.

“WHAT?!” They both screamed in alarm.

“You didn’t know that, kupos?” Fuzz asked

“I thought all those notes was just Dad telling Ten-Ten, Sash and me stories…I didn’t think that demons could do that or take over a dead person’s body.” Nina gasped. “Or even take a person’s soul and eat it.” Nina shuttered.

“What do you think happened to Tida Village?” Zero asked.

“I heard that the caravan died and they couldn’t get myrrh for their crystal.” Lee-Roy said.

“Wrong! The Order of the Crimson Moon killed the village’s caravan for taking in what L’s dad was selling. They damned them and used the full moon to turn the crystal red and their ritual sucked the souls out of all of them! ” Zero corrected.

“Your kidding.” Nina gulped horrified.

“I was there. Your Dad was there and lost his arm, saving your Aunt Tabby.” Zero told the girl.

“That’s why hardly anyone has been able to leave… or the magic ban.” Nina thought.

“…That, crazy son of a bitch is going to kill us all if the Miasma doesn’t.” Lee-Roy muttered.

“Not unless we take him out. We'll be able to get the rest of the Myrrh as time goes on, and I’ll train all of you to fight off Ibluis and win. So what do you say?” Zero asked once again.

“If it’ll keep Tabby, Tim,and Ten-Ten safe then I’ll join. Also I’ve been looking for an excuse to get payback on him for years. Also this is payback for Sash too.” Nina declared, making Zero very happy.

Zero looked at the crystal bearer.

“…I’ll help Nina, and I wanna make sure he never hurts anyone ever again.” Sash said, seeing his sister smile.

Zero then looked at Fuzz who was fluttering.

“Demons are the enemies of moogles everywhere. Of course I’ll help my kupos!” Fuzz said with a cheer.

“ I’ll be sure to have my people, or your new comrades widen the search for your mother… I never did ask, what is her name?” Zero asked.

“Aki Moogle.” Fuzz stated.

“All right, how about you, Lee-Roy?” Zero asked.

The lilty looked at his fellow caravaners.

“Do we get paid?” The rich lilty asked.

“Full benefits.” Zero answered.

“I'm in.” Lee-Roy said.

“Excellent. Now since your all rested up… lets get to training.”” Zero ordered, while pulling out his sword. Making his new recruits sweat bullets. The yuke stopped, and quickly tossed Fuzz two crossbows, and Sash a shield and a crossbow of his own. However this one looked more like a yellow metallic mini cannon. The two boys examined their weapons.

“You two were unarmed, and that cross bow will fire magic then arrows, it’s also easy on your arms.” Their Captain explained.

“So…when can we stop?” Nina questioned.

“When I say you can stop, or when your bodies give out.” Zero stated, while picking up his sword again.

"...Why do I get the feeling I won’t be able to write tonight?” The selkie keyblade wielder thought to herself.

Nina had been correct. Her body along with everyone’s was to sore to do anything, For the past three hours, Zero had been training them in dodging, parrying attacks, magic, crossbow play and focus attacks. The selkie girl while trying to dodge an attack from Zero, finally mastered the back flip, however Nina was in mourning for the loss of her long hair. Something she had always taken care off. Nina lazily looked around to find Fuzz asleep next to, oddly enough, right next to Zero, while cuddling up to the older man. Lee-Roy slept next to a statue. Sash was unlike the rest, and trying his hardest to stay awake next to his sister.

“Sash... what are you doing?” She asked tiredly.

“I…don’t wanna… go to sleep. What if I wake up… back in that room… with him... next to me… with that whip?” The younger sibling muttered, while shaking. Nina slowly put her hand on his chest.

“Sash... I promise you, he will never lay another hand on you. I won’t let him.” Nina promised.

“And... I won’t let him hurt you, Nina. I promise.” Sash promised his sister with a big smile on his face.

“I’ll keep you to that mister. Now try and get to sleep okay? We have a village to save, and we don’t wanna keep Ten-Ten waiting."

The crystal bearer nodded his head, and slowly fell asleep, however Nina could feel his oddly strong grip on her hand. Nina, herself slowly drifted to sleep.

“Tabby, Tim… Why didn’t you tell me about this?” The selkie girl thought, before passing out.

End of Chapter 7.
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